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Calling all November 2009 Brides!

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Hi Ladies!!! I am back from our DW and everything was amazing!! I have to take time this week to go through and look at everyones planning threads, photos and reviews!!!


Congrats to all the new MRS!!!! and best wishes to those going this week to get married!!!


I will post my pics and review as soon as I can!!!

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Originally Posted by lupearroyo View Post
What time is your wedding at the church? Mine is at 4pm on the same day as yourspinkie.gif
Hi Lupe! I just saw this reply just now! A little late. sad.gif But my wedding was at 2pm. I think I saw you and your husband when we walked out of the church! You two looked great! Hope your wedding day went as planned and everything was what you hoped it would be.

Have you posted a review of your wedding day yet? I'm trying to get around to it this week...there's so much to write about!

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