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25 Random Things About You...

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#11 soccergurl3

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    Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:14 PM

    1.The only pet that I have ever had besides a hamster, was a dog that I only got to keep for 4 days because my mom discovered she was allergic.

    2.I travelled to England when I was 4 and for some reason the only things I remember, was that every corner in London had a candy store and every Park had trampolines.....I guess these are things only kids would remember.Oh yah and I rode the wooden rollercoaster the day before it crashed and killed the people in the first 3 cars. Every one else ended up breaking their noses and sued for 2 Million pounds each!

    3. When I was a kid I used to have a huge sticker collection. I had 2 full albums of smelly stickers, 1 album of fuzzy, 1 album of fish ( my dad loves fish so i thought i would make an album for him) and a whole lot more. It took my aunt one day, 3 hours to count them all for me!

    4.I got a pretty bad brain injury when I was younger.Apparently I was walking along the side of the pool deck when a kid threw a ball out and I slipped on it and banged my head on the pool deck and rolled into the pool. I started drowning. All I remember is waking up in the cat scan afterwards! And now I have really bad short term memory loss, especially when I get stressed!

    5.I met the love of my life in a call center...how romantic<3 LOL He ended up playing soccer for my High School because his school didn't have a team....It all started from there!

    6.I used to complain all the time about my mom braiding my hair in the morning. She used to pull it back so tight...I used to have really curly (Nappy) hair as my aunts like to call it. So one day she got fed up and told the hairdresser to cut it all off. So i pretty much looked like a boy for 2 to 3 years of my life

    7.I have a really bad movie obsession. Especially with scary or action movies. I used to watch 3-5 movies a week! When I first met Nathan he told me that he wasn't really in to the whole movie thing so I told him that he better get used to it or the relationship would never work LOL!

    8.I have gotten into 3 car accidents in my life time:
    1) In High School when my ex rear-ended the janitor's van....so embarrasing
    2) When the guy in front of me stopped all of a sudden on the whitemud and I rear-ended him...*blush*
    3)In October when a guy decided to turn right into my driver's side door!

    9.I absolutely love to play sports and in my lifetime I have played competitive soccer, volleyball, basketball,track and field, handball, cross-country, flag football and swimming...I think I am obssesed!

    10. I love music and I don't know where my life would be without it. I love Hip-hop, R & B some country and pretty much anything you can dance to except rock, techno and emo crap. One of my fondest memories of my dad was listening to sam cooke in our living room and dancing to it. I also used to play the clarinet in High School...band geek I know lol

    11. My Parents have been divorced and have been ever since I was 8. It was extremely devastating for me and it tore our whole family apart. That's why I am absolutely against divorce, when I get married it will be for life!

    12.I am an extremely open person and sometimes a little too open. I can sometimes tell a complete stranger my whole life story. Just ask my english 10 class about confirmation on that one lol!

    13.I fall in love extremely easy! Especially with Nathan right now, he said it after 3 weeks!

    14. I have alot of pet peeves about people: guys that think they are manly and unbutton their shirts so you can see their chest hair...eww GROSS! Girls that paint their eyebrows on, guys who wear eyeliner, people that slurp food and by far the worst...people who scrape their teeth on their forks when they eat!!

    15. I have a extremely bad phobia of spiders. It all started a few years ago when I went camping with my parents to the Okanagen. Their was a guy that i became friends with at our campsite and he wanted to show me a spider he found. When he showed me, he told me to take a stick and poke it's back. So I did and hundreds of baby spiders dispersed off it's back. I constantly get nightmares about tarantulas jumping on me. Nathan and I went to East Side Marios for dinner last year and their was spider decorations everywhere. I was shaking I was so scared...I know pathetic considering they were fake!

    16.I have a Beautiful son named Jayden Nate Reddy. He was born on Septemeber 21st, 2006 and he is one of the most amazing things to have ever happened to my life! He's a true blessing!

    17.I have been deathly afraid of needles for as long as I can remember. I usually start sweating, my whole body shakes and I ususally pass out. I remember I needed blood test one time before I was able to be dismissed from the hospital. My mom flat out told the nurse that it would never happen ...so we left! I avoid needles all that i can, and have passed out watching people give blood.

