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  1. We had 17 come. It was perfect. Made is so much more intimate and special.
  2. Oh this thread title should SOOO be changed...all I can say jen1310...holy sh*t! I would have raised hell!!!! I am sooo sorry that had to happen on your day, of all days!! I would see if I could write some sort of letter to the main RIU wedding person. There has got be be someone held accountable for the inconsiderate, rude and unprofessional situation you experienced. I would demand my money back! That is just soooo wrong on so many levels! jen1310 I hope, regardless of that horrific experience, you and your new hubby are enjoying the married life.
  3. wow!! She was fired! Well that explains why she has been way behind on her email responses! Thank goodness my wedding certificate was mailed out before. I wonder what happened? Do you know who replaced her?
  4. It does tend to be a little windy at times out there but trust me you will be sooooo preoccupied with so many other things that day that a few rose petals flying away isn't even going to matter!
  5. The lagoon gazebo is in a garden area and the beach gazebo is on the beach...they are both very pretty but it just depends on what you prefer. Unfortunately, the only good pic I have is the lagoon one as my guests stayed in that building. We choose to have ours in the beach gazebo.
  6. You could also call Lee's tours and Taxi's. Norma was wonderful! I had a guest fly in seperately from the rest of the party and we hired them. It worked out perfectly.. Welcome to Lees Taxi and Tours Jamaica by Lees Elite Travel & Tours Ltd., Taxi and Tours in Jamaica, Jamaica Taxi and Tours - www.leestaxiandtoursjamaica.com - info@leestaxiandtoursjamaica.com
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by eel2011 Congrats and thanks for your review How many people did you guys invite? I hear to expect about half of your invited to not come...I'm not sure what to expect but know those that choose not to attend will be missing out! Cheers! I think we invited maybe close to 200. Of course, initially quite a few people said they were going but when the day actually came we had a lot of "Oh i wish I was there". And yes...they sure did miss out!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Ebbie475 Congrats Mrs. Cooper-Reyes! I am getting absolutely excited, anxious and scared. I know everyone will have a fantastic time...how could you not in Jamaica. Been there before and love it. The people and the island are just so beautiful. I would love to see more pics. And, was the music loud enough to dance too? I'm thinking of renting the dj equipment. Again Congrats and thanks for such a nice review. Ebbie Hey there! Those were the exact same feelings we had! Soo normal! We had 17 people so the music level was ok. If there was m
  9. Love the flowers! I tried to contact real touch for a quote but I didn't find that website until later into the planning so they were unable to provide their services! They look beautiful!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by yumyum90 I loved your review, thanks for providing so much detail. I have been 2nd guessing my choice of ROR but you have helped calm some of my fears. I keep reading TripAdvisor and it scares me so I am glad to see that you had such a wonderful time! Did you bring the blue/sapphire tale covers, or did Chandlyn provide that? Also, how did your cake taste, it looks beautiful! Lastly, did you happen to see any receptions there w/a reggae band? I'm dying to know how if they are worth it. Hey there! Thanks! I was actually reading trip advisor last night too w
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by penaalba1 Hi Misstrae, You review has me sooo exited! My wedding is in May 2011 in ROR. I loved your details and i would love to see more pictures! I have a question about the poolside reception. Were you able to have music there? Because I just cannot have a reception without dancing and I am really interested in having a poolsidide reception. Yes we did have music. We were contemplating on using the DJ equipment but we just brought some speakers with us and hooked it up to my brothers Ipod and it worked pretty good! I too could not have had a recepti
  12. Hellooo there ladies! Finally I have completed my wedding review! A month after the wedding! If you think wedding stuff if over after the big day...think again! I just today finished our thank you cards and finally finished this review! Hope you ladies enjoy and let me know of you have any questions! I had my original review started on the plane ride home so details were still fresh in my mind but the computer died before I saved it all!! You can check it our in the main wedding review thread but below is the link...hope it works! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-2010-a-594
  13. Oops and on my scale for the wedding planning I meant a 9 not a 3!
  14. First off, I would like to THANK ALL of you on this forum! It is amazing how we can plan complete destination weddings online! I used this forum from templates to DIY ideas to excursions to wedding tips! One word of advice though...if you are one of those uptight, freak-out-if-a-hair-is-out-of-place kind of a bride...destination weddings, especially in Jamaica, wouldn't be such a great idea! This country is so chilled out and laid back! Everything is "no problem Mon!' It was wonderful! I had initially written this review on the plane ride home so it would be fresh in my mind but it wasn't save
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