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Majestic Colonial or Elegance Brides Post Here

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Your pics are great! What is the exact color are the blue sashes?  I am going crazy with the different shades of blue. lol
I think I chose Aqua 1 from the swatches I was sent...

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Hi Cait,

Thanks for responding! Do you have the email address of the person you worked with email? Was it guest services or someone at the spa? And did you have to send them pictures before?

Thank you :)

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Hi Cait, Thanks for responding! Do you have the email address of the person you worked with email? Was it guest services or someone at the spa? And did you have to send them pictures before? Thank you :)  
I made all of my appointments with our coordinator, and then just went to the spa to double-check once we got there...I took my pictures down, no problems. The ladies were really good...not to worry at all. I was super specific with how I wanted my hair, so I made a trial appointment. Saved me so much worrying and grief!!

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Here are the day pass rates for Colonial/Elegance:


Day Pass (Elegance/Colonial) Wedding Guests: $50

Day Pass (Colonial) Outside providers: $90

Day Pass (Elegance) Outside providers: $100


Hope this helps!

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Hello AquaCait!!!


I see you were married a couple days after I was at the Elegance.....Congrats to you and the Mr !!!! 

I was just wondering if you've recieved your wedding certificate as of yet?  I emailed Andreina a couple weeks ago inquiring and she still had not recieived our certificate, but would send it out as soon as she had.Can you believe it'll be 3 months next week that we've been married...already????



Anxious to recieve the marriage certificate to change my surname wink.gif




PS, The photos you've shared are beautiful!   

Originally Posted by AquaCait View Post

I am finally getting time to sit and write a review, so I figured this is a good place to start.  We only had our ceremony at the Majestic Elegance, and our reception was at the Jellyfish (haven't gotten to that one yet, as it will be a long one too, but soon...).


We booked our date (May 9th, 3pm on the beach) in April of 2011, but prior to that, it had been on hold and Sandra was really good about kepping us in the loop and letting us know what was happening.  I probably emailed Sandra a hundred times with stupid questions, and they all were answered, no problems. 


The hardest part of everything was doing the paperwork translations, and they were still pretty easy.  We sent down all of our papers, and the passport copies of our witnesses (my brother, my sister-in-law, and my husband's sister).  This was the biggest problem that we had.  I had gotten an email back from Sandra saying that everything was good and there were no problems.  When we met with Andreina on May 7, we found out that witnesses can NOT have the same last name as the bride or groom.  Which would have been fine if we'd known before.  Thankfully my SIL never changed her last name, so that was OK, and my best friend was able to sign for us as well.  This was by far the biggest glitch that we had. 


Now, when we got to the ME, we did not receive our letter saying when and where our meeting was, so we went on Sunday morning (the 6th) and asked the front desk.  Apparently Sunday is the day off for the co-ordinators, as no one was there.  Monday (the 7th) we tried again and got in touch with Andreina, who was our assigned co-ordinator.  We asked about our meeting, and she informed us that our meeting was scheduled for May 8th at 10am.  This wasn't going to work at all for us.  We had planned a golf day for all the guys, and I had my hair trial.  Oh, and it was the day before the wedding!!  My husband explained our situation, and Andreina said that she would see what she could do.  We got our letter saying to meet her at 4pm on the 7th, by about 1pm.  I think she managed to squeeze us in between a ceremony and a reception...but we both really appreciated it, and it eased the stress off of us both.


We took everything that needed to be set up to Andreina for the meeting.  We had lots of stuff. We had fans, parasols, sand ceremony, and paint brushes (I will post a pic, got the idea from Etsy..."To brush the sand from your toes...") and a basket and sign for those, and CDs of our music.  We had to go over all of our selections again, for colours and what we've decided over the course of the year.  We also had to bring down my dress and my husband's suit to be steamed (my dress had the train hooked up on the hanger, and they didn't take it down before steaming, so it was a bit wrinkled, but not bad...and it my it back to where I was getting ready, not my room, so I was happy...)


On the ceremony itself, we hadn't chosen a song for signing the papers, but Andreina selected Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait, which was great, because I love that song!!


The salon was really good, I had made the appointments with Sandra when I sent in paperwork, but I went to confirm them anyways (especially now that the Colonial lost their Spa).  Everything went great, just be sure that you take extra bobby pins and hairspray...my hair was falling out by the time we got to the reception...my makeup looked great though...


I think that is about it...any questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or catch me on here...


Now pictures (thanks to Caribbean Emotions)!!


Ceremony SiteBrush Basket

Paint BrushesDSC_0773.jpg


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Hello hello ME brides!! 


My fiance and I got engaged two an a half months ago, and decided on having our wedding in the DR. YAY! We have reserved our date, ceremony (church) and Jellyfish for reception for next year. We picked Majestic Elegance as the hotel our family, friends and us will stay at- it look GORGEOUS! Planning has been a breeze (to goo to be true), until I hit a wall. haha. Hope someone can help me with this.


 I've been in contact with Janet (ME) who handles group reservations, she is very sweet and has given me lots of information, but, I have a MAJOR problem and question she can't seem to understand or answer. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.


Okay here is my problem: Many of us are planning on booking our trip through priceline.com, because so far they have the BEST deals on hotels/flights/vacation packages. The only down side is that it doesn't give you an option to put the number of guests staying at the hotel, so how will they get an all inclusive wrist band during their stay? Is there a fee once we arrive and how much? For some reason she wasn't sure how it would work or who priceline was. 




HELP. lol

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