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    How many Costa Rica brides are out there?

    Hola, I am a Costa Rica bride as well. Despite my user name (I was originally going to have a wedding in Mexico) I am now very excited about my process with the planning. I have just booked a private villa in Dominical Beach for 7 nights in late February 2011. It is a beautiful 10 bedroom compound that can sleep up to 25 people and it is on a cliff looking over the ocean. The beach is also a short walk from the villa!! I will be bringing a friend of a friend as my photographer. And I think I have almost booked my WC...someone local to Domincal. FH and I will then be spending 14 days traveling around the country, visiting places such as Manuel Antonio, Montezuma, Mal Pais, Arenal volcano/ hot springs, monteverde cloud forrest, tortuguero and Puerto Limon on the Caribbean side, and finally, maybe a last night in San Jose... I am so excited!! I have done a lot of research on different places for weddings on the pacific coast of CR if anyone has questions, let me know!!
  2. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Italy April 2010

    Conrats!!! I have been planning towards a Mexican Carribean wedding for the past couple of months, but i am now also looking into an Italian wedding!! Hopefully the few of us on this forum who are doing the Italian thing can help each other out!
  3. Valenka_en_Mexico

    2010 Mexico

    Hi, Welcome. The Riviera Maya is beautiful! Good luck with planning
  4. Hello, I am trying to decide between a Jan. 2011 wedding or May 2011 wedding in the Tulum area. The prices are better in May, but it seems that it will be very humid. January will have less chances of rain, but is it too cold I want my guests and my fiance and I to be comfortable!! What do you think? I would love opinions about weather during these times...
  5. Valenka_en_Mexico

    New Vendor - Destination Scout

    I would like to add how I feel about Malisa and Destination Scout. I have just recently found Malisa on the BDW forum and she has been absolutely helpful and amazing!! I just spent a long time with her on the phone last night and she was so nice, knowledgeable, and patient with all of my questions. I felt like I was speaking with a good girlfriend and a great professional all at once...I will be hiring her as my WC very soon and look forward to every minute of it!!! Valenka
  6. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Big Brother 11

    maybe not an allstar...I don't know...it seems mixed with old and new!
  7. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Big Brother 11

    LOVE LOVE Big Brother!!!! It looks like it's another allstar!!!
  8. I like Option B better for a destination wedding, but you should be in love with your dress, so go with what you love!!
  9. Valenka_en_Mexico

    WW for 2010 Brides!!

    Hi everyone, i have been doing WW for 1 1/2 now and love it. it has been really slow coming off, but I have chosen to do it that way, so that it is not just a quick fix. I have lost 21 lbs. so far. But, now that I am getting married in May 2011 and I am a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding this October, I want to step up the process a bit!! I love WW. If you track everything it's like magic!!
  10. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Any other 2010 Brides out there????

    congrats to all of you 2010 brides!! For myself I am not until May 2011. But, like many of you, I like to plan early...good luck everyone!
  11. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Mayan Riviera Newbi

    What places are you looking at? What part of the RM are you interested in? So many beautiful choices...
  12. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Newbie here!

    welcome. you will find lots of useful information here!! good luck!
  13. Valenka_en_Mexico


    Welcome and good luck!
  14. Valenka_en_Mexico

    Tulum - february, 20, 2010

    Suenos Tulum does look like a pretty cool venue. I am thinking of at least having it on my list for where guests will stay. Keep us posted on how it goes!