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  1. I am in the process of booking my photographer, and have narrowed it down to three. Howeve, I am having a hard time finding out anything one. So have any of you laides and/or gents heard and have used Winnie Vallejo or Pierre Violle? Any informaiton would be helpful. Thanks
  2. I am getting married June 26th and would like to know if any of the brides getting married around the same time would be interested in leaving some of their decorations behind I will be at the resort on the 23rd. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. I have fallen off the wagon.. have been lazy since saturday. skipped out on my am cycling..
  4. Hey ladies, I did a search on the forum to see if anyone had did a review of Breezes Runaway Bay. I didnt see one, but wanted to let anyone who is thinking of Breezes, know that I will be writing up a reivew when I get back. I will be there from Aug. 10-17 for a friends wedding. So if there are any questions, pictures, or etc that anyone wants, just let me know.. Im so excited to traveling out of thecountry for the first time!!!.. Mods, sorry if there is a thread already? Wasnt sure if I should have posted this is in the Breezes Runaway Thread for dates only.
  5. We too married before our DW, one year to the date exactly.. so for us no one knows but you ladies . So for us, it will be just a renewal of vows in mexico. And no worries about which date to celebrate as its the same date.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by DGG Do you have any sort of relationship with the woman? Maybe you can go for lunch with her or try to talk to her when her bf/husband isn't there?? You should be careful, but you may be the only one there to help her. The extent of our relationship is not a good one. We only speak when there is a problem at the apartment, and this is always in front of the property manager. I have on several occassions asked to be relocated to another building due to their noise. So no, we have no reason to speak with each other. And I dont think FI would want me to knock on her door, no telling when he may or maynot show up, friends next door may tell him, etc.. So I just stay out of it, other than call the cops. FI did say that she packed some bags late last night.. hopefully she got some help or something
  7. Hey Lizette, congrats on getting married next year! and welcome to the forum.
  8. yes, I am going through the same thing right now. We have sent out about 200 save the dates back in April for our June wedding. We are getting several verbal confirmations, but only 2 people have booked. Neither of our parents have booked, close friends, etc. But then again, our wedding is more than 9 mos. away so Im sure that our guest like yours are waiting to the last minute
  9. I am the one that called the police on my neighbors today
  10. Thanks ladies for re-assuring (sp) me on what to do.. I was just so afraid that by me calling, would only make it worse. I did call the police in the end. However, by time they got there, he calmed down. But after the cops came, he flared back up a little. I dont think their son was here, because during all of this, I never heard him cry once today. I am pretty sure that they know I am the one that called today.. but I dont care. It needed to be done. I told FI when he got home about it, he mentioned that I should be very cautious since he flared up after the cops. FI agrees with you Jessica on be catious since he flared up after the cops came. I don't want to make the matters any worse for her. I am however going to talk to the apartment manager to alert them about this situation. FI spoke to the guy during passing, and he acted as if nothing happened. You know kind of like just shooting the breeze, but FI wasnt surprised that I called today, since he witnessed them before. FI just doesnt want him to get all crazy and harass me or try something else. Jessica-that is why I was debating about calling.. afraid she would get it worse. I didnt want to make it any worse for her. Because of his actions today, I will be more cautious. Again thanks ladies for your support on this.. I was so afraid that I would make it worse for her..I really appreciate everyone that voiced their input.
  11. I am really unsure what to do right now. The neighbors who reside below us are very active with domestic violence. Although, I dont have any physical proof other than just hearing the woman (new mother) screaming a the top of her lungs crying "Im sorry, I didnt mean it", "dont hit me anymore", "Stop that hurts" and other things of the like. The man yells out "dont make me break your ass in half", give me yo effing keys, you aint going no where", "Im about to knock the sh&^ out of you", "You gon really feel this" etc. I am the only one (that I know of) that calls the police when they start to act like this. The other residents pay it no mind, and take the position that since it is not happening to them, its none of their business. I know this as i have spoken to one who lives next door, and they made referrence to one night, and basically was like she deserves it, since she stays with him. I say this as they were arguing and fighting outside, and everyone outside just watched I have on several occasions called on them only for her to deny it. So today when they started up in the am, it carried on until the afternoon, I was torn as to whether or not to call the police, becuase whenever I do, it does nothing. At least thats what I think. I know I cant make her leave him, make him get help, or anything of the sort. They have a newborn, and I fear for the safety of both the mother and child. I feel so bad for this woman, as I have never been a victim of domestic violence, but I know people that have, and I think that maybe by me calling could one day save her life. . Basically, I could call and know that she woudl deny it, or be forced to hear it. Sorry but I just had to get this out as it is bothering me. Am I taking this too personal, what would you do?
  12. 1. Where is your cell phone? Floor 2. Your significant other? sleep 3. Your hair? natural 4. Your mother? great 5. Your father? unreliable (sp?) 6. Your favorite thing? sleeping 7. Your dream last night? scary 8. Your favorite drink? tea 9. Your dream/goal? retirement 10. The room you're in? living 11. Your ex? jerk!!! 12. Your fear? failure 13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? home 14. Where were you last night? pool 15. What you're not? rich 16. Muffins? no 17. One of your wish list items? house 18. Where you grew up? moline 19. The last thing you did? sleep 20. What are you wearing? shirt 21. Your TV? big 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? sucks 24. Your life? awesome 25. Your mood? tired 26. Missing someone? yes 27. Your vehicle? pontiac 28. something your not wearing? socks 29. Favorite Store? target 30. Your summer? humid 31. Like someone? YES 32. favorite color? lavender 33. When is the last time you laughed? today 34. Last time you cried? forgot
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