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Legal Ceremony Before or After?

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#11 BillysBride

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    Posted 04 February 2009 - 08:58 PM

    I'm wondering why on EARTH I didn't think of this before lol..I just figured we would do it before hand, even though I thought it was sort of anti-climactic for the wedding ceremony. But I do like the idea of doing it after...having the first time we say vows be during our actual ceremony. I think he'll like that more, since he disliked the idea of having to be "married" by some courthouse officient that would disregard the spiritual side.

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    #12 girlpi1ot

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      Posted 04 February 2009 - 10:22 PM

      Were doing it after! I'm getting married legally in Mexico on November 14th and we were going to get married legally there, do the blood work, and then bring our Mexican certificate back to the state of Florida.... probably when we return from our honeymoon.... is that how it works when you get married somewhere else?

      #13 steph2010

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        Posted 04 February 2009 - 10:29 PM

        We are going to City Hall on the Friday before we leave for Mexico (likely leaving for Mexico on the Sunday) and we aren't going to make a big deal about it - just our parents will likely attend. There is definitely no issue re your passport- think of it this way, if you were going to get married at home and then go on your honeymoon the next day you wouldn't have time to change your passport - you just don't change your name until you return from your wedding. We are planning on celebrating the date of our ceremony in Mexico as our anniversary date going forward, and just thinking about the ceremony at home as a formality. I just don't think that I will want to worry about having to do something else when we get back from Mexico!

        #14 jenniebey

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          Posted 04 February 2009 - 11:16 PM

          I think we're going to do it before. I'm Catholic and I want to do the church thing, but just with the priest and a few witnesses. However, my Mom just told me today that she wants to come to that too. I just don't want her to think it's a big thing. It's really only cause we have to do it here too so it might as well be at the church.

          Oh well, I still have to see what the church says anyways. I'll deal with my Mom when I figure that part out.

          #15 lanalovesyou

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            Posted 05 February 2009 - 01:00 PM

            HEY, this is good I'm glad to read I wasn't an odd ball.
            We got married last week and we're going to have our wedding at Dreams Cancun in two weeks. We legally got married on our 6 yr ann. I guess we say we're half married now haha..I am not changing my last name until we get back from mexico because of all the documents..and our ticket is in my maiden name.
            When I was deciding whether to do it before or after my WC at dreams said we could do a Renewal of Vows before.. so yeah you can :)
            For us, we're living in Canada and we heard theres often a lot of issues with weddings in MX and that we could possibly come back not married. I didnt want to do my blood work either down there.........
            and it saves us lots of $$.

            #16 mrss2010

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              Posted 06 February 2009 - 04:03 AM

              We are doing the legal ceremony beforehand - that way we can do anything we want at the Mexico ceremony.

              #17 Jteam

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                Posted 06 February 2009 - 05:27 AM

                I'm glad to find this thread. We are travelling from New Zealand and thought we'd get married in Las Vegas first then have our DW in Cabo. We thought it seemed easier to get married outside of mexico, but I wanted a ceremony there because it looks so beautiful. In my mind the Cabo wedding will be our wedding day/anniversary and Vegas will be the legal ceremony and a bit of fun. But I am worried about an anti-climax in Mexico... I just hope that won't be the case. I too will change my name etc when I'm back home.

                #18 faithers81

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                  Posted 06 February 2009 - 09:17 AM

                  Originally Posted by steph2010
                  I just don't think that I will want to worry about having to do something else when we get back from Mexico!
                  This is so true! I do not think I will want to do anything when we get back either! I want to be done and married! Thanks!

                  #19 jetsbride

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                    Posted 06 February 2009 - 02:03 PM

                    We are getting married before we go for our dw, just a couple weeks before, so we have no confusion with passport info I will just change my name when we get back. Our actual wedding at home will not be a big deal just family.

                    #20 Christinamaria22

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                      Posted 06 February 2009 - 02:40 PM

                      I think I am the ONLY person doing it ALL there........

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