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  1. Hi ladies... stressful day yesterday. Had my HSG. It did hurt when they put the catheter thing in, but just for a minute, I took deep breaths and it was ok. The nurse had told me before hand that occasionally women had to go home from work after the procedure but not usually. I was ok physically but found out that both of my tubes are blocked and all of the planning of dates and cycles are of no consequence because my eggs dont get to the tube... bummer eh? So needless to say I would have been one of the ones that couldnt have gone back to work... not from pain but from devistation (((( Anyway, looking on the bright side today. There is a top 10 in the US IVF clinic in town and they are running a deal, 3 tries for 12k. 41% success rate per try for my age. If Im planning it, Id like to have twins. And there are other techniques for opening fallopian tubes like deep tissue massage and acupuncture. Oh the things you find out in a day Anyway, wish I had known sooner, I think my age is ok but in another 2 years the effectiveness rate for my age goes down. So not too much time to fool around. Thats my news. I was just thinking Breens and Brook, your little bambinos are due so soon! That will mean 10 months of marriage for us all, right? I am looking forward to the pictures Alison
  2. HI!! well I am not sure where to reply to now, I just clicked on the FB link you put up Christina and it got me here... I have tried a few times unsuccessfully to get to here but I cant find the thread. So nice to read about everyone. Christina, thanks for starting the group and linking me here. I miss you girls! Im sorry Tricia to hear about your loss this summer. Im glad for you that you were able to get away with your family to have some fun. I am excited for your (Brook, Sabrina and Teshy) impending births. This year is flying by. Austin and I are good. We keep traveling to Tampa for baseball games, have joined a kickball league and are preparing for marathon (or for me 1/2 marathon) season. I went to the UK with my mom to visit the grandparents a few weeks ago and it was really nice to spend time with my mom and family. I have been in private practice now for 2 months and am starting to get referrals (and be busier, although I have to say, I am totally enjoying having less stress, and more time to work on projects at home). This coming Wednesday I go for round 2 of fertility testing. I had blood drawn the other month and they say I have enough eggs to party (Im 36, 37 in Dec), no cystic fibrosis and no rubella. This week I go for an HSG where they flush your fallopian tubes with a liquid that you can see on xray. I am told that a lot of people get preggers after this. Austin and I have been trying and not stressing (honestly I wish there were more years in a woman's fertility so he and I could just cruise and travel for a few more years without worrying about it) but I am an oldie (but goodie) so here we go on the fertility stuff. I am actually pretty nervous about the HSG. Its going to hurt- kind of like a DNC bc they have to open your cervix. Nothing compared t childborth I suppose. I wish they would give me valium. I had lasix on my eyes about 10 years ago and the dr offered me valium and it was to best.... nooooo problemo ... anyway. Wednesday is the day. Cross your fingers for no big blocks. (if my tubes are blocked then pretty much the only solution is IVF and thats 12k a pop and like 25% success! I am not sure if you ladies will see this here or in the group. I will report it there. I hope all are doing well. I can believe summer is over, I want it back!! Oh and one last fun thing... Austin and I are going to the Dominican Republic in Feb for a February Destiination wedding.... on my my BMs is marrying her FI there on 2/5 .... they were at our wedding and said it was so fun that they wanted to do the same. Also one of my bffs and one of Austin's groomsmen hit it off in Jamaica and now they are living together in Manhattan (she is from So Cal!!)... Ah love in the air Have a great weekend! Alison
  3. How we met.... Austin and I met off of Match.com the first week of December 2007. I had just landed in Florida, moving from the west coast to attempt to be closer to family. I wasnt sure if I was going to stay, I had been traveling for a few months. I joined match to keep myself busy, my parents live in Flagler Beach which is a tiny town and so I was just restless and not sure what to do. Austin was the 2nd person I went out with and we went for a walk on the beach as our first meeting and ended up walking for miles and miles. A week later, I left for Europe for a month and we wrote back and forth every day and it was the best part of my trip (getting his emails, he is a great writer)... when I got back we started dating and he always makes me laugh, is a total goof ball and so smart, keeps me on my toes. I bought a house a few minutes south and he moved in down the street. Best man Ive ever met...
