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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by northernflasher Thanks Marie-Laine for such a detailed post. You raise lots of good points which I'd not come across before. This thread will be a blessing to us all! Many Thanks You're very welcome! It's such an important day in our lives...I want to help it go as smoothly as possible for everyone. I think anything we can share about our own experiences will help, one way or another.
  2. Hi everyone! I´ve been in and out of this forum for the past year so some of you may not recognize me. I´ve been keeping up with this thread and I have to say it has been very helpful in a lot of ways, including realizing that nothing is perfect and everything will fall into place somehow. Now I can finally put in my own input now that my wedding has passed (how sad). Get ready...this is long. What I would do again: - have a destination wedding! I never pictured myself having a huge wedding (when I say huge, I mean with 200+ people) and didn´t want it to be where I live because I wanted something different and WARM. Having it in Puerto Vallarta was one of the best decisions we made and left everyone in awe...including us! - bring my own priest from the US. Although the priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta spoke english and was able to communicate ok with me, I found that having our priest from back home there to officiate my wedding made things so much easier for me. He filled me in on all the different parts of the ceremony, which the priest at the church did not, and he made the ceremony more personal. -have a seamstress make my gown. When I was searching for gowns, I fell in love with the Amsale Vienna gown but unfortunately the cost was way over my budget. I ended up looking for an experienced seamstress to replicate the gown and was able to have it made for $2000 total rather than the original $7000. It required a lot of leg work on my part, looking for just the right lace and materials at the right price but it was all worth it to have the dress that I loved. -have the reception at the villa we were staying in. This made things so much easier for my family, especially my sister with 2 young kids. It allowed them to sneak away and take a nap whenever they needed to. Plus my family didn´t have to worry about going back to a separate hotel late at night. -hire a DJ with and MC and provide a categorized play list. Having a DJ and MC as opposed to having an iPod with my play list really paid off. It kept the party going and made the reception feel put together. Also having a complete play list categorized by different parts of the reception allowed the DJ to have a feel of what I wanted for the reception. If they couldn´t find some of the songs I listed, they were able to replace them with songs that fit my style based on what I already gave them. -minimize the amount of flowers at the church and reception site. The church we had our ceremony in was already beautiful with gold detailing at the alter and very well lit so it required little to no flowers. I was able to have a glimpse of some of the shots that a few of our guests took and they looked beautiful with minimal decoration. We ordered more flowers for the reception but really relied on candles for decoration and it was perfect. - not spend too much on the cake. We ended up not doing the cake cutting in front of all our guests...people were having so much fun dancing that we almost forgot about it! We ended up just doing the cake cutting in front of our photographer since she had to leave. - have a slide show of the two of us growing up. my sister thoughtfully put together a beautiful slideshow of my husband and I growing up with our family. It had our family and friends hugging each other and cheering throughout the video. - have fireworks! This was a last minute addition. We were so worried about our small budget that we weren´t sure about this until the last day before the permit could be obtained. So glad we decided on it! It really wowed our guests and really made it a night to remember. Plus, since we didn´t have hired performers to help entertain our guests, this filled in nicely and actually cost us less than hiring a mariachi! -have a rehearsal dinner. I wasn´t planning on having a major rehearsal dinner due to our budget but my sister and brother in law pulled one together for me last minute at our villa. It really kicked everything off and gave our families a chance to get to know each other and loosen up before the big day. -have an open bar where we supplied our own alcohol. This really kept the party going and our costs under control. We limited our alcohol to tequila (and lots of it), beer, wine, and mixers for the tequila. This turned out to be plenty and satisfying to our guests. -order more red wine than white. I originally thought that with the heat, our guests would opt for chilled white wine more than the red but we decided to go with what people would prefer if we had the reception back home. Turns out that red was still preferred over the white, although our guests did a pretty good job with the white! -spend a little more on a great photographer. Despite the fact that we had a small budget and my husband really pushed back on hiring our photographer because of her rate, I have no regrets so far about hiring her. Paulina Ulloa was professional and made me feel at ease when I posed for my shots. Her portfolio on her website is absolutely gorgeous and I have faith that mine will turn out similarily. Plus, she blended in with our guests and wasn´t too obvious so it seemed like she was able to take a