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Turtle Bay Cafe Bakery ~ Lots of new Wedding Cake pics!!!

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Originally Posted by kwbride2010 View Post
MarieSam - I'm just in the beginning stages of planning my wedding (not till next year) but we're going to have ours in Akumal, and I've been in contact with Jenn about catering and having her plan it... how's your experience with her been so far? Where in Akumal are you having your wedding? We're doing ours at one of three villas (I can't decide!) and Jen seems to be pretty helpful so far... Would love any tips/things to watch out for if you've noticed anything!

Hi there! Totally cool that you are planning to have your wedding in Akumal ~ there are not many of us on the forum, so WELCOME!!! rolleyes.gif

Jenn has been great with us thus far, but I must preface that by saying that I have done a lot of the legwork because of all the ideas and guidance I have received from this forum. But by all means, whenever I have needed something from her, she has always jumped on it and followed up. Most of my comminications with Jenn have been via email, a few phone calls, and we got the pleasure of meeting with her in Akumal for several hours and also met up with her in Cali when she was visiting family. She is very hard working, and always looking for the best deals for you -- she does not take anything off the top, so you can feel secure knowing she's getting you the best rates possible and will always be willing to work with your budget. Have you seen her new wedding website yet? Here's that link: Marry Me Akumal, "Planning Akumal's most Celebrated weddings" is the Akumal;and Riviera Maya Wedding Planner ServiceAkumal, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Sian Kaan; and the Costa Maya

As far as wedding locale -- we are actually having our ceremony on the beach in front of the Las Casitas Villas on Akumal Bay and the reception at the CEA Center. Here's a thread link to all those details: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31355

We are actually spending a week at a property that Jenn showed us while we were in Akumal -- the Casa Romero compound. Luxury Villas and Townhouses on Yal Ku Lagoon: Akumal -- which consists of Casa Romero villa, and the Blue Tang and French Angel townhomes. There will be 30 of us staying on the entire property for a week and we are so excited!!! Our guests about 40+ will be staying at some of the nearby condos/hotels in Akumal. I know Jenn has done at least two weddings at the Casa Romero property and they have looked absolutely wonderful!!! This might be a place for you to really consider as I know she has a great rapport with the owner, who is also very kind and extremely reasonable on rental rates.

There are some photos of a recent wedding that Jenn did at Casa Romero on New Years Eve that you can view at the blog for photographer Jay Reilly -- here's the direct link to those images, it takes a while for the complete set to load but just keep clicking the pics and you'll see parts of the wedding there: jay reilly weddings ::: :wedding images:::: san diego based wedding photographer, editorial wedding images

Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions ~ Akumal is such a beautiful place, your wedding is going to be amazing!!! cheesy.gif
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Originally Posted by Abbie View Post
mariesam and jac, WOW i am already SO jealous of both your weddings, they are going to be stellar!!

MS i ran across CEA during my vacation research, HOW cool are you? thats an awesome idea :)

Thanks Abs, when you go to Akumal you will see the CEA Center and wonder what the hell I'm thinking, lol. Girl it is SUPER GHETTO looking, but when decorated it's magic rolleyes.gif I love when something simple and not so attractive can be transformed into something beautiful ~ I'm hoping that will be the case come my wedding day!!!
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Originally Posted by MarieSam View Post
Jacilyn, so glad you were finally able to speak to Jenn -- your cake sounds delicious!!! I'm sure it will be yummy and beautiful, FI absolutely LOVES raspberries so he will be jealous when I tell him what you're getting rolleyes.gif

Aside from our cupcakes and little cake to cut, we recently decided to have TBC make us some chocolate covered strawberries (white and regular) and choco chip cookies too. My pants are busting at the seams just thinking about it, hehehe, I can't wait!!

lol, Trish that kinda makes me chuckle that she labeled it your cake cheesy.gif Jenn is headed to Cali this weekend and is supposed to call me, so Im going to try and figure out a way to ask her about it without offending her, lol. And that totally sucks you couldn't use them for your wedding ~ did you at least end up with a good cake?

I love this idea! We are getting married at EcoTulum, Cabanas Copal, and really don't want a cake, becuase we'll all be getting our drink on and I think the cake will go to waste, but the strawberries sounds devine!!!! I love this idea....think I'm going to contact them as well. I've heard nothing but great things about them! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by HotTamale View Post

I love this idea! We are getting married at EcoTulum, Cabanas Copal, and really don't want a cake, becuase we'll all be getting our drink on and I think the cake will go to waste, but the strawberries sounds devine!!!! I love this idea....think I'm going to contact them as well. I've heard nothing but great things about them! Thanks!
April if you're looking for an option besides cake, this is definitely a good one! When I last talked to her (Jenn) we decided to get a cookie spread (choco chip, oatmeal, white choco, and the mexican wedding cookies) and then the dipped strawberries. We are so excited about everything and really Jenn is wonderful to work with! cheesy.gif

I have sent a couple brides her way for both food and WC services, and they've all been happy with her. She will take great care of you wink.gif if you like any other desserts, let her know, they pretty mcuh make everything!
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Unfortunately, I can't explain why she hasn't been responding, but I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I'm one of the brides mariesam turned over to Jenn to do my wedding cake and she did a phenomenal job! I didn't give much for requirements, just chocolate cake on the inside and cream-colored frosting on the outside with a few of our pink wedding flowers for decoration. She fulfilled every request, and our guests all thought it tasted amazing.


As others have said on the forum, she can likely fill just about any request, so I really hope you're able to get a hold of her. Good luck!

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Our wedding cake was also done by Turtle Bay Cafe.  I know Jenn has been traveling home to California and also very busy with weddings, so she is not always quick to respond.  Also, she only needs to know what sort of cake you want about a week in advance, so don't sweat it (I know that's easier said than done).  I honestly decided my wedding cake while I was in Akumal the week of our wedding! And never thought of a cake topper or anything... luckily my aunt bought an adorable little bride and groom with dog (day of the dead style). It was so perfect for a little cake topper so I handed it to Jenn and she used it perfectly!  Try calling her cell phone or emailing her directly. Our cake was tres leches. I never tasted it, but everyone said it was delicious! 

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