  4. So who is in for NYC first weekend in October (I believe that is the weekend we talked about before)? Me: in if yall are Krista (July) Krista (Feb) Brooke Chris Erica Shell Sabrina Susie Tricia Timberly Teshy
  5. Hi Ladies, Awwwww, Krista, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were such a beautiful bride and your dress is stunning!! I love the back! Are you going to do a planning thread/resort review so we can read all about it? Do you have the blues now youre back home? I love your tease pictures, looks like your photog did a great job Welcome home! How is everyone? We are good Remember how I said that our neighbor passed away? Well he had 2 feral cats that he looked after and so we agreed to feed them for him.... 2 days after that, the girl cat (who is relatively new to our neighborhood and really young) brought out 2 kittens! We were like holy cow, what to do?! This time last year a feral cat brought 4 kittens out to our (now deceased neighbor) and we took them in tamed them and found homes for 2, kept 2.... So anyway, long story short, we now have 2 kittens we are "socializing". We got both of the parents fixed (our neighbor is a vet and did it for free!!) and the kittens are coming along... but they take a lot of time! My brother was teasing me last year that I will become the "Cat Lady" and jeez I guess there is some truth to that, we have 6 cats we are feeding currently!!!! This is not a permanent scenario- that said, I dont know a way out of feeding the 2 outside cats. The kittens we have found a home for 1 and looking for a home for the other.... Anybody want a kitten? That and work and gosh the time it flies. I still have honeymoon pictures to post and an album to make. I also made my private practice official last week... been working on my business at 5 am before work (and 2 weeks left until I am working 2 days for my current employer and 3 days for me, sooooooo excited!!) No baby news here, I am going to go to a fertility dr in a few weeks to get checked out. Want to make sure my 36 1/2 year old eggs have the best ability to get in position. I dislike counting days, taking temperatures etc, and so have just been doin it a lot around the time and trying not to take all of the fun out of the process... we'll get our turn! I am still up for NYC first weekend in October if yall are able/wanting to? Id vote for going to a tea house for afternoon tea, doing a show or visiting FAO Schwartz and looking at toys for our groups expectant babies etc etc... like if we have a few things planned we could make the most of the time together... I dont know how do-able or appealing this is to everyone. I am going to make a list of everyone in the next post, maybe people can copy and paste yay or nay?? It would be really nice to meet but maybe a challenge as well? Ali
  6. Hi ladies Where does the time go?? I have to go to bed now but will be back in the morning to write. Wishing all well xx
  7. OOh and I loved the Glass Castle. During the trip I got through about 1/2 of "Eat Love Pray" which is a good read.
  8. Hi Ladies!!!!! Finally back on this time zone and caught up on reading all the posts.... First off Woooooooooo Hoooooooooooo Krista's gettin' married!!! Congrats on meeting your exercise goals and have a great time, and yippee!! and 2 small pieces of advice: 1)Take a minute on your big day to take it all in (OMG!!! Its gonna go so fast!) and 2) Make sure your photog knows for 100% sure what you want him to picture (I didnt double check or go over the list and he only got some of our requested shots). Glad to hear everyone's pregnancies are going well. Chris I hope you can poo. Sabrina, I bet if your mom only comes for 5 days that she will be so wanting to stay longer when its time to leave. I am secretly (well I guess not so secretly since I am typing it to you) completely jealous of all of your baby bumps and pregnancy discoveries. Not long and you get to hold your little ones in your arms, how precious. I hope it is our turn soon. Hawaii was awesome! We LOVED the Big Island the best. There are lava fields all over which make you feel so connected to the earth. We saw it all! Crazy steep hikes (1000ft drop in.9 miles), sunset on the tallest mountain in the world (cuz it goes all the way to the bottom of the ocean), snorkeling with big angel fish and watching like 20 spinner dolphins swim along side of us and jumping up into the air. Kauai was also amazing, beautiful lush forests and azure blue waters. The Hyatt had an incredible pool that was lots of levels, took like 20 minutes for Austin to carry me one end to the other ... We traveled a lot and were kind of tired at the end... we'd be like "ok, should we relax?", and then we were like, "no! who knows when we will be here again and we want to see it all!"... We did have drama on the way home, 2 1/2 into the flight to LA (back from Lihue (Kauai) the pilot came on and said that there were hydraulic problems and that we would be turning around and landing in Honolulu instead. He said that emergency personnel would be waiting for us at the airport and that he would to his best to make sure were were safe. We heard the hydraulics close to landing about 8 times and we coasted in r-e-a-l-l-y slowly and touched down and I guess everything was fine. (thank you god). I tucked like the emergency card said to do. Its funny, I love to fly, Austin is the one that doesnt like it and I turned to a marshmallow and if he was troubled he didnt let it show. He is in the Army (now reservist) and had to go to Iraq a few times (back in 2002 when they went in chemical suits, looking for WMDs ) and he told me that then he couldnt show he was scared