lot of great candid shots. I don´t expect to see the photos until sometime next month but I have high hopes -buy all our candles back home. We had such a hard time finding floating candles in PV without having to leave the city. Luckily, one of my sisters wasn´t flying in until 2 days before the wedding so she was able to pick some up for us. -have my bridesmaids order their dresses at David´s Bridal. I wasn´t sure that I would find styles that I would like there but we actually found some very elegant looking dresses there. One of the styles that some of my bridesmaids chose was orginally a long gown but we ended up hemming it short and it turned out great. They ended up spending 1/3 of what they would have spent at Priscilla of Boston and they looked beautiful. What I wouldn´t do again: -Leave most of our details in the hands of the wedding coordinator that worked for our villa. Although this woman was very sweet and did her best to make me happy, I felt like she underestimated how complicated a party our size could be. We had 90 guests and I had 12 people in our bridal party, not including our parents and sponsors/witnesses. When our bouquets and boutonneires arrived, she brought them up to my room when i was getting ready instead of bringing them to the church. By the time I was done getting ready, I realized everyone but a few of my bridesmaids had already left and we had to carry all of the flowers and ceremony items with us....very hectic. Plus, I had to remind her about bringing out the cake during the reception. It almost wasn´t served! Given we almost forgot about it ourselves, it was her job to remember and make sure that everything happened as scheduled. She had the best of intentions but given that she only did weddings on the side, I should have at least paid more attention to the logistics and not relied on her completely, despite her reassurances that everything would turn out perfectly. She saved us a lot of money with her connections and was very honest with us but overall, I think the organization of everything could have been better. -not spoken up about the shots I wanted. My photographer was very willing to take any shots we wanted but I was feeling a lot of pressure from my sweet but very impatient husband to hurry up and get out of the church so we could take other pictures. If it hadn´t been for my mom who is controlling when she needs to be, we wouldn´t have gotten some of the shots of our family that we got at the church. I also wished I provided my photographer a list of shots I wanted her to take in addition to her candid shots. I didn´t get many formal shots with my bridesmaids and family other than at the church. Although I am all about the modern candid shots, it´s nice to have a few posed shots with family. My fault though...should have been more assertive with this. -wouldn´t leave it up to my husband to relay rehearsal information to his side of the family. This one is a major one. My husband has been very helpful throughout the planning process and I wouldn´t trade him for anything but when it comes to moments of pressure, like the DAYS before the wedding, I should have taken it upon myself to relay information to his family---he´s not so good with pressure. He didn´t relay the rehearsal time and day to his family and when the day came to rehearse, it was my side of the family and only one of his brothers and his godparents that showed up and they only knew about it because they decided to drop by our villa to see how we were doing. It led to a lot of confusion during the processional on the day of the wedding but it worked out in the end. Everyone made it to the rehearsal dinner though...at least we had that. - Let my husband go fishing the morning of the rehearsal. With our rehearsal scheduled at 5pm, he promised he would return from his ocean fishing trip by 12pm. He ended up getting to our rehearsal at 6:15pm! He was so wrapped up with catching all the great fish he caught, he completely lost track of time and had me so worried that I couldn´t concentrate on anything but on whether he was safe. I am incredibly grateful that he came home safely, but my mind was so occupied with his safety that I couldn´t make my final plans to organize our ceremony and reception. -overall, not be assertive enough. As much as I tried to control the planning process, the fact that I did not speak Spanish and that I was working with a WC that communicated better in Spanish (although my husband was able to translate), it was very difficult to do so, and very frustrating. Still, if I had put my foot down about how everything needed to be, despite the frustrations, I think I would have been a little happier with the organization of everything. Overall, our wedding turned out beautifully and I think all the turmoil that I felt was happening during the planning was not at all visible to our guests. A message to everyone with their big day coming up: Over plan ahead of time, so you can relax a bit on your big day. Not everything will happen as planned but as long as you keep your cool and take things in stride, you´ll have a great wedding. Happy planning everyone!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lupearroyo What time is your wedding at the church? Mine is at 4pm on the same day as yours Hi Lupe! I just saw this reply just now! A little late. But my wedding was at 2pm. I think I saw you and your husband when we walked out of the church! You two looked great! Hope your wedding day went as planned and everything was what you hoped it would be. Have you posted a review of your wedding day yet? I'm trying to get around to it this week...there's so much to write about!
