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Hi girls,

Ok title seems kind of confusing, so let me try to explain,

We decided to get more than one main entree for the main course but the inhouse banquet Coordinator says she will need a exact head count for each person and what they would like to eat.


So how do I go about asking guest (on the invitation) if they want the chicken, the beef, or the fish?

and make sure they return it with RSVP or call me with answer?



Ok side note, since we moved this wedding to Sept. 1 I've been silently freaking out....I need to get invitations out (getting simple ones made from Costco), I need to find accomedations for guests in San Fran (I asked my mom and FMIL to make me a list of hotels they've found and we'll write that on the accomedation card for invites), Still need to sign contract for hotel (but it is already reserved under my name for that date already), My mom is thinking of getting the flowers shipped from Costco, the only thing is that they ship the flowers two days prior to wedding date (not the day of) and now I'm worried my roses will not be fresh on Sat. but my mom says not to worry.

We still need place cards and I really like Sarah's idea with candles and names on them but don't know if I can make them myself....can you buy them? Or Sarah if you read this can you make them for me and I'll pay you (not joking LOL).

I have a lot of stuff to do in such a short time....include dress alteration, and still getting bridesmaids dress and groomsmen outfits and grooms outfit....

Basically everything.

Shoot and I thought I was so prepared for this....UGH!!!!!!


sorry for freaking out there....back to my original question of invitation...oh yeah we are know having 40 people max at this wedding.

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A friend of mine had do to this as well and under the "yes, we're coming" box she just put something like this:


___ Number of Beef dinners _____Number of fish dinners


Hope that helps!

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A friend of mine had the invite maker put (please list name next to desired entree) underneath the ___ people attending part. It worked out well. ANd then for her place cards, she had a different picture for the people who wanted beef as opposed to chicken. I've also seen different colors of card or ink to show this to the waiters.

As for the roses, I've actually seen it recommended that you get wholesale roses delivered 2-3 days before use. Keep them in water and chilly, but it helps them open up to beautiful blossoms.

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Cant you add it to your RSVP card? SarahMc had the idea that I thought of when I read your dilema. Breathe make a check list and accomplish the items one at atime and check it off. Stop looking at the date and just do it. Stay focused and before you know it it will be all completed.

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I think you should def put it on the response card. Guests tend to overlook things and you should make it as easy as possible



Number ____________


Chicken_____ Fish________ Beef_________


No, will cannot attend______


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Drea I think Amy's idea is great. This will be the easiest way to do it as well. If you put in a separate insert they will overlook it and you will never get an answer. This way it is all on one card.

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