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  1. have a great time martha and congrats early on being a mrs.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyP JennyK Thank you!!! I got the most fabulous bag with a long brown wife beater, some sephora body butter, and initial luggage tag, and I have been using it all day the philosophy lip gelato trio. Gratitude pomergranate, begin again tangerine and soul mate grape fruit. I promise that I will post pictures that are downloading to the computer later. Again thank you JennyK Yes, Jenny, I have to agree the gift was very good Loved the purse you got her, where did you get it?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Agape Gems What's a flip flop exchange? Stacey, What is a flip flop exchange??
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by KACENGG Drea, Those pictures are awesome! Nice work....what a great puppy! I cannot tell you enough how much it means to us when adoptive families send us pictures and stories about how the pups we fostered are doing. It really brightens my day. So I just wanted to thank you and encourage to always keep in touch with Shyla's foster family. Quote: Originally Posted by Amarillis too funny that she poses! lol... Nice that you keep in touch with her foster mommy - I think people who give their time and energy into fostering animals are the most selfless people in the world. They deserve a lot of credit. Kudos! Thanks girls, Karen is a very nice lady and wonders about Shyla constantly We live across the street from the shelter so most of the elderly people that live in our condo complex volunteer there. I had a lady last night come up to me and told me Karen was wondering about her, so it reminded me to send her an email with pics Shyla has become a very lovey dog....She is still very skittish though around people, not as much as before but still. We do have a problem with her throwing up in the car, she gets car sickness I had to wash my car several times. She also started chewing on things other than her toys (stated in previous threads ) but we are crating her when we leave the house. Overall she is a good puppy.
  5. lol, just the flash, they are usually just black
  6. So I wanted to take current pics of Shyla to send to her foster mommy....(like to keep in touch with her). I thought it was hilarious how all I had to say to Shyla was "Picture Time" and she would run up to the camera or just pose and my favorite photo of them all
  7. We both love PR....I'm glad they got rid of Jarry, but I do agree diaper guy should have gone home
  8. I love all wine Mostly on the dry side not the sweet side.... Sorry can't list any right now....Just all of them
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Yari Oh good call! LOL! I thought her parents were in Cabo and she was worried about them getting rained out. lolololololol that's how I read it too lolololololol
  10. hooray, see girls I told you, you would have your gifts soon
  11. oh I can totally relate, Shlya has chewed on my couch pillows, distroyed one of them. Was chewing on my tables....she also digs up the poor dirt in my only plant that I have outside in a pot. I'm not a plant person either, so this little tree is living through all of this lol. I need to buy more chew toys....good place to go and inexpensive is Petedge.com Yes, we are creating her when we leave so no more chewing on furniture while we are gone and I shut the door to the room so she doesn't chew on our comforter, like she did yesterday....ugggg!!!!
  12. Girls, don't worry, I'm pretty sure you will be receiving your gifts today or tomorrow
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv YIPPEE!!!!! Got my gift today!!!! Thanks so much DreaW ... but sorry you got stuck with me again, lol. This is the second fabulous gift I've gotten from Andrea. Firt, my kick a$$ wedding purse ... and now an always PERFECT Victoria's Secret gift card!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Oh Tami, I don't mind that I had you again . I'm glad you liked it, I was planning on getting you something from your wishlist but money is tight again this month, sorry Glad you like it
  14. lolololol, I'm sending this to my BIL lol (they just got pregnant)
  15. jaime, Mayan NV was big and very very pretty, have some pics for you if you would like me to email them to you....let me know
  16. i say go where the money is....fighting over money is the number one thing in our relationship (i currently don't have a full time job, since I can't find a perm. teaching job). Yes, happiness and love is important but with out the money it is very tight and frustrations get high
  17. Also, LadyP's elf I got your gift for her today, along with mine . I plan to see her on Sat. So I will have her open it and take a pic and post immediately.
  18. well, I can't say thank you enough for the wonderful cute gift. My elf was Erin Erin Thank you so much, I love it and can't wait to wear it all out Here it is: She gave me a cute purse, earrings, a bracelet, gum, lip gloss and a mirror with brush. Thank you!
  19. My BFF and I are planning for our 30th (next year) to do a all girls weekend or week in Cabo San Lucas. We are inviting our sisters and any girls who would like to go. I would do a spa day or something girly like that
  20. Hi girls, So I'm going to be meeting up with Catherine and Amir on Sat. 19th and was wondering if anyone would like to meet up with us. I am planning to pick them up and then we are heading to Venice beach for the day.....Also santa monica.... Let me know if you would like to join....Thinking about doing a picnic on the beach
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