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create your own personalized puzzle books for OOT

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Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but I think it would fit the bill for people who would like to do a puzzle book with a twist or wanted to cut down on costs but still include some puzzles. Basically you type in your list of words or clues and then choose the puzzle you want to make (they have more puzzles than I knew existed!) and you can use anything you want, bridal party names, table names, Q & A, anything.


Welcome to Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker! Create crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, and other puzzles for your classroom today!


I use it with my classes and thought it might be something useful to someone, sorry if this is a well known website!



P.S. forgot to say it's completely free

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I love that site and use it with my students also. I didn't connect it to my wedding until I read this post. I already made a crossword with Trivia about FI and I. We are not going to do an entire book with them but I think I will include the trivia one in our pre-travel brochure. I think it will be a cute addition!

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