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  1. lolosmamma...which bage did you buy? Let us know what you think! Thanks!!
  2. Awww Mel, I just saw your slideshow up on the Playa Fiesta page...looks great!! You were such a beautiful bride. Everytime I watch the PF slide shows I get teary...guess I am just a big sap! Did anyone do a signature drink? It looks like it in some of the slideshows and pics. If so, how did you do it? Budget for so many per guest or do them on top of the open bar during the cocktail hour? I can offer my support on the room issues too! We are over our room requirement but we have already had two couples pull out, who had already booked rooms, which we then had to fill with other guests booking rooms b/c we were responsible for them. We also had a couple book two rooms...each of them booked a room without realizing the other had...which we are now responsible for and need to fill. Luckily my mom and dad have not booked yet so we can cover it with them. The rooms have definately been the most stressful part of planning for me and I have not even had to decide who gets what room yet. One recommendation I can make, from lessons learned, is to hold a few guaranteed guests back...we asked my mom and dad and sister and brother in law to hold off on booking their rooms. That way if you have people who have to cancel their room reservation you will have people to fill them. If anyone else backs out we will still have my sister and brother in law to fill the room requirement. We have had quite a few of our good friends decline do to expenses, time off of work, etc...but I guess we have to just remember to see it as part of chosing a destination wedding. The perks by far out weigh the negatives. Question for the PF brides...was Adam lenient at all with which rooms he assigned you after you met your initial room requirement block? Did anyone have unhappy guests over which room they were assigned?/ As always, thanks for all of the info
  3. Thanks for sharing...I love that you can put a message inside!!!
  4. Bunsie3

    Great Tool on Itunes!

    How do you get to Itunes Essentials?
  5. Wow, Melissa everything looks gorgeous and sounds great! You make me sooo excited for our wedding day
  6. Nice, I love the star fish tea light holders...good score! Thanks for sharing...
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience and I am so sorry it worked out the way it did. I would also feel strongly about posting a scripted apology. That in no way, shape, or form is acceptable business practice. This forum is a wonderful tool for eager couples made all that much stronger by honest reviews of services and vendors such as the one you provided. I really appreciate your input and hope you can atleast take a little pleasure in knowing that you are helping other couples down the road in their decision making process.
  8. HaHa, I had the same question about tipping! Don't know if this helps, but I looked in my massive wedding planning book and it said: You should tip vendors who are not business owners. For example, if your photographer or DJ owns their own business you do not have to tip but if they are an employee of the business you should. This does not make a ton of sense to me :-P but thought I would share anyways. I was planning on tipping Lindsay, the woman who does my hair and makeup, Aldo and anyone else who I feel goes above and beyond. Kate...are the servers and bartenders already tipped in the 15% service charge attached to all food and beverage items or am I interpretting this inncorrectly? Also did you all tip the lady who did your makeup/hair? The book said you don't have to tip them if they come to you but I feel like I should probably tip her. If you did, did you tip for both the trial run and the day of or just the day of? As always, appreciate all of the help and guidance!!!
  9. FYI...deposits are not always non-refundable. On the contrary, a majority of the time within the contract lies an out. You should read your contract with him very carefully...see if it addresses any type of unforseen extraordinary circumstance, Act of God, etc which would include a pandemic situation. Did you pay by credit card?
  10. Wow Melissa, I love your colors!! The runners are the perfect burst of color It looks amazing!!!!
  11. Thanks guys!! My name is Lindsey by the way. I just use Bunsie, a nickname, b/c it is never taken. DB2B, love the ide of woven ribbon for the tables. What is your color scheme? Mel, did you end up getting your makeup done? If so, how did it go? Can't wait to see your pics, bet you looked gorgeous Kate, thats weird you could not get ranunculus in January...makes me nervous because they are usually available from November - April or May. Guess we will have to just go with all roses if the rannunculus are no gos at the last minute. Did any of you use or plan to use flowers from a bridesmaid bouquet for your cake flowers. I want hot pink ranunculus for my cake and I dont see the point in paying $60 for them if I can just use some from one of my 7 bridesmaid bouquets. Do they do something special for the cake flowers? One more ques...anyone hit up Costco or Walmart in PV? I want to get some snacks and things for my Welcome Bags.
