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  1. I'm getting married in the Valley of Fire in September - want to know if anyone has used or heard from anyone about using 702weddings to book their wedding - they only have testimonials on their page about their chapel, not the outdoor weddings. any reviews would be really helpful, I'm thinking of using them because their photography looks better than others. thanks!
  2. I am getting married in September and want the ceremony at the Valley of Fire - I like the photos used on 702wedding.com but they don't have any testimonials from the Valley of Fire weddings, only their chapel. has anyone used this company, the name of the company is also Vegas Weddings I believe? They seem to be on the more expensive side but their photos look fantastic - I would love to hear from anyone who can let me know about their experience! thanks!
  3. I'm also getting married in the Valley of Fire! Love that you're not being 'traditional' as I'm not either. Can I ask who you're booking your wedding thru and how did you select your choice? My head is spinning with so many to choose from. thanks for any advice
  4. Hello! I'm Leisa, getting married on Sept 8 and trying to plan everything from Melbourne Australia to get married at the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas - there is so much information on the internet that I don't quite know where to start!
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