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  1. Hey Lady, I was on the beach when you were getting married. You look so beautiful. My wedding was the day before and I was unable to have it on the beach as planned because of the rain. I didn't care since hey...I was in Jamaica, Mon! Congrats! Evelyn
  2. Hey ladies, I'm here at the ROR, just got in yesterday. Well ladies the place is absolutely beautiful. Just like previous brides before have said. The staff is friendly and as helpful as thay can be. My only problem, and just want to warn those brides coming after me, my room which is on the 4th floor is perfect except...there are 2 twin beds together (I could live with that) and my balcony doesn't have a fence but a wall. A wall that when you sit on the chair you cannot see out. May not be important to some of you, but I love sitting out looking at the beach and chillin'. Ya know? Anywho,I've tried unsuccessfully to change my room to no avail. Now they're telling me to come back tonight. I cannot stay here with this situation. May have to move to another hotel after the wedding. We'll see. Pray for me gals. I went to meet with WC Natash? I think was her name and set up meeting for tomorrow. She seemed very nice. I'll keep you guys posted. So that is it for now ladies. The weather is perfect but humid...duh we're in Jamaica Mon!
  3. Ebbie475

    What's making you happy today?

    What makes me happy today...I got legally (church) married yesterday. No one knows. I never felt so damn close to my husband (oh sh*t that sound odd) and we've been together for 26 years. Kinda bummed because I feel like people are getting jipped, but nonetheless, I'M FREAKING HAPPY! I really thought it would be all for logistics, but man it feels awesome!
  4. Ebbie475


    I confess: We have recently decided to get married before we leave to Jamaica...just makes sense. My FI is currently unemployed and just lost his Cobra. He's got health issues and I really don't want him to be without insurance, especially while away in another country. My soon to be sister in law is marrying us. I'm so excited. We, no I asked her not to tell anyone...you know people get stupid about going so far for a symbolic ceremony. But, I guess she "accidently" let her mom know. Now I have to have my soon to be MIL and I WILL have to ask my mom who has diarrhea of the mouth. It was just to be my MOH, best man and Minister. Not even rings. I just wanted it to be legal, I'm not even considering it my wedding day! Damn it!
  5. Ebbie475

    ROR Review 04/20/2010

    Congrats Mrs. Cooper-Reyes! I am getting absolutely excited, anxious and scared. I know everyone will have a fantastic time...how could you not in Jamaica. Been there before and love it. The people and the island are just so beautiful. I would love to see more pics. And, was the music loud enough to dance too? I'm thinking of renting the dj equipment. Again Congrats and thanks for such a nice review. Ebbie
  6. Misstrae, You look absolutely stunning! Makes me so excited to see and hear that it went so well. Relax for a minute and get going on that review, ok? Congrats!
  7. Ok Ladies, I think I'm the winner here. Vince and I met July 1984. By the time we get married (7/19/2010) we'll have been together 26 years. Yes, I think I'll keep him.
  8. Hey Ladies, It puts me at ease to read that some of you too are having small parties. I invited approximately 45 people and realistically am going to get less than 15. Initially I understood that not everyone would be able to go. Times is hard, ya know!? But when reality kicks in and you start to get people humming and hawing, it kinda of depresses you. I love everyone that I invited and would truly be honored if they showed, but understand that most won't. Not because of not wanting to, but because they can't afford it. I know that no matter how many people we have, we will have a wonderful time. We'll plan something very informal at home when we get back. Thanks ladies. I always feel so much better after reading these posts.
  9. Wish I was so talented. I suck at putting things into words. Great job!
  10. Ebbie475

    Appleton Rum Favors

    Here is my response from Appleton. Hope it helps. Hi Evelyn, The case price for the miniature bottle of Appleton Estate VX is JA$16,929 for a case of 120. The next size up is a 200ml and the case price is $6,070 for a case of 24. We will happily deliver given enough notice. Looking forward to hearing from you and Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Tania myerst@appletonrum.com
  11. Ebbie475

    Maria's ROR Review - 10/17/09***Long***

    So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! My life has been so busy and crazy recently that I haven't had time to think about my special day. Reading your review put everything back into perspective. Gracias and Congrats!
  12. Ebbie475

    Leaving for ROR in the morning! :)

    Congratulations! Hope you are having a wonderful, blessed day!
  13. Ebbie475

    I'm off to ROR

    Hey Kharrod, I was actually thinking about you tonight. Girl you have a wonderful time and may God Bless you and your hubby to be. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. See you when you get back as a Mrs.!!!
  14. I posted this in July: Quote: Originally Posted by Ebbie475 Ok Ladies, I finally got a response from Appleton Estates regarding my request for prices for small bottles (not one shot bottles) of Appleton Rum VX. I want these small bottles to use as favors for my guests. Here is what was quoted: The case price for the miniature bottle of Appleton Estate VX is JA$16,929 for a case of 120. The next size up is a 200ml and the case price is $6,070 for a case of 24. We will happily deliver given enough notice. Tania Myers myerst@appletonrum.com I did a currency conversion and it looks like the 120 miniature bottles of rum come out to $191.29 US currency. And the small bottles of 200ml comes to $65.59 US. For the 200ml bottles that comes out to $2.74 each, not bad! Not only do I not need to worry about lugging around favors but they will deliver! Those 200ml bottles are a decent size, not too big, not too small. All I have to work on is the tags for the bottles. I really wanted a favor that guest would use. And knowing my friends, these bottles won't make it from the reception! Hopes this helps.