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  1. I just got married at dreams last week and all I can say is WOW!!! The wedding was magical fro beggining to end and only cost us $1500 for everything. We bought the videographer,photographer and reception it was amazing!!! The only thing i would have to say is that the beach option is a complete waste of time! I saw a couple brides get married there and it honestly looked like some pieces of plywood stuck together with some flowers...but the gazebo was absolutely stunning and once you see it in person you will melt!!! We went with the house photographer and they were honestly the B
  2. When i was married there last week i don't think i saw anyone that used a DJ. The speaker system they have is amazing and that's what all the brides used!
  3. Has anybody else had problems with the planning of their wedding at this resort? My wedding is in 3 weeks and all that the wedding coordiantor has gotten back to me with is the menus. Like i have no idea where our reception is booked, whether she even booked our photographer or videographer or what the cakes look like or anything. We are just going with the free wedding package so that leaves alot for the imagination... I am completely stressed out and have not recieved replies in over a month!!! This is after I had at least 10 problems with the wedding coordinator herself. First s
  4. HATED the Twilight movie but am ADDICTED to the books...weird how that is eh?
  5. Does anyone know if there is anything that is outside the resort that would be fun to do beside excursions eg. shopping, clubbing, historical sites
  6. They also have other wedding stuff like gift boxes, favour boxes and lots of other wedding supplies. They are really good quality too!
  7. Hey girls i cam across this amazing website that sells tote bags for less then a dollar each and many different sizes ....seriously check it out!!! Plus they have lots of favour bags and boxes and sooo many things check it out! Bi-colored Reusable Bags
  8. I use mine twice a week for 5 minutes. And in 2 months I went from monokini worthy to bikini worthy. I honestly thought I would never wear a bikini again but now i bought like 9 from VS and will be showcasing them at my resort lol!
  9. Hey girls I just found a site that shows about 10 newscasts of this product on shows like the today show and the sundance film festival... Galvanic Spa check it out!
  10. yes for sure you can email me @ brianne.carothers@yahoo.com
  11. I honestly should of taken before and afters and am kicking myself now. My mom is more surprised about my stomach's transformation. She was the one that i went and cried to because the dermatologist said that the only thing that could fix my pruny stomach was a tummy tuck!!! And now with using this product I have bought 7 VS bikinis for my wedding! Yes this can be used under the eyes and any other places on the face that have wrinkles. You can go to post #17 to see some before and afters in the websites.
  12. Anyone interested in purchasing the Galvanic Spa can sign up under me as i am now a distributor.If you go through me then you can get the the wholes sale price of $285 USD price or $327 CAD plus shipping and GST. This includes the Galvanic Spa with 4 heads (body, face, deep wrinkles and for hair regrowth) 2 boxes of galvanic Facial Gels, Galvanic II Body Shaping Gel, The AgeLoc Dvd, Brochure and Instruction Cards. NuSkin currently has 120 researchers that have proved through clinical tests that these products are extremely effective.It is also patented technology for the next 19 years so no ot
  13. We are getting married at Dreams Punta Cana, I think that hands down it has the best wedding packages for your money..I researched for at least 4 months!
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