  4. Hi there! I just got married at Our Lady of Guadalupe on 11/6 and, overall, the planning was an ok experience. Not the best but we managed through it. This is going to be a long post! When we initially wanted to book over the phone, we were never able to reach anyone so we ended up booking it in person during our scouting trip. They ask for $150 USD as a fee but were told we could just pay it when we came back to PV for the wedding. We were also told to book the rehearsal at that time as well but I don't know if that was because that's how they do it or if my spanish speaking husband who does not like to ask too many questions or translate just decided that's how it was to be done. There is only one person that can speak English there, and that is Father Esteban. I found him to be a very pleasant person and very solemn but we chose to bring our own family priest with us, which made it a lot more personal and special. In our experience though, if you do not ask him or his staff questions about the ceremony or requirements, they will not give you ANY information so make sure you ask EVERYTHING even if it seems obvious. It helps to have a patient spanish speaker to relay anything you want to ask. Although Father Esteban speaks English, you have to be careful to speak somewhat slowly so he catches everything. I was very lucky to have our priest with us as he actually explained more about the ceremony than the church did, which put me a little more at ease. I may just be used to my church's administrative processes where once you book a ceremony, they dive right into everything you need to prepare for and bring so that you don't walk in blindly. Mexico is far more laid back in the US in every way so be prepared. Just to help with some of the catholic ceremony planning, make sure you have the cord, ceremony veil, unity candle, coins, and of course the rings/ring pillow. I forgot to ask my priest how many coins you are supposed to have for the ceremony so my maid of honor put in some random number in the pouch (there were a lot of coins in that pouch!). Make sure you ask! As for the music, you have to either have live music or a singer appropriate for church or use their organist--you have no other options. The organist is quite brilliant, an incredibly happy and friendly man with chin length, gray straggly hair and only speaks spanish. If you have some songs in mind that you would like to play for your ceremony, he can play it for you without notes and can identify about 90% of the songs that you suggest, possibly more. As for the rehearsal, you have the option of practicing in the actual cathedral as long as there isn't a mass scheduled or using their chapel adjacent to the office. We chose to use the chapel so we would have more time. Word of advice, do NOT let your fiance go fishing the morning of the rehearsal unless you want to worry about making sure his half of his family makes it to the rehearsal (long story that I'll probably share later this week). It's funny now that it's over We only ordered 2 flower arrangements for the ceremony, which was plenty. The alter is so beautiful with all the gold detailing and lighting that you really don't need much, if any. Even the photos that our friends and family took looked beautiful...everything glowed. Plus they have their usual flowers around the alter so there's no shortage of flowers. We decided not to decorate the pews which still looked great. You have an option of a spanish, bilingual, or english ceremony, depending on the time you choose. We chose to have a bilingual cermony and were able to choose what parts were to be in spanish and what were to be in english. I'm not sure if it was because we brought our own priest or if it was their usual practice to let us go by our preferences. The ceremony took 45 mins to 1 hour but it flew right by. We had it at 2pm on the hottest day of our stay so it might be worth it to schedule a little later in the afternoon--maybe 4pm--so that it's a little cooler. Still having it at 2pm allotted for a little more time between the ceremony and reception to take pictures. When we were there for the first two weeks of this month, there was some repair work being done behind the gate for the main entry the entire time so we had to start our processional from one of the side doors. There was scaffolding and blue tarp on the top of the main gate. Unfortunate, since that main gate is so beautiful but it worked out. It may have been completed since then but just want all of you to be prepared if your wedding is coming up soon. I hope this helps! If anyone has ANY questions about the church, ceremony, or anything at all, please let me know...I'm happy to help. I know how difficult this process can be.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kuteliya Im actually a native Puerto Rican, FI is italian american. Our wedding will have alot of latin music we even have a Batuplena band playing =) if youd like some help with music Id be glad to help in any way I can. Ill send you some of the songs off our song list email me at kuteliya@gmail.com.....Here is one i love by Marc Anthony Valio la Pena Salsa Version....There is just way to many to chose from so send me the feel of what your going for i can probably get a better answer.. Hi, I've been a MIA on this forum for a few months but now I'm back and only have 3 weeks before the big day and am without an official song list! I really want to integrate some latin music into my song list for the reception and can only think of a few off the top of my head. Would you mind sending me your play list as well? I'm hoping to have some salsa music and anything upbeat and a few slow songs. Half of my guests are Mexican so I also want to cater to them as well. Any suggestions would be REALLY appreciated! My email is robertoandmarielaine@gmail.com. Thanks!
  6. Definitely--I'd love to see more of her work. I completely forgot to send her the pics that I like out of her portfolio. I'll probably do that tonight and ask her for more samples as well.
  7. Her prices are definitely reasonable considering how beautiful her work is. I've seen some that were less expensive but in those cases, you get what you pay for. I hope she doesn't already have your date booked! I've been excited about having her photograph my wedding from the moment I received the signed contract!
  8. Excellent review! I would love to hear about your videographer once you receive the final product from them. Your dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Congratulations on your wedding...it sounds like it was absolutely perfect. (oh...and I LOVE the maracas!)
