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  1. Jteam

    newbie over here

    Congratulations and good luck with your planning. Enjoy!!!
  2. Ana - your wedding looked amazing! I hope you had the best day. I just loved the photos esp the diff bridesmaid dresses and how happy you looked! Congratulations Mrs!!!
  3. Jteam

    Mexico bound...

    Congratulations & welcome to the forum.
  4. Jteam

    What's happening in Mexico?

    Thanks ladies... We're so far away down here in the southern hemisphere that it's hard to know how serious to take some of the news stories. I'm sure being sensible is def the best approach.
  5. Over here we're getting lots of scary news reports about the drug crime and murders in Mexico... is it being blown out of proportion? What about Cabo?
  6. Jteam

    From Australia to Vegas

    Yay, someone else from this side of the world (I'm planning our wedding from Auckland). This forum is amazing, you'll find lots of tips and ideas. I'm sure it'll help you out, good luck with your planning.
  7. Jteam

    Newbie Disneyworld wedding

    What a fun idea! Good luck with your planning.
  8. Jteam

    Insane Honeymoon Idea

    Not sure if it helps but I've been to Tahiti and it was very expensive just being there, although I was travelling on the NZ Dollar which is only worth 1/2 the USD. Although it was beautiful, I've also been to Hawaii and think you'll have an amazing time there. Esp as it'll be your honeymoon.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Sapphire723 Haha, yeah, the lingo is a bit much at the beginning. TTDs are very common on here, because so many brides are in such a beautiful setting. If you search around, you can see some beautiful pictures from them. The below photog has some that I like: StillMotionBlog.com trash the dress As far as wearing your dress -- I'm planning on wearing mine! But if your budget can afford a second dress, it's always fun to get to pick out another one. Great site... i love the couple who went to Times Square to do a TTD two years after the wedding. What a great idea. Thx for posting the link.
  10. Absolutely breathtaking photos! You look gorgeous and so very happy. Looks like you had a fabulous wedding day.
  11. Jteam

    Cabo Wedding Sep 2009

    Congratulations, I'm looking to book in for Cabo in Aug. So exciting. Happy planning.
  12. Great story, very romantic.
  13. Absolutely amazing video, you must be thrilled with it. You look gorgeous.
  14. Yay someone else from Down Under. Hope you had a great trip to Hawaii. Great photos!