  12. Hi wsarah2107, I will see if can explain the D&E packages for you as I understand them. You should def talk to Adam and Lindsay about them, they are great with answering any and all questions. The cost of the package you choose is for that number of dinners per person during their stay, food or bev station(s), and entertainment choice(s) for the nights of your choice (excluding the wedding night) per guest. You chose the nights you want to have the dinners, food or beverage station(s), and entertainment. It is per guest, not per room. Does that make sense?? We chose package number 1 which is two dinners from category 1, one food or beverage station, and one entertainment selection from category 1. Since we are paying for it, we went with the most affordable package. We are in a four night package so the cost is $12.50 per person plus tax and tip. We are using the two dinners for our Welcome Dinner (Mon night) and Rehearsal Dinner (Tues night). We are having the fried ice cream stand as our food station after the Welcome Dinner and the slideshow with music during the Rehearsal Dinner as our entertainment selection. Let me know if that does not make sense
  13. For those of you trying to decide if PF is the place for you but are a little worried about the cost, I will share some of the things we have done to keep things affordable. We chose PF because it is beautiful, private, and offered everything we were looking for. I did not want to get married and celebrate aftwerwards with a bunch of strangers watching. PF offered us the privacy we desired and the opportunity to customize our wedding to match our personalities and wants. We were worried about the room costs, if our guests would think it was too much, and if we would be able to meet the required room minimum. We called around to our families, bridemaids and groomsmen to inquire about their availability and the cost and were pleasantly suprised at the number of them who thought it was a great idea and good price. We then took a trip to PF with my parents to make sure it was as gorgous in person as in pics, fell in love with it and Adam and Lindsay, and signed on the dotted line. We let everyone who we were inviting know the date we chose as soon as we signed the contract so that they could mark it on their calanders and start saving if they needed to. We also chose a weekday wedding package, guests arrive on Monday and will leave Friday. We are getting married the week of Thanksgiving and the wedding will be Wednesday. The room cost was cheaper for our guests but the airlines tickets were more b/c of the holiday. I would recommend also considering airlines costs when you are picking your date. The reason we chose that weekday package was that I desperately wanted my neices and nephews to be able to come and they are off of school for the whole week and we had to take into account people being able to get the time off of work and figured around the holiday would be easier. Once we sat down and looked at the wedding day costs, we knew we would need to cut some of the things we had invisioned. Lindsay is absolutely wonderful with making helpful suggestions to cut costs and with not pressuring you into anything. I agree with Kate's idea of ribbon and other little ways of customizing your event that have a small price tag. I am bringing ribbon to put on the cake(black), wrap my napkins(white), and for the bouquets (white and black). Our colors are black and white with hot pink accents (mostly via the flowers). Im making black and white table cloths (well to be honest my mom and aunt are making them), found black cloth napkins for under a dollar a piece, and I found a great vendor on ETSY (great site btw for invitations and other wedding purchases) to make coordinating menus and placecards at a great price!! I have spent endless hours on the internet searching for ways to customize our wedding at a good price so if any future or past PF brides wants to compare ideas or prices on things I would love it. The flower costs are high, but I agree that there are definately ways to lower the costs and that having the piece of mind that they will be there, ready and beautiful, on your big day is very important!! I chose white rannunculus for my bouquet and hot pink ones for the bridesmaids. Since I have seven bridesmaids I am using the jr size for them which is a little smaller than the normal bridesmaid size and is cheaper. For my flower girls I am getting hot pink carnation pomanders with black ribbon. I know carnations have a neg connotation as being cheap and I am included in those that scrunch there noses at the very thought of them. But I went to a wedding recently and there were these gorgeous pomanders hanging everywhere and I loved them so much that I had to ask what kind of flowers they were. To my shock they were carnations. When they are tightly packed, like in the pomanders, they look great and I was ecstatic at the price the PF florist qouted for them! I am also using hot pink carnations to create a place card bed.