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  1. Not only customs, but if a company ships UPS I don't order anything from them. UPS never manages to get the package to my door - I have to drive a zillion miles to pick the thing up. Then they charge me on top of any customs an extra $55 - they call it a "brokerage fee".
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Princess402 ...it was a bit of a running joke with FI and I because almost every other day he'd come home from work and I'd be all like "okay, I know I said this before, but I really think I've found the one!". (sometimes I wonder if FI is on another board somewhere saying "so I came home from work today and now Riu is out, Dreams is in...)
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by adelaide I have been looking around at different locations and have totally fallen in love with the "park" part of XCaret. Does anyone have pricing on doing the reception there? A The park looks amazing and the photos people have from there are gorgeous! But it does seem a bit expensive. Some people will just use the chapel there for the ceremony and photos, then go back to the resort for the reception. Here's the 2010 price lists that they sent to me: General Policies.doc Banquet menus.doc
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Princess402 Or maybe you will just see one and fall in love - that would make things so much easier right?! That happened for me! I saw a resort and fell in love! Then I saw another resort...and fell in love...then another resort...and another... (No I haven't made a decision on my own resort, but Yes, I will totally offer other people advice!)
  5. There are so many great resorts on the Riviera Maya that would fit the bill! If the price is really important, maybe you should talk to a travel agent. They could probably narrow it down to the ones in that price range. Once you have a short list you could check out all the reviews and photos to see which one you like the best
  6. Congratulations! We haven't gotten married yet, but we've been to the Gran Bahia Principe twice - it's a great resort!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  8. Your pictures are really great! Thanks for the review
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    Congratulations! Hawaii sounds so nice right now!
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    Congratulations Nataliya!
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