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Why I HATE David's Bridal...very LONG...

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#1 rach220

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    Posted 26 January 2009 - 05:37 AM

    I will start off by saying that I know several brides that had a wonderful experience at DB. They have a range of dresses, the ability to buy off the rack for the bride that needs a dress quick and are afforable compared to "designer" dresses. With that said I HATE HATE HATE David's Bridal.

    The first time I went was between Christmas and New Years, so I guess they were pretty busy. My Mom and I went to shop at Christmas Tree Shop in Danbury, CT for their after xmas sale...I saw the DB sign next door and they were advertising their $99 sale. I went in looking for a cheap TTD but there were only 7 or 8 dresses on the $99 rack and none of them were my style at all. So my Mom and I looked through the regular racks real quick and I found a dress I really liked (style P9345) and I just figured I would try it on real quick while we were there...HA! So I asked if I could try it on and of course they said they were booked until later that night and I needed an appointment. It was around 1PM and their next open appointment was at 7.

    Ughhh...so I made the appointment and figured, if we are still out shopping I'll come back, otherwise I'll just blow it off...I was kinda pissed because there were a million empty dressing rooms and I think it's ridiculous that you need a consultant just to try on a wedding dress (you don't for BM or other dresses). It would have taken me 30 seconds to put it on and decide if I liked it or not...

    But anyway we went to xmas tree and to the mall which is right there and really took our time and stretched it out...I couldn't stop thinking about it while we were shopping and really wanted to keep the appointment. I remember thinking how mad I would be if I wasted all that time and hated the dress, but I couldn't stand the thought of leaving and not knowing. Also, I work a LOT and very rarely (1x per month?) have days off so I knew I wouldn't get an opportunity to go another time for a while.

    So we walk in at about 6:50, hoping they might take us a little early, but they said they were a little backed up and it would be about 15-20 minutes. So we browsed through some more dresses and things...also the store was completely empty except for 2 younger girls looking at BM dresses, a bride purchasing her dress at the register, and a bride trying on dresses with her daughter. As for staff, there was one woman sitting at the desk in the front, one at the register, and one walking around. So we waited and waited and waited...I had my Mom try on some dresses so our time wasn't completely wasted and I picked out 3 more dresses I kind of liked (I figured if I was waiting this long I wasn't just going to try on one dress and have it be a complete waste). At 7:50 I complained. More than 45 minutes after our appointment is crazy. The store was empty! The one bride was still there trying things on (no consultant in sight) and there were a few people browsing shoes and things. They told me it would be "just a few more minutes." At 8:15 the consultant same over and introduced herself (who I had seen a half hour earlier sitting in the back room drinking a soda). I'm sure she was probably on a break or something, I'm sure it was a busy day, but I had been waiting forever.

    So she asked the other bride (who had just gotten dressed and was leaving) if her name was Rachel, and then apologized to her that no one had helped her try on her dresses. The bride was kind of rude to her (not that I blame her) but I would have given anything to have been able to try on dresses on my own!
    So I tell her I'm Rachel and she says "I hope you weren't waiting long." BULLSHIT. She knows I've been waiting over an hour and she doesn't even apologize. I'm not the type of person to be rude and I'm kind of a pushover so of course I was like, that's ok, although I was steaming inside.

    So I have my 4 dresses to try on and of course the one I really wanted was on the bottom of the pile, so we start with the others...the first one I put on there was beading on the top and it was already hurting the upper part of my chest on the sides (I have really sensitive pale skin) and my skin was bright red already so I said it was a NO, it was too uncomfortable. She told me I had to walk out and show my mom and look in the mirror...and she zipped it up (ouch!) and we walked out. My mom made a face and I was telling her how uncomfortable it was and the consultant starting talking about removing beads or putting some sort of anti-rash creme on my chest...do I have to practically scream that I don't like the damn dress? All she was concerned about was making a sale and getting her commission...the next two dresses were ok but not great. Of course with each one she tried to talk me into them...I'm not a very assertive person so it was hard for me but I had to basically yell at her to make her understand I didn't like the dresses!

