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  1. I had silk ... the natural touch from Roberta from Plumeria. I loved, loved, loved my flowers!!! We had 9 bouts, 5 bm bouquets, 3 mother wrist bracelets, and my bouquet!! Simply wonderful and my bouquet is sitting in a vase right now looking brand new. I can't begin to tell you how many compliments we got on the flowers! Our photographer was setting them to take pictures and even touching them, he didn't believe they were fake! Had to actually show him the wire at the very bottom, in the center of the stems! He was shocked! I can't recommend Roberta enough! She was so, so easy to work with and patient with me as I changed my mind a couple times! Here is the website ... PlumeriasWeddingFlowerBoutique Some of our flowers are in the Tropical Dreams album under the Bridal Portfolio tab on the left. Our flowers are slide number 8 (as of today 9.23)! My flowers were packed in my carry on to and from Mexico and looked jsut as good for our at home reception as they did when they arrived here! So worth it and they're still alive ... 3 months later! Hope this helps gals!
  2. YES ... KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!!! Even though we didn't get tagged by the red light, we still were pulled to the tables for inspection. Seeing as though we had 7 bags of luggage for 2 of us was a bit odd too! They did go through everything and ask what it was for. Glad I had monogramed jsut about everything! They questioned the advil, sunscreen, etc. Mainly the pharmacy stuff! I bought almost all my bag stuffers from Wally world (Walmart), Target, and the dollar store ... Thank goodness! If your products total more than 300 (which they will check with your receipts) you will be required to pay a tax for them. Not sure what that will be, but was something I wanted to avoid so was sure to keep my totals under 300 (well the totals of the receipts I had)! Just be prepared to have them check your stuff, and have your recipets handy with your travel documents!
  3. Hey girls! Finishing up some pages in our welcome books ... FI had a great idea to make a page of recommended drinks and shots! So, I'm turning to the experts ... drinks/shots ... throw them at me!! What do you recommend and what should we definitely order up while we're down there?? Thanks!! (2 bags packed today!! Yippee!!!)
  4. Hey Girls! The days are dwindling fast!! I'm gettign so excited! Picked up my dress yesterday, so it's hanging in my closet at my house! I told my FI today that I would have claim on the closets at the Maya when we get there and he can't peek, so I can have it hung and open so the train doesn't wrinkle! We decided to go with an outside photographer only because when we actually compared apples to apples ... and that's not even the case because the quality is so much better ... we're actually paying less and getting way more pictures with Ivan Luckie! He is coming with another photographer, will be there throughout the entire day and evening, and is not charging us by the hour or by the picture count! He said on average, we'll end up with around 500 pictures! IN comparison to the prices from the FotoCaribbean, we'd get as many as 250 for $2000! With the $300 ... ridiculous fee for not using the resort photographer and the guest passes, we're not even up to the $2000! The quality will be so much better, we'll have two photographers, and at least twice as many pics! We've decided to have all digital copies so we can do what we'd like with them after, so those are the prices we're looking at. Here is the price list the Foto Caribbean sent me just a couple weeks ago. (Sorry if it's small, they sent it as an image, so I have to post as a pic.) Toot a loo for now!!! Christy!
  5. Hey Leah!! I actually ordered the natural touch flowers from Plumeria, which I found on here!! Yep, they're fake, but I don't think they look it at all!!! I love, love, love them!! I was very hesitant to have fake flowers, but having both the destination wedding and the reception here at home (where all our bridal party will be), I didn't want to have to pay for flowers twice! Here's a pic ... haven't posted a pic in awhile, let's see if I remember ... K ... here goes ... posting ...
  6. FutureBotter

    Starlitk's Planning Thread

    Congrats!! You're welcome bag "sections" are ssooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing everything!!
  7. Wow ... so much going on ... or is that just me feeling like the clock is turning way too fast! Danielle ... Congrats on the baby news! So exciting! You and your pictures were beautiful!! Looks like you guys had mucho fun while you were there! Deeken ... love the dress!! I'm venturing the strapless route, shocking, I know! My biggest dilemma is NO tan lines while we're down there the first couple days! Jay said Colin called him and asked how he was feeling and if he needed him to take him out for a coupld drinks before the big plunge! So sweet a man you have! Mandee ... Welcome! These girls on here are wonderfully amazing! I was so depressed and frustrated yesterday because I was having some troubles navigating on here, it was taking awhile! You'll find an abundance of information ... more then I probably will ever realize! Bess ... Great to hear from you! So glad things went well! Have an amazing time on your new two ventures! And I second Leah, we want to hear about this leg of the trip too! Jenn ... Thanks for the flying info & Stacy ... thanks for asking! I was jsut starting to pack up our suitcases yesterday! Actually, I was impressed with how much I was able to fit in! Now, just have to weigh away! Working on my veil as we speak ... while I'm at work, hee hee! FI has been a great help this week! Yesterday, he booked our limo to & from airport, got the limo bus for our reception here at home, and finally agreed that using the resort photographer was not the best option ... it helps when I show him the price for an outside photographer is pretty darn close, and worth the extra cash! So, I contacted Ivan Luckie a couple weeks ago, he was available! Now, I'm waiting to hear back and hoping we can grab him up on short notice! Oh, men ... it just takes them a little longer, doesn't it??!! Well gals, once again, I can't thank you enough for all your answers, and questions, none the less! You're the best ... 17 days and counting!
  8. Deekan ... dress Already, girl you are on it! Where's the pics ...
  9. AKBeach and Gail ... Glad to have you back gals!! Even more glad to hear things went well for you gals!! Can't wait to hear all the details! Times a ticking for us July brides now ... can't believe our month is already here!! Adios Bess!! Have so much fun and congrats soon to be new Mrs.!!!
  10. FutureBotter

    Simistar's Planning Thread

    Way cute table numbers and place cards! These are great! Thanks for the inspiration!! Hope married life is treating you well!!!
  11. FutureBotter

    Stressed from Packing!!!! UGHHHHH

    Yikes ... guess I better start arranging all this "STUFF!!!!!" Thanks for the insight and giving us the heads up! A packing I will go, a packing I will go ...
  12. Awesome review! Thanks for sharing ... love the pig noses!!! Also, thanks for the heads up about the receipts ... had forgotten all about that!!
  13. Can't wait to have enough posts to download this and take a peek! Thanks for all you hardwork and willingness to share!!!
  14. FutureBotter

    Lizz's Planning Pics

    Lizz~ Thanks for the info on the clutch! Love the color ... ordering mine right now! Nice work on everything! Hope you're enjoying married life!!! Drew is just too cute!!! Congrats!
  15. FutureBotter

    After Wedding Sale

    I'd love to see a pic of the orchids, if possible! I was just pricing out options to make this over the weekend! Thanks much ... and congrats!!