    18. I went into early labour when I was almost 5 months pregnant. I still remember my nurse saying that the chances are slim to none for survival if I had this baby, especially because I was only showing slightly at that point. They tried to stop the labour and ended up flying me to North Vancouver via helicopter because they didn't have the facilities to give birth to such a premature baby. Nathan of course said it was the coolest ride ever!

    19. I get criticised all the time for not trying new food. Everytime I go to a restaurant I order the same thing on the menu. The way I look at it ,if you know you like something why try something different at the chance you will hate it! Before Nathan I have never tried, Japenese, authentic chinese, South African, indian or Korean food.

    20. I have 1 brother, 2 step-brothers and 1 half-sister. Confusing mixed family, I know!

    21. I knocked my two front teeth out when I was younger. I was doing back dives off of a mat at Hardisty Swimming pool, when I dove too deep and nailed my face on the bottom of the pool. When I came up it looked like a bullet went through my top teeth.I have knocked them out in sports 5-6 times after that.

    22.I am an extremely romantic person and I take every oppurtunity to blow every occasion right up and make it absolutely special and memorable. And I am a complete cuddle slut!

    23. I have the most amazing friends in the world . We have been through so much laughing and crying together over the years. I don't know where i would be without them!!!

    24.I am a complete hopeless romantic and cry pretty much at every sappy movie! The Notebook gets me everytime....5 or 6 times lol. I even got tears at the bridal show, how pathetic am I !

    25. I am getting married to the love of my life in Cancun Mexico on July 15th 2009. We wanted something completely memorable to share with friends and family! I can't believe it is so close!!!<3 him!

    #12 Sloan

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      Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:17 PM

      Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009
      KAMAY - Can we add to our lists if we want? lol I have more! hahaha

      Sloan - OMG, you remind me so much of me after I read your list...and you're right, you misspelled "Natzi" should be Nazi hehehe

      ROFL -- I knew that didnt look right!

      #13 Jacqueline

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        Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:21 PM

        Originally Posted by carly
        Jac - I love you dragon tattoo, but I kinda wish you didn't cover it up either. I remember the meaning and I think it was awesome. I remember you came over Nicole's right after getting it done and took the bandages off and was showing us.

        So sad for the 15 year old you. I rmember that well.
        (long sigh) me too. poor selli.

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          Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:26 PM

          [QUOTE=paraisobeachbride2009;684968]KAMAY - Can we add to our lists if we want? lol I have more! hahaha

          LOL-Of course!
          D & K
          October 16th, 2008-Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas


          #15 tylersgirl

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            Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:28 PM

            This is so fun and interesting. I love hearing about each and every one of you! Here's mine:

            1. FI and I met on a beach and we are getting married on a beach

            2. I graduated with a degree in Marketing and now I am in school to be an elementary teacher (I hated the business world)

            3. I have a brother who is 14 years older than me. I have a little sister who is 17 years younger than him

            4. My SIL likes my sister better than me-its obvious

            5. My FI and I haven't been apart longer than 1 night-we are best friends

            6. I am from a small town, but I am a big city girl at heart

            7. I HATE roses....I love tulips

            8. Like many of you I hate to excercise...I do it because I have to--ughh

            9. I am addicted to sweets-I have to eat ice cream or some treat before bed or I will leave at 11pm to get a treat, haha

            10. FI bought me my dream ring-a Simon G

            11. I don't have a wedding dress as of now...I can't find one I like

            12. FI and I go to the beach almost every weekend

            13. I hate seafood and most meats

            14. I love the color pink and I don't know what I would do without it

            15. I want a puppy bad, but FI doesn't like indoor dogs =(

            16. I was a cheerleader in high school and tumbled everyday after school

            17. My friends are fighting over who is planning my shower, haha

            18. I am scared to death of crashing in a plane... but I still fly

            19. I have been to Belize 3 times

            20. I was in a sorority--ADPI--(are any of my sisters out there)

            21. I have a spanish last name, but I hardly speak spanish at all...my grandparents don't even speak it

            22. I have a wonderful family

            23. I quit my job and I am not working now

            24. I hate shorts and pants....I pretty much wear dresses and heels everyday

            25. I am so lucky to have found this website-everyone is so nice and I love all the ideas!!!

            #16 ~*Kathy*~

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              Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:53 PM

              Hmmm I can't seem to edit my post! D:

              I agree, I love learning more about you ladies!!