    Ok so then I try on the one that started the whole day...and I loved it! It was a size 2 and it fit me perfectly! It hugged all my curves (which I don't actually have, but it made me look like I do!) and I was so relieved...

    So then I run into my own personal dilemma. A friend of mine had warned me about getting my dress altered there. Side story...she got married this past summer and had a very short engagement. Went to DB and bought 2 dresses that she couldn't decide between, both size 8. (She is like a 2). She didn't have time to order them in her size and they told her it would be no problem to size them down. She didn't think to ask about the price of the alterations (which is her own fault) so when she went to pick them up her bill was REALLY expensive. She had already paid $600 for both dresses and the alterations bill was almost another $600! They told her because it was done quickly and because the dresses needed to go more than 2 sizes (which is the most they say they can do, but they didn't tell her that the first time). So she paid, brought the dresses home to find there was a giant snag down the front of one of them! She brought it back and they fixed it for free, but it happened during the alterations and they had no remorse...

    Ok, enough of the side story....based on this experience, I really didn't want to have my dress altered. The dress fit me perfectly except for the length and the consultant said I might be able to order the petite. So she brings the seamstress out and they both say that yes, I can order the petite and it will probably fit me perfectly. My mom asked if it would change the way the dress falls and they said no, that it was just the length, and it was 4" shorter. We measured the dress as being 4" too long when I was wearing the 2" heels...

    So I am the worst desicion-maker ever. The dress was marked at $499, but there was a sale for $50 off through the end of the weekend. I know it's not a lot of money, but I really didn't want to spend that much, even though it was soooo perfect. The consultant told me I could go home and think about it and could call in to order it before Sunday night and still get the $50 off.
    I also really needed to leave because I had to be at work (I work 11PM-7AM) and it was already almost 9:30 and I was an hour from home and still needed to drop my mom off at her place and then go to my place and change before going to work. So I left...
    The next day (I sleep during the day) I had a dream about the dress, and couldn't stop thinking about it, so I knew I had to buy it. Sunday afternoon I called and ordered it in a 2 petite, in the hopes that it would fit perfectly AND not have to be altered in length. They said it would take 6 weeks to come in and would be ready on February 9th.

    January 8th I got an email that it had come in (it was really early so I was psyched!). I called to see if I needed an appointment to come pick it up and they said yes (which kind of pissed me off but I'm glad I checked). So I made my appointment for Wednesday the 14th. I was hoping to get a 3:00 which is right after I get out of work, but they didn't have anything until 4:00 so I had to take that. SO I get there and say I have an appointment and they look me up in the computer and say "oh, you already paid for your dress and you're just picking it up?" (key word: "paid for"). I said yes and someone went in the back, got my dress and put it in a fitting room and said there you go and walked away. I had a friend with me and we were both like WTF?! So, I had to go find someone to ask for a bra and slip. And they said they had to get a consultant for that. (I'm so confused about their appointment policy? I thought the appointment meant a consultant otherwise why can't I just walk in?) So the same girl comes back with a bra, and a very large slip (which I couldn't even wear since it was way too big but whatever). Luckily I had my friend there to help me hook the bra and give me advice, bc there was not a DB staff member in sight.