  9. took a TKB class at lunch...I'm pooped but I feel good at the same time.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by cdnvb9 lani-I hear you on the ab workouts.. I always just put it off and say 'ill do more when I get home'.. which NEVER happens. I recently read in my FI's mens health a quick and easy program for abs which I like alot. 1) Do two sets of 30 sec planks 2) Do two sets of 30 sec side planks (2 on each side) 3) Do two sets of mountain climbers with your body propped up on a bench (so like push up position but with your hands on the bench) I find that im getting results and definition alot faster than regular crunches and then when those get easier you can modify them from going from plans on elbows to full push up, same for side planks etc.. try it out Thanks for the tips! I'll try this out at home tonight. I've done planks before and although they look easy, they definitely aren't! I'm excited to try out this routine... So, mountain climbers...I'm having trouble visualizing how to do this. Your feet are on the ground and your hands are on the bench with your arms straight or do you have to bend them? Do you have to do any movements?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by alkoch How did you chose the church? I am planning on doing a PV wedding too and didn't know how to chose one Hi - Here is a list of churches to choose from which I pulled from Churches and Church Weddings in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Local Churches in Puerto Vallarta Mexico CATHOLIC * Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Parroquia de Guadalupe Hidalgo #370 Downtown Puerto Vallarta Tel: 222-1326 * Sacred Cross Parish Parroquia de la Santa Cruz Lázaro Cárdenas #395 at Aguacate Tel: 222-0989 * Our Lady of the Refuge Parish Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Refugio Corner of Perú and Argentina Tel: 222-4980 * San Rafael Parish Parroquia San Rafael Calle Jamaica Tel: 222-2440 * Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Templo Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Plaza Paritzica # 17 Col. Aramara Tel: 224-0329 * Virgen of Talpa Church Iglesia de la Virgen de Talpa Plaza Central Sur #167 Tel: 224-1323 BAPTIST * Centro Cristiano Nuevo Amanecer Sierra Aconcagua #111 Tel: 223-2020 * Primera Iglesia Bautista Argentina #181 at Parque Hidalgo Tel: 222-1722 or 223-1322 for English EVANGELICAL * Apostolic Church-Faith in Christ Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Costa Rica #1422 Tel: 224-9682 * Jehovah's Witnesses Testigo de Jehová Libramiento #244 NON-DENOMINATIONAL * Christian Interdenominacional Church Lateral Libramiento #332 Tel: 222-4019 * Light of the World La Luz del Mundo Col. Hermosa Provincia Tel: 224-8273 * New Dawn Center Centro Nuevo Amanecer Ave. Las Palmas Tel: 222-3330 PROTESTANT * Seventh Day Adventist Church Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día Roma #188 Tel: 224-8422 * Iglesia Eben-Ezer Juan Escutia #301 Tel: 224-2630 * Parroquia de San Miguel-Arcangel Corner of Independencia and Zapata Tel: 224-2053 MORMON * Church of Latter Day Saints La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días Emiliano Zapata #420 Col. Valentín Gómez Farías If you're not able to visit PV before you book the church, there are a few threads here about some of the churches that people have selected so hopefully you can get a good feel for some of them. If you have a wedding coordinator, he/she can probably give you her thoughts on the various churches as well. As for me, I was originally looking at Nuestra Señora de la Paz in the Marina area, which is a nice and more modern church in a really nice and quiet neighborhood, but decided to have it at Our Lady of Guadalupe since it's MUCH closer to our reception site and it has the feel that I want. It also needs little to no decorations because the church is already so beautiful inside and out. Plus, I'm planning to take some of my photos by the Malecon and areas south of it so Our Lady of Guadalupe is in the perfect spot where I don't have to do too much traveling. Hope this helps!
  12. Did a 5 min warmup on the elliptical last night, followed by 25 mins on the treadmill with periodic sprints. Ended it with a quick 5 minute ab workout (I need to work on that a bit...I'm sooo lazy when it comes to ab workouts).
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by cdnvb9 I don't want to be 'that' girl but is there anyone on here who is exercising to gain weight?? I am up 4lbs and hoping to be up 4 more by fall! This is definitely a great thread to gain daily motivation to go to the gym, esp with the weather getting nice and patio beers after working sounding very very good. I wish I was in the same boat as you! I think you should have an easy time building up that muscle weight in that amount of time.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by poohshek I needed some cardiovascular activity really bad today so I ended up jogging 4.9 miles. My average speed has improved tonight and I am pleased with the progress. Hoping to hit my weight goal by end of June. Very cool! Congrats on the progress!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by poohshek Welcome back! You got quite a variety of activities going on girl! Thank-you! Yeah...I'm trying to mix things up so I don't get bored and lose motivation. Will do 50 crunches before I go to bed tonight....
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