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  1. I initially fell in love with EPM because of the 2 story rooftop terrace rooms, but since we are planning for February and the terrace spa is not heated I am thinking we won't use it anyway and will just go with a regular suite.....so can anyone tell me which Excellence hotel has: - the best beach (like calm water, not a great swimmer) - the most private wedding setting Also, if I go with just the symbolic wedding ceremony is any paperwork required? I want to do the least work possible so I am considering either getting married quickly at home and then having the symbolic ceremony or just doing to honeymoon thing. Any suggestions which is easiest? TIA
  2. Hi....my name is Cheryl and I am in the very early stages of researching and planning my wedding. So far I have fallen in love with not only my fiance but Excellence Playa Mujeres resort I hope to get married there next February 2010. That said I am alittle daunted by the task of planning and executing a wedding in Mexico, but whenever I think about the special day I always see myself getting married on the beach! Any advice and/or tips on how to make everything as painless and smooth as possible is greatly appreciated. I was born in Canada, so no worries getting my birth certificate (anyone know if the small card is sufficient) but my fiance was not so first thing on my list is to obtain a copy of his birth certificate. I would truly appreciate if anyone has any photos of the wedding sites from EPM that wouldn't mind sharing. It will be a very low key private affair, being just me and my fiance.
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