    When I put on the dress I was kind of unsure. It was too big in the waist and it just hit the floor, meaning I would have to be barefoot or wear flats. I thought maybe I lost weight so I had my friend grab the 2 regular off the rack so I could try it on again. It wasn't as perfect as it was the first time but it fit way better than the petite. So I'm upset that I've lost weight (I have been trying to gain weight for almost a year with no luck) and I'm upset that the dress doesn't fit and I'm upset that there is no one around to help me. So I walk around sulking and thinking for a while in my petite dress, trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, the same girl comes back and asks if something is wrong (I had been there almost an hour now) and I explain my feelings. She said it's impossible that the petite is bigger than the regular in the waist, and says I can take it in and goes to get the alterations woman. It's the same one from the last time and she tells me it's no problem to take it in and it will be about $65. I am thinking that maybe it's not that bad and even though I told myself I wouldn't get it altered because of what happened to my friend, but maybe that was a fluke. To alter the hem it is $125...so I figure I'll save the money by keeping the petite and just altering the sides (cheaper). It was already more than I wanted to spend. I also thought maybe I would gain some weight in the meantime. I asked about their return policy and they said I could always do a size exchange up until my wedding date if I changed my mind as long as I had the receipt.

    Next problem...I didn't get a receipt since I ordered over the phone...so they said they might be able to print one out for me...they did, but it was this big hassle and took forever to find me in the computer. So I went home with my petite dress....I took it straight to my parents' house for my mom's opinion...well, I wish I had brought her in the first place! We looked at the pictures we had taken the first night and the hips were higher on the petite (why it was too big). I was also unsure about wearing flats.

    Well that weekend put me over the edge on the flats thing...I went to a wedding with my FI. He's not much of a dancer and only danced one slow song with me, but while we were dancing I just about started crying. He's 6'4 (a whole foot taller than me) and even with my 4" heels it was awkward. I decided right there that I needed to be able to wear heels for our wedding and I had to return the petite dress or I wouldn't be happy.
    The following Tuesday (the 20th) I called DB with the intention my dress in a size 0. I figured since the 2 was slightly big on me, I would just get the 0 instead of telling myself I would gain weight (it's a been a year and I haven't so who am I kidding?!). I figured if the 0 didn't fit, I could always get the 2 (I have plenty of time until my July wedding, especially based on how fast the first one came in, although they tell you 6 weeks). Well, they told me I couldn't do an exchange over the phone and I had to return the dress I had before they could order me a new one.

    So I asked if I could make an appointment. They said I didn't need an appointment just to order a dress, and for the first time I got a little snotty. I said in the past I have made appointments and they have not been honored, so I would like to have an appointment just in case. Again, they couldn't give me a 3:00 so I took a 3:30 and ventured back to DB on Wednesday the 21st. I will say I was pleasantly surprised at this visit (at first anyway). I was by myself this time and had wanted to try on the 2 again just to see how it fit me since I had come all the way down there. The consultant got it for me and I tried it on. It fit ok, although it was still slightly big in the hips/waist (an inch on each side maybe) although it seemed to fit perfectly on top. The woman helping me was younger and was very nice. I asked her what she thought about me ordering a 0 and she said it might not fit in the chest. Now I didn't know what to do. The seamstress came out again (a different one this time) and she also said the 0 would not fit and I should just alter the 2 at the waist. (Although it was tight up top, my mom had been able to fit 8 fingers inside the dress while it was zipped, which she said was about a size). I had planned on ordering the zero, but at this point, with everyone telling me it wouldn't fit, I just decided to order the 2...

    So I get up front to do my exchange/order. And the girl is putting it into the computer and the consultant brings over the size 2 and says here you go. I was like, no I'm ordering one and they proceed to explain to me that they are not allowed to order a dress if they have it in stock. Well, this didn't sit so well with me. I know it's DB and it's not that expensive but if I'm paying full price for a dress I don't want one off the rack that has been tried on by thousands of brides. So now I'm stuck again. I said "if I order the zero I will get a new dress, but if I want the 2, I have to take this one?" and then they give me some story about how all their orders come from somewhere else on the rack anyway and nothing is "new." I guess this could be true, but the 2 petite I ordered had come looking brand new...they said they would make my 2 off the rack look brand new too after they alter it. I didn't know whether to believe this but I had already made my decision about the 2 and not the 0 and everyone said the 0 wouldn't fit...I was so frustrated and just wanted to get out of there...I figured maybe if I try on a 0 in a different dress just to see the size, I might feel better about it...so I ask if I can see a 0 and they tell me that they don't carry 0 in the store, it's a special order and that no DB carries a zero. At this point I wanted to cry and get the hell out of there with ANY dress, so I took the 2 off the rack and ran with it.