s***less (because he is an officer) and I imagine this was kind of the same thing (cept maybe more in Iraq).... Total tangent, so anyway they put us up in Waikiki for the night and we got to spend the day there and got a more direct flight home. I am hoping to put a FB album of pics up soon (seems like time is still flying by and the case is not all the way unpacked yet!). We have had a bit of a tragedy in our neighborhood and we are really sad. Our next door neighbor (58 years old) collapsed Saturday night before last (I had talked to him on the phone about our house about 2 hours beforehand). Turns out he had a double stroke. They took him off of life support this evening. Really hard to believe. He is not one of our best friends but I talked to him about every day. He is/was a gentle person, really nice and I am wishing him safe passage. Anyway. Other than that, just setting up business etc etc. Austin is cracking himself up on the sofa next to me, downloading free foghorn apps and Stepbrothers funny lines (Boats and Ho's!!). Crazy stuff. Id better run- getting late (where does the time go?!!) Love to all, Ali
  9. Wow, started the email befre making dinner and hit send after dinner and I missed a lot-oops! Brook- I like both of those names! Personally I really think Miles is especially cute with Justin... If/when we have a boy Austin wants to name him Jamison... its a great name too! First weekend in October works for me
  10. Wow Chris, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Congratulations, I am sooooooooo excited for you!! What wonderful news! Brook, your baby is a qt I love the little hand print Sabrina, oh what fun creating another registry Make sure you share how to find you so we can send presis Re Hawaii: We are going to the Big Island first for 3 nights, then to Kauai for 4... we are going to see the active volcano and surf and hike and lay around. Lovely and looking forward to it! Re fall travels to NYC: Brook, remind us, where do you stand on travel in October? How does that sound to everyone else? A Canadian holiday weekend would be good for a few of you guys, no? I bet NYC is October is beautiful!!
  11. And glad to hear Susie that your AHR was awesome!! And Brook how cool that your mom has "powers"... do you think she could tell anything about all of us?
  12. Hi Ladies Sorry I have been MIA... I am just that boring, not that much interesting to say! Krista (July)... OMG! A month to go!! I hope your attempts at tanning have become successful! Susie.. Im sorry your FIL is a dick. And very thankful that you have such a great sense of humor about it. What more can one say. Timberly, did the swelling in your hand go down? That picture looked terrible!! Congrats Teshy! All (Brook, Sabrina, Teshy) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your baby bumps!!! Im so jealous! We are having fun trying to hit the middle of the month days especially. All in good time. Erica... I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the baby making although its still prob best if it happens after you get back stateside (right?) We leave for our honeymoon in 9 days- Hawaii, and we booked a tour to go up a volcano to 13,800ft. And they wont take you if u r preggers so thats a benefit from not having started that part of life yet. I also keep having these feelings of wanting to travel (I love central and south america) with gfs and am afraid I will run out of time to do it all! I have enough frequent flier miles to get to South America, and I wanna use them!! Anyway, thats all that going on and end of school year, setting up work stuff. I think someone had asked a while ago what I do and I am an occupational therapist. I help kids with developmental delays reach their best potential (in a nutshell). Do you guys hear much about the oil spill? Its soooooooo bad! The oil is coming to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico is going to be dead! We are looking into solar panels for the house to try and decrease our oil consumption. Sad sad sad. I hope you all are well, does anyone want to make a plan to meet up in NYC in the fall or should we wait until after Krista's wedding? -Ali
  13. Aww, Krista I am sorry to hear that! Dont worry about bringing down the mood of the group, we are here for you! I agree with you the positive is that now you know you can get preggers!! And thats wonderful! xx
  14. Good morning ladies Congratulations Krista, that wonderful news! I look forward to seeing everyone's baby bumps in time. Krista (June)... sooooooooo exciting, OMG not long now!! Hope your weather is warming up so you can get the tan you want. Chis, I look forward to your pictures! Brook, whered your ticker go? Tricia, how is the business going? We are good down here, work will kick by behind for about 2 more weeks and then school is almost out and life gets easier. I actually put in my notice at work- well sort of, I am still going to do outpatient for them 2 days per week, and start up a private practice - knowing that that would be a perfect situation for a family. Most days I leave for work before Austin and get home after him and life is too short to spend it all working. So thats the big scary thing we are doing, but I am so happy, there is no way I would have been able to pull it off without Austin, wish us luck. Only 2 more days til the weekend!!!
  15. Katie, beautiful pictures, you were a gorgeous bride! Looking at your pictures brings back so many great memories for us too ... We felt the same way about the reception flying by and feeling rushed with pictures, music etc. All in all such a wonderful time!! Im glad it all worked out as you wanted. Congratulations!