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I don't think I can take anymore bad news

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#1 k_8ie

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    Posted 14 January 2009 - 12:47 PM

    I'm getting married in 15 days. We're leaving January 27th, 2009. I have to say that from the beginning this has not been the easiest process. I picked a resort according to cost/benefit, meaning I reduced my wants according to my friends'/family's budget. In the summer my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and therefore, would not be able to make the trip from Russia. Silver lining, my aunt is on her way! Next, one of my bridesmaids got married in June and cannot afford to go away. Then, my FI GM's wife was laid off, and they can no longer afford the trip. My FI BM's girlfriend got pregnant and the doctor advised against the trip. We just got our tickets yesterday, when my BM calls me to tell me that her father has a blocked artery and will need surgery on the 29th! The wedding is on the 30th. She has not yet decided on what she will do, but she is getting pressure from family members to stay (I can't blame them).

    Is this just me? Are we not meant to do this?



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      Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:04 PM

      Sorry for all the bad news that has come your way & really sorry to hear about your grandmother. Unfortuantely there's bound to be some drama in any DW & I think that the average bride does experience some rough patches when planning which really sucks.
      But don't take any of this as a sign that you're not meant to get married in 15 days & certainly don't let any of that stop you from being excited & happy about whats to come! Instead just focus on the fact that your wedding day will go on as planned & be wonderful, regardless of who makes it & who doesn't! Afterall, as long as u & FI are there, thats really all that matters!

      Everything will work itself out!

      #3 Mrs D To Be!

      Mrs D To Be!
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        Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:04 PM

        Oh lady I feel your pain, I know what it's like when everything goes wrong. But remember, it is YOUR day, and as long as you and h2b are there, thats all that matters!

        #4 boscobel

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          Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:13 PM

          Yolanda said exactly what I wanted to say, only better.

          Sorry you are having drama! But just think, this time next month you will be married to your man! You will be a wife! It's so exciting, so try to think about all the good things.

          #5 Kat81

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            Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:14 PM

            The same crap happened to me. My mom and brother booked about a week before we left. Dh groomsmen booked the day before we left and bought their outfits the day they left. My Grandma couldn't make it because of health reasons. My BM ended up pregnant, my sister couldn't make it. I could go on and on. But you know what? Even with all the drama and the people that couldn't be there, I had the time of my life and wouldn't change it for the world. Everyone there raved about it being the best vacation of all time and that we had to do it again every year. As sad as it is that some people can't make it. Try to put that in the back of your mind. Hang in there!!

            #6 Ayita

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              Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:14 PM

              OMG this is very hard ! Don't get discouraged or think these are bad signs. It just means you had to have a smaller wedding, see it as if you eloped with a few friends and family... You still have to do it, because it cannot be all negative, you have to bring optimism and joy and hope in your life. And, you can also bring light to all these people that are dear to you with your wedding. Make wonderful pics and a wonderful video, send them to all those that are far away and make a party at home with those that could not come... Do something at your wedding to show them you thought about them, and for you to feel their presence. A speech, a board with all their pics sitting at the ceremony, I don't know... something.

              #7 kate.com


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                Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:17 PM

                Good News: It only takes 2 (Specifically YOU 2) to get married!
                That's what is important... the rest is just icing.

                Since you are so close, I'd focus on you 2 and let the rest go. You can celebrate with the others when you get back.
                PS... I had a lot back out too, even having to pay for 3 extra rooms that are vacant, but am over it!

                #8 sunsetbride1

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                  Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:38 PM

                  It is absolutely NOT a sign!!! I don't want to be redundant - so I will just say 'ditto' to everything that has already been said!

                  Destination weddings are tough even when everything is going 'perfect' and in life, it has always seemed to me that the bad stuff always happens at once..

                  Your wedding will be amazing !!!! You can always come on here to vent and rid yourself of the negative thoughts/feelings.

                  #9 YoursTruly

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                    Posted 14 January 2009 - 02:30 PM

                    Everything always works out somehow. And just think whether you were having a DW or traditional, these things were going to happen anyway so don't blame yourself at all!

                    #10 Ana


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                    Posted 14 January 2009 - 02:54 PM

                    your wedding is about you and your FI, and it will be beautiful no matter what. We can't control life, and sometimes unpredictable things happen. But focus on why you are getting married in the first place, to be with the man that you love for the rest of your life. It will be an amazing experience! I'm totally convinced

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