    When I got home I regretted my decision and asked myself why I didn't just order the 0 like I had originally planned...if it fit, great. If not, I could always order the 2 (or take the 2 off the rach, but maybe by then it would be gone). Why did I let them talk me out of it?
    So I called the other 2 DB in the state (both and hour and a half away from me) and both said they have several 0's on the rack, although neither had that particular dress. Is the Danbury location just a bunch of liars?

    I am so fed up and don't know what to do. I think I am going to go to the other DBs and try on a 0 to see how it fits me, but my next time off is February 21st.
    I'm sorry that I just wrote a book about this...I guess I am just in need of venting. I can't talk to my FI about it because he thinks it's ridiculous that I have 3 dresses and still can't make up my mind...my Mom won't listen to me complain because she says it's my own fault because I'm not assertive and have no decision-making skills (which is true)...haha...

    Any advice? What would you ladies do? Has this happened to anyone else?

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    #2 tylersgirl

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      Posted 26 January 2009 - 10:32 AM

      I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. I think it depends on the DB. I dropped by mine one day just passing by and they worked me in right then without an appt. Also, I found a dress there that I wanted in a size 8 but it was kinda tattered from all the other brides trying it on, so I asked if I could order a brand new one in the same size 8 and they said yes. I cannot believe they were so unprofessional to you. They downright lied to you about not being able to order the same size bc I was able to without any problems. Now, I am not wearing the DB dress and it is for sale on here. Ughhh!!! I hope everything gets better with you!!! Good luck with the dress situation.

      #3 tylersgirl

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        Posted 26 January 2009 - 10:36 AM

        I just looked at the DB dress you got and it is beautiful!!!

        #4 Soon2beWed09

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          Posted 26 January 2009 - 10:55 AM

          Sorry that happaened to u...I had so many bad experiences at DB thats why I vowed not to shop there for my dress or my BM dresses. I think I would take the dress back and look somewhere else..

          #5 Kristy!


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            Posted 26 January 2009 - 12:11 PM

            I'm with you. I can't stand DB. I was just at the Danbury location two weeks ago to try on BM dresses for my best friend's wedding. They are SO clueless there. I had a much better experience at the Middletown, NY location, but I really try to avoid DB all together.

            I had to order my BM dress online. When it arrived, there were threads sticking out all of the place and you can tell it's poorly made. Ridiculous!

            #6 **~Jenn~**

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              Posted 26 January 2009 - 04:51 PM

