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Our OOT bags and contents! So much fun!

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I made the labels myself. I bought the Avery labels in assorted sizes, downloaded free word templates from their site and designed them that way.


The containers are mini first aid kits. The container already comes with the bandages and antiseptic wipe. I bought them from First Aid Monster

First Aid Monster


Another note, I kept an ongoing Excel Sheet on my phone /computer to micro manage the costs. I wanted several other things, kept shopping for the best deal and ended up with this. I still think it is a lot of things which I am proud to say but the costs can get out of hand easily if you let it.

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Originally Posted by binzer View Post
where are the puzzle books from? The whole package looks great, but cheap puzzles are one thing I havent found yet!
I found crossword and sudoku books for $1 at that big dollar store on Douglas St in Victoria...check it out!

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