              26. I really, really, really want to do my planning thread so badly but have been putting it off since I don't have my own camera, we're getting one tonight though so yay!

              27. I would do anything for my best friends.

              28. My sisters and I aren't as close as I wish we were but we're getting better as we get older.

              29. I hate posers, just be yourself already!

              30. I have a body built for athleticism but I'm no good at sports lol. I want my FI to teach me to play ball this summer though...should be interesting.

              31. I have a bad case of road-rage which I completely blame on genetics (my dad loses his mind when's driving). I'll even have road-rage when I'm NOT driving lol, it's awful.

              32. No offence to any ladies here with kids of their own but I cannot stand going to a store and hearing a child scream their heads off while their parents don't even tell them to be quiet. Not everyone wants to hear your kid spaz out, ok?!?! >.<

              33. FI and I don't want kids and we're not sure if we ever will want them, we're quite happy with the way things are right now.

              34. And on that note, I love other people's kids and I love spoiling my nephews and giving them back hehe

              35. I've had one of my email addresses since I was 10...and I still use it lol.

              36. I hate shallow people. It's not always about the clothes, the cars, or the money...geez.

              37. I have dyed my hair very blonde, very black, and very red before. I must say I found out that I really do prefer my natural color of brown, but blonde is a close second, it's just too expensive to maintain.

              38. I never look the same in all of my pictures, it's weird.

              39. I very rarely wear makeup or get dolled up, so when I do, people don't recognize me lol.

              40. I used to wear glasses since I was 10 years old up until January 2008 when I got Lasik and I still can't believe how awesome it is. Best money spent...ever!

              #17 ~Angela~

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                Posted 06 February 2009 - 07:00 PM

                I avoided doing this on facebook ....but here goes....

                1. I am almost 27 and have never been to a funeral in my life.

                2. I talk to my mom on MSN every day (she is deaf, so no phone for us!)

                3. I am a teacher and most days wish I would've chose a different career path

                4. I love cotton candy and could eat it all the time!

                5. I don't like my sister's husband which sucks because I think we'd be closer otherwise.

                6. I have a good friend that I met online in a chatroom when I was 13 (weird! we avoid telling people that!)

                7. I think my FI friends are jerks and wonder how such a good guy like his is friends with them.

                8. I don't like solid chocolate.

                9. I am a shopping addict and hate that now I have a mortgage and feel guilty whenever I buy something not for the house.

                10. I wish we never built this brand new house we live in.

                11. I don't pay for my own car insurance yet.

                12. I can't make a decision for the life of me. This includes everything from what movie to rent, where to go out for dinner, where to get married!!! it sucks!)

                13. Some people annoy the hell out of me but I am too nice to say it to their face.

                14. I am a teacher of the deaf and no, I do not know sign language.

                15. When I was little, a girl my mom was babysitting told me there were ninjas under the stairs. I believed her and was scared for many nights after that.

                16. I want to work out all the time but have very little motivation to do so.

                17. I love my FI's family and am so glad they will become mine too!

                18. I had a jealous/possessive boyfriend for 2 years in high school who I was in love with even though I knew he treated me badly. I would probably still be with him if he didn't dump me. Now I know it was the best thing that ever happened to me because I wouldn't be where I am today if he hadn't done that!

                18. I didn't get kicked out a bar until I was 25 ...oops!

                19. I've gotten 3 speeding tickets in my life and have since stopped speeding because I got the letter in the mail saying if I got another one, I'd have to go for an interview about keeping my licence. Driving is a privilege!!!