              I am so sorry you had to go through that. I feel your frustration..Although I just got my Dress this past weekend there and I had THE best Consultant. However..If not for her...I would have not been happy with my experience.
              The whole thing about needing a consultant to get a dressing room is so ridiculous. I went on Wednesday night, tried on about 18 dresses...I had it down to my top 2. They were closing so I chose to go home and think about it a couple days. I made an appt for Saturday at 2. Now, All I had to do was try on these same two dresses and make a choice...That's it.
              Saturdays are like a zoo in there and I realize that they were really busy, so we get there about an hour early and I said the the girl that I already tried on my dresses, I just need to Re-try my final 2 and decide. I said I realize i am early, but If I can just get a spare dressing room, I can be in and out in less then a half hour. She was like, sorry, you have to wait until your appt...All of the Dressing rooms are assigned to consultants.
              So I was bitching a little, not being obnoxious, but just bitching to my mom and step dad who were with me..and another girl who worked there, went over to her after hearing me and was like, are you sure there is nothing..Well, i guess not because there we were standing around.
              So after about a half hour, we were looking in the BM's section, Just wasting time and this girl comes up and says, DO you need help? So I explain to her that all I need is a dressing room and someone to find my dresses. My Consultant wrote all my style #'s and sizes on my card on wednesday, which I also tried to explain to this girl. Well she goes, I have a dressing room and I can help you. So we go over to the computer and she;s looking, and twice she asked what kind of BM's dress i was ordering and twice I told her I was the Bride. She is looking really confused now and says, well, why were you in the BM section? I don't do Bridal gowns..LOL So I tell her again, if you just pull my card, you can grab my two dresses for me and lead me to a room , and then you can go help someone else.
              Well, with that she goes I'll be right back and she walks away. 5 min later, she's helping someone else..WTF
              So I am steaming now...All I want is a room to try my stuff on and make my final decision. I guess I was being a little impatient since I did arrive earlier then my appointment, but it's not like I needed a consultant, I already picked two dresses!!
              Finally, just before 2...My Consultant (Her name is LAZ for anyone who is going to the DB in Deptford. She was so awesome!!!) came over to me and was like, i have your card, I'll get you set up.
              I was so relieved. I was literally 20 mins and most of that was getting the one dress tied up!!
              And as far as them not ordering one if they have it in stock, that is such Bull. I have been a bridesmaid more then a few times and each time we have gone there.
              And if one bridesmaid fits the one off the rack and the other needs to order one, they will tell you to just order them both so it's the same batch of Dye or something. So I think they were just being lazy!!

              Good luck with your dress decisions and it stinks that your experience was really bad!
              Oh and speaking of alterations..My mom got married a couple years ago and her wedding was in two weeks, She went to pick up her dress after they were supposedly done doing alterations on it and when she put it on, she saw that they never even started!!! Luckily they got it done in time...But that is crazy!! The only alteration I am going to need is getting a bussel (sp?) put in....thank god!!

              I like Davids, because they are affordable, and like I said in another post..For bigger girls, they are accomodating. Most stores, you can only try on Sample that are in a size 8 or smaller and you can't get the full effect if your bigger then that. Davids has all sizes.
              Even the Bridesmaids Dresses are affordable and pretty nice. So overall, the dresses themselves aren't bad, but I think they can be a little more accomodating to the customers that are spending lost of money in there. :-)
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              #7 PaddleAddict

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                Posted 26 January 2009 - 07:35 PM

                I'm sorry you had a hard time at David's. I had a good experience here in SoCal, and my consultant was awesome, but some of the other employees in there were morons. The store manager was great though, and he kept popping over to offer me suggestions. By the way, the dress I tried on was my size, but it had been tried on a bunch of times and I asked the manager if I could order my dress new (I asked really nicely) and he said yes. When I told the consultant this she said, "Wow, we aren't supposed to do that, that was really nice of him."

                #8 Kat81

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                  Posted 26 January 2009 - 07:43 PM

                  When my BF was getting married we went to her local DB it was a mess and they were soooo rude so I swore I wouldn't ever go there when I was dress shopping. So, when my turn came I ended up going to my local DB and LOVED it. They were so nice and catered my every need even when I didn't have an appt they did their best to fit me in. I think it is all in the store you go to. I am sorry you had such a bad experience though. Esp, since it's supposed to be such a great experience.

                  #9 reevesbride

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                    Posted 26 January 2009 - 07:46 PM

                    I guess it just depends on where you go and what you go for. I too had a horrible experience there and vowed never to go back. I'm sorry you were forced to purchase something your not totally happy with.

                    #10 foxytv

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                      Posted 26 January 2009 - 07:59 PM

                      I vowed not to buy my dress at DB based on so many bad reviews - but it's where I found THE dress and at the right price. And, I didn't have any issues, was very pleased with the alterations (both cost and outcome) and basically just got lucky, I guess.

                      I would suggest insisting on speaking with a manager and if that doesn't suffice - then ask for a district manager.

                      Sosorry about your experience.

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