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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl what awesome news! replace that weight-loss ticker with a baby ticker! and have some pizza for us girls! I was thinking about replacing that ticker myself...so here it is THANK YOU EVERYONE!!
  2. Good Morning Ladies..... I regret to inform you that I must drop out of the competition. However, I do have a super fabulous reason: I'm pregnant! This also means that I'll probably disappear around here since a destination wedding and a baby in the same year just don't pan out financially. I'll probably check back in at the end of the season to see how you all did. Keep up the good work and good luck to you all! On the up side I can now have pizza while watching the Daytona 500 today, and now feel guilty.
  3. I used to take One-A-Day weight smart....but oddly it made me very nauseous! I've been meaning to check out other ones so I'm eager to hear suggestions also.
  4. BIG FAT 0 for me this week....but at least I didn't gain. FI and I fixed my elliptical!!! SO the weight loss should start picking up. The mall walking is nice but it's no intense cardio workout Nice job to everyone else this week! Next hurdle - behaving during Daytona this weekend!
  5. It def depends on what you plan on doing as far as physical activity, and your foot type. I have high arches and I find that Asics offer the best support and fit for me. Their Gel Nimbus line is awesome - so comfy and supportive; a really stable good shoe. I have a pair from 4 years ago that I still wear as street shoes - they have been through 2 college lacrosse seasons and still have plenty of wear. I run outside in Nike Zoom Milers. These shoes are like bubble wrap for your feet! They're very comfy and squishy for running on a hard surface. I would really suggest trying on shoes
  6. OMG - Today is Thursday!! I thought it was Wednesday - I woke up this AM and got on the scale and took the pic. Right now I'm just sitting down to e-mail it to Ann and thought I'd check out the board first. WTF? I am so messed up this week! Not that it matters I guess but I lost .6 Was kinda depressed about it but then I thought well it's progress.
  7. Buckle....never heard of them - I'll have to check them out! I LOVE Ann Taylor jeans - but they're WAY too short, didn't know they sold tall sizes online.
  8. Anyone who is tall - like 5'10"+, where do you girls shop? To find jeans that aren't high waters. To find shirts that come down to your wrists, and don't end up at your elbows when you raise your arms. To find pants that you can wear heels with and not look like the definition of unfashionable. Any suggestions for stores that are specifically for tall women? Or any stores that have a specialty line for tall women? Usually if you want a tall size you have to order it (like a JC Penney, you have to order tall sizes from the catalog) so you wait all that time to get the item, try it on and
  9. I watch it every now and then and I am amazed by how much these girls do in 6 weeks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Sapphire723 Anyone else feel weird about working out in front of your fiance/husband? I usually go to the gym to work-out, but I felt REALLY weird doing Shred with John in the room. I do....that's why I haven't done the Shred since FI has been off work with this shoulder :-/ I feel like a bum not working out but I just can't get myself to workout while he is in the house. I thought I was a weirdo for feeling like this lol
  11. Congrats Marianna - lets keep up the work ladies! A lot of us went off the path this week but lets not get discouraged. I know with the Super Bowl coming up we will all (or most) be tempted - just remember to choose the better treat FI fell off the porch this past weekend and fractured his shoulder so he's in a bum about not being able to go to the gym and said he'd just have to bundle up and go for a brisk walk.....well I got one up on him - I suggested Mall Walking! So that will be out new activity starting today. I've never been mall walking LOL
  12. We went to a tattoo and bike show this weekend, and of course went out afterward. But like you said we had fun! I've been pretty good about dieting since the 1st of the year so a day of indulgence is a good reward. Back on the wagon as of now though! :-)
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by *Casey* I just wish she did more ab stuff because I really want to get rid of my little belly. ME TOO! I was actually gonna ask if anyone had any recs for a good ab DVD, something similar to what Jillian does. Also - Does anyone listen to her radio program on KFI? I've been listening to it lately and it's really interesting and informative! You can find more info on her show and download podcasts here KFI AM 640 More Stimulating Talk Radio - Jillian Michaels.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jkcz0702 Last night I did level 2 with 5lb weights and this morning I did level 3 with 3lb weights. I am planning on rotating every other day between level 2 and 3 since I like moves in both of them and I will get bored if I did the same thing every day. .... It really helps when my lovely FI thinks I should sweat a bit more and makes a fire while Im working out (our fireplace is in the living room which is where I work out) he has done it twice now Im like hello I am already sweating I do not need a fire! I never got bored with level 1, I did that level fo
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by ccrytser I think I hurt my leg yesterday working out! I'm a little worried. I don't know if I can keep up my weight loss if I can't work out regularly. Hopefully, it goes away after a couple of days, but something definitely doesn't feels right today. That's horrible!! But...take it easy!! Hopefully it's just a strain or something minor, good luck! Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR Quick note, ladies - we had some pretty major plumbing issues at our house yesterday and found out there was a ton of mold. How awful, the one horrible thing about
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