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  1. The gown is "Natural" It is a cross between white and Ivory. The Jcrew dress is Ivory
  2. I have 2 dresses for sale. Gown was only worn for ceremony and is the most beatiful thing I have ever worn. I paid $1000, is a size 8, only taken in at the bust (im 34 D, so room to take in) no other alterations. Looking for Best Reasonable offer. Designer wedding dresses, bridal gowns, informal wedding dresses by Mon Cheri Bridals - View the Collection Also have a size 4 Jcrew Jenelle dress for sale. I paid $100. Willing to add for free if purchasing the gown, or BO. http://i517.photobucket.com/albums/u...enelle_002.jpg Cleaned and ready to ship to another DW Bride. PM me if your interested. Meghan
  3. Thanks for all the interest girls, but Natalie scooped up everything, but the dresses. Dresses still up for grabs... Let me know. Meghan
  4. I have a few left overs from our wedding for sale: 15 Navy and white canvas tote bags. $25 14 spanish to english dictonarys. $25 25 med size starfish. $15 ( I used these as placecards, Just tied a ribbon with the persons name on it around the starfish. It looked really cute and it almost doubled as a favor... our guests loved them. I have irovy ribbon I can add for free.) Everything for $50. and will add 5 navy fans for free. I also am selling both my dresses: Size 4 jcrew avery I paid $100, and a size 8 Mon Cheri 18255S Rhiannon, Paid $1000. Will take best reasonable offer. I will pay for shipping, if anyone is interested PM me.
  5. HI Girls, I just got home from my destination wedding at the Vallarta Palace resort. I am pooped so I will be quick, But I needed to tell you all that Our wedding/stay was PERFECTION!!!!!! I am really picky and all our dreams were met then they double them!! The staff are OUTSTANDING and so is the food (im a picky eater too) We ate at every resturant without a bad meal and service was better than I have ever expericenced. If you are lokking for a place to wed in PV this is the place!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED our stay and wedding! I will be back to share more detailed info.
  6. Designer wedding dresses, bridal gowns, informal wedding dresses by Mon Cheri Bridals - View the Collection I am going to be pro active. I have a Mon Cheri bridal gown that I will be wearing for our ceremony only that I would like to sell after our wedding on 8/8/09. It is a size 8. I will dry clean and ship. Paid $1000.00 Selling for $700.00 or BRO. Let me know if your interested by PM me. It is a gorgous dress.
  7. I was just wonding what I was supposed to do, thanks for posting!
  8. Shelter by Ray Lamontange. I cry every time I hear it now. If not for your 1st you should add it to your playlist:)
  9. OK, Our wedding is 22 days away (leaving in 18 days!!!) and I am just putting together our play list ( I know Im a slacker:P) But I keep having these fears that no one is going to like our song choices and just sit around the whole reception. We will only have 25 guests and the ages are all over the place - 62 to 20 yrs old. How do I please everyone with out the playlist being completly crazy? OMG I am stressing!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas What songs really get your booty shaking?
  10. Does anyone know what order the dances should go? After dinner do we do our first dance then father daughter then mother son? For the life of me I cant seem to remember, please help...
  11. Thank you so much for sharing, we were wondering about this, but had not gotten around to finding the answer. Thanks again:)
  12. First off, let me say that this situation really sucks. You have every right to your feelings of being hurt and let down. I know where you are coming from as my cousin who was one of the two bridesmaids that I had and my brother both have backed out. I know that it hurts and that it is hard to let it go, but what you need to do is focus all you energy on the purpose of this day. It is not about who is standing next to you, but who is standing in front of you, your FI. I honestly think that in the end that is all you will remember anyway. I know that we all get caught up with all the drama that seems to migrate into our lives while planning for this special day, but try not to sweat the small stuff. You should try and forgive her and try to understand that not everyone is perfect. Good luck and stay strong
  13. Ok so here is my situation. My cousin was in my wedding party and just recently told me via text message that she can no longer afford to go to my wedding. She did help plan my shower, but i think she has given up on the bach. party. So, I bought tiffany necklaces for the BM's and differnt goodie for their OOT bags. Do I still give her the bag and the necklace? I do love her, but at the same time I feel like I spent a lot of money to be so disappointed and needless to say via text! What would you do?
  14. try tropiciana from dafonts.com I wanta say I saw one there, if not search beach on the dafont site, your sure to find one. Hope this helps. Good luck:)
  15. I am two months away from marrying the man of my dreams and all I can do is cry. Before finally decideing to do this DW, we both talked to the important people in our lives that we truely wanted there, to ensure that they would be willing to take the journey with us. Everyone was on board so we booked and started planning. Now we have less than half of the people we really wanted there and a bunch of people who we love but never expected to make the trip. It seems odd that the people that I found closest to are not going to be there. This includes my cousin who was one of my bridesmaids! Who just told me today via text message and my brother. I wish I could just call the whole thing off and have it just be the two of us. I cant express how much I hate this! Oh and my cousin asked me to plan my own bach. party (not in so many words, but WTF)!!!!!!! I really dont even care at this point. Just needed to vent.. feel better now, thanks.
  16. I think your pretty normal or we are both weird. My shower is this Saturday and I am constantly asking myself "do I have to Go?" I wish I could just call this whole crazy thing off, hum that one way to get out of the shower... just kidding.
  17. Hey let me start by saying F*$@ them, they all seem like a$$holes. I know that this wedding planning is stressful, more so than I ever imagined, but we all need to keep our minds in check and think about the real reason for this day. You are in love and marrying the man of your dreams, nothing else matters. It is times like this that peoples true colors come out shinning. I have learned on my 26 years on this earth that most people suck. You wont be able to change them, so just surround yourself with the ones that dont suck. Dont forget that this is only one day, so in the end you want to look back at this one day as a happy time in your life, dont let the jerks out there interfer with the happiest day of your life! Keep your head up.
  18. Where did you all end up buying your shoes? I need two pairs: One in a silver color and a pair in ivory. I cant seem to find any that I like. Well let me re-state that I cant seem to find any I like under $300:) We are really trying to cut costs my dress fitting is in 2 weeks and i need my shoes, Help..
  19. OK so we have about 2 months till the wedding. It looks like we are having a smaller group and that they are mostly over 40. We have a handful of 25-35 yr olds attending. Here is my question, what type of music should we play? I dont think that a lot of people will be dancing (unless extremely intoxicated) so should we keep it melow? Also should we pay($500) for a sound system and someone to run it for only a group of 25? I am so stressed out about having everyone just sitting around staring at each other! Help me please.....
  20. I so happy to see a good review! we are getting married there in august and I have been a little anxious. Thanks for easing my mind. I was wondering how many guests you had to get the free stay and such. Right now we have 17 PP and about 40 "room" nights book. We would love to save the money and get the free functions. It is hard to tell people to book through our travel agent so we get the discounts without looking like cheapo's:) seeing as they are shelling out the cash to go.
  21. So, our RSVP deadline is in 3 days and we have only had about a third of the people we have invited RSVP. My question is now what are we supposed to do? Our wedding is in about 2 months!!! we need to know who is coming but I dont want to be rude. Please advise...
  22. Hey ladies, We are looking for bottle openers to put in OOT bags for the wedding. I would like to engrave, and also like the wide mouth keychain ones in natural metal colors like silver or copper. Any suggestions on places to buy good quality at a good price?
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