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    2012 Indian Bride

    hi guys! my husband and i had our sikh wedding at the azul sensatori in jan...if you have any q's let me know..i'll be more than happy to help if i can. arkae
  2. oh wow, my day is coming up in less than a week, I would love to see your album!!! PS ur husband did that?? Mine didn't do anything lol but that is more because i didn't let him
  3. LOL thx for the offer murmel, but we are the wedding on the 21 but if you guys are also renting the lomas equip, then cool is your reception also at plaza zavaz?
  4. Hi Ladies: I'm in need of some last minute help/advice!! Can anyone tell me what they thought of the speaker/sound system used for a reception dinner/dance at Plaza Zavaz? We're wondering if the 110W system we are renting will be enough for GOOD sound - music is big for us and our wedding guests are all big dancers so I want to make sure the system is good....i know plaza zavaz is outside and open air, so i just wanted to see what those of you who used the system thought of it. we are looking at the two speaker system that lomas offers for rent on their site.
  5. In addition to the extra 10kg each, is there a limit on the number of suitcases you can take? And do you know how the extra weight is purchased ahead of time? thanks so much!!! i've been trying to get this info from our travel agent and off of the sunwing site, but i'm not getting clear answers.
  6. murmel, or any other ladies going out of canada....how're you handling extra baggage? do we need to get tags in advance or at the airport? how does this work? thanks!!
  7. how hot was it at 6/630?? and for the hour you were taking pics? was it intense or still cool? thx!!
  8. were you charged an additional fee for the colored sheers then by the onsite wc's?
  9. Meredith: did you have to pay extra for the pink sheers you used for the gazebo or did you bring your own? thx!!
  10. what package option are you going with for the gazebo sheers/decor? are you doing the "exotic decor" option on the lomas site? i'm curious about whether or not they charged you extra for the yellow sheers? thx!
  11. I think i remember someone posting a little while back that they had planned to ask about the cost for the xmas lights at plaza zavaz...has anyone heard back about that yet? we were told by our WC that it would cost $100 to have xmas lights. also we were told that the beach gazebo decor (to standard that i've seen some of you ladies also use - the draped shears and two flower bundles hanging) would be around $420. b/c we wanted a coloured shear. we were told that the cheaper option (the exotic decor option on the lomas site) that is $220 would only be in white shears and it wouldn't be draped, it would be wrapped around the poles like a candy cane. just wanted to see if this info about the lights and the gazebo ceremony decor seems in line or not? Thanks!!
  12. does anyone know if the hotel provides the stands/holders for table number cards? ...if not, any suggestions on how to handle the table numbers? thx!!
  13. Any of you ladies that have purchased items, maracas etc from amols? How did you take these with you?...just wondering what the best way to pack a bunch of maracas might be lol thx!
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