                20. I don't see my grandparents often enough.

                21. I love travelling but everytime I get the opportunity too, I choose an island!

                22. I want a pool.

                23. I didn't drink beer until I ran out of money during my first year of university. Then I started drinking that because it was the cheapest drink there was! Now I love it!

                24. I am not a candidate for laser eye surgery. My cornea is too thin and I have a prescription of -9!

                25. I love kids but am too selfish to have them now ..... I hope one day I will get over that. Also, I am scared everytime I hold a young baby (I'd say newborn to a year) because I am so afraid I am going to drop them during the "handoff".

                #18 Mrs. Martin

                Mrs. Martin
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                  Posted 06 February 2009 - 07:25 PM

                  Ok, bored at work, so here I go....

                  1. I met my DH at a pub. He approached me and we began talking about our parents. Before we knew it, we found out that my mom and his parents all grew up in the same town in Mexico (tiny town, amazing any one knows of it). His dad's house was one house away from my grandparent's house. We also have mutual cousins (through marriage, no blood!). I knew from that day we met for a reason and we've been together since.

                  2. I have a blacked out butterfly tatoo that I got when I turned 18 on the side of my lower back. I hate it!

                  3. I have a Great Dane, Apollo, that's 150 pounds, but he thinks he's only about 10 pounds.

                  4. My parents separated when I was 12 got back together a year later, then seperated again when I was 22, divorced when I was 25 and they are still the best of friends. I think they needed to end their marriage to work on their relationship. I think they are working things out now.

                  5. I hate crickets! They scare me because they jump.

                  6. I'm so scared, yet so happy, about being pregnant.

                  7. I use to be a gym-aholic, but I got lazy once I got married and pregnant!

                  8. I saved a lot, along with DH, to be able to buy a home. We are currently in escrow for our new house and we will be renting out the house we have now (DH bought it 7 years ago). I'm very proud of us because we both worked hard and gave up a lot to be able to own two homes.

                  9. I speak English, Spanish, and learning German

                  10. Even though I'm not a very shy person, my face turns bright red somet imes when I first meet someone (especially at work)

                  11. I really want a massage right now

                  12. My first car was a 65 mustang. It left me stranded every where, but I loved it!

                  13. I wish stretchmarks and cellulite didn't exist

                  14. I'm eager to start feeling my baby kick

                  15. I have had bad eyesight since I was very young. I started wearing glasses in the 6th grade.

                  16. Instead of a quincenera (it's a hispanic celebration when a girl turns 15), I went to Europe for a month. It was a school program and I had an AMAZING time.

                  17. I feel old now that I'm married. 99% of all my friends are still single and I feel left out sometimes.

                  18. I need to buy a another car. I have a two seater right now and not very baby-friendly.

                  19. My DH has a bad a@$ sandrail we ride in the desert. I can't drive it because I don't know how to drive a manual car.

                  20. I'm addicted to my iphone

                  21. When I was in the 4th grade, I ditched my class because I didn't do my homework and I was afraid I would get in trouble. The school called the police and I was found a few blocks away.

                  22. I love waking up early and eating a full breakfast

                  23. I have 26 year old brother that's trying to be a fire fighter

                  24. This economy worries me

                  25. I love CA weather. I don't think I could ever live any where else.

                  #19 Jenn79

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                    Posted 06 February 2009 - 08:31 PM

                    1- I read more than I sleep. It's almost more important than breathing
                    2- When I met my husband for the first time, I had that whole "the world around me disappeared" feeling
                    3- I am most at ease sitting on the shore of a beach...any beach, as long as there are waves
                    4- I can't skate and yet I've lived in the city that has the World's Longest Skating Rink for 19 years
                    5- For seven of my school years I was a visible minority
                    6- I had black hair when I was a baby..like, jet black
                    7- I have never dyed my hair
                    8- I believe in love at first sight
                    9- Almost two years after the fact I am still obsessed with weddings (including my own wedding)
                    10- I hate when people look at me like I'm crazy because I love going to Disneyworld
                    11- If I could spend the next three years travelling the world I would in a heartbeat
                    12- I really want to be a stay at home mom when I have my kids
                    13- Star Wars and Twilight are my big obsessions, and I think they're getting "worse"
                    14- I really don't like most vegetables, but am trying (started adding chopped spinach to anything I can)
                    15- I have this crazy fear I won't be able to have children naturally (but will adopt if it doesn't work out)
                    16- I haven't followed a current tv show since Sex and the City ended
                    17- I don't have my full driver's license and am terrified to drive
                    18- I love cats but can't have one because of my allergies
                    19- I need a cup of tea first thing in the morning or I can't function
                    20- I can't drink coffee before 10am or else my stomach will be very unhappy with me
                    21- Footloose is my all time favourite movie, and I know the soundtrack by heart
                    22- Have been team Switzerland since before Twilight made it popular!
                    23- Consider Bermuda my home and native land (but am Canadian through and through)
                    24- I am half Newfie and damn proud of it!
                    25- I lived in the Northwest Territories when I was little and would love to go back as an adult
                    Jenn & Timm, May 10, 2007
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                    #20 Bianca

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                      Posted 06 February 2009 - 09:59 PM

                      Here is mine... Slightly edited from fb... I am more free to say some stuff here than with people that "know" me.

                      1. I have been tagged in so many of these that I just had to do it.

                      2. I have a bridezilla in me and she is just waiting to come out. Don't mess with my wedding.

                      3. I lived in Bolivia during my middle school years. I hated it then, but now I want to go back and visit my old friends!

                      4. 2 and a half Long Islands is the perfect amount of alcohol for me. It took a lot of trial and error to figure that out.

                      5. I have many dream jobs. The include fashion designer, photographer, social worker, teacher, counselor, architect, etc. I have concluded that I want to help people.

                      6. I have never broken a bone.

                      7. I can't sleep with any lights or noise. I get up with the sun.

                      8. I don't party every possible night or every weekend. I would rather be home with Gabe.

                      9. I am a couponer and I have enough shampoo, conditioner, razors, toothpaste, pain relievers and foil paper to get me through the rest of my life. I actually didn't do any couponing for about 6 months last year bc I had no more room for my stockpile.

                      10. I can hide my feelings very well. I have mastered the art of deception.

                      11. I really wanted to learn Photoshop, but then piratebay gave me hundreds of dollars worth of cool actions I can use instead.

                      12. I like designing stuff and am a DIY bride.

                      13. I started a "buisness" just to get wholesale prices.

                      14. I don't add people on fb that have not been a friend to me at some point in my life.

                      15. Gabe can make me smile at any time of the day.

                      16. I like watching Degrassi, 90210 and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

                      17. I h8 it wen ppl type in "IM slang" (dun really kno wat its called)

                      18. My parents are the best parents I could ever have. I have put them through hell and back and they still stood by side.

                      19. I hate debt. I freak out if my credit cards start to run up. Thank you daddy!

                      20. I started drinking alcohol when I was 12. When I was 13 I ran away when I was drunk and met some random guy who got me a hotel room to stay in for the night. That is why my parents moved me back to the US from Bolivia. A year after we moved back to the US, I got in with the wrong crowd again and started doing whatever drug was in front of me. Luckily, I was never addicted to anything and stoped when I met me FI. I seriously think he saved me life.

                      21. I don't need people that have hurt me or piss me off in my life. I have no problems cutting people out. Just ask my mom's sister and her piece of shit husband. Ironically, 2 people that I could have forgiven and tried to make it up to me died (one in a car accident and one commited suicide). I feel partially responsible for my friend that commited suicide. I knew he was depressed and we used to talk about his problems. Maybe he just needed to talk to me again. I think about both of my friends every day.

                      22. With that said. I have learned to stand up for myself and what is best for me and my family since i got pregnant with Gabe.

                      23. Shutterfly wanted to persue legal actions against me :)

                      24. One day I will be rich and I will buy my parents a big house and then open up a luxury resort in Coroico and live there and get away from this sleep-work mentality of the US.

                      25. I always wanted to go backpacking through South America.
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