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  1. We wired more money a 2nd time so we had less cash to bring. Otherwise we put some on a credit card but majority cash
  2. In regards to safety, never even crossed our minds once we were there! Went back and forth between JF and our resort, many others went off the resort several times for shopping, exploring, excursions, etc. Taxi drivers were all friendly and courteous...although pushy to get repeat business. Just keep in mind where you are and be aware but don't disregard JF BC of that. They also have security there as a precaution but have never heard of them needing to use them. Congrats on getting your date, no regrets with JF!
  3. They do Sunday's unless its changed in the last few months (we got married there on a Sunday).
  4. I have never been to another DR all inusive but have been to a few on Mexico etc. The food was about the same as my other experiences. All iclusives are not known for their great food but overall we had no complaints from our group of 37. Some restaurants were better than others. We thought it was better than we expected for sure but we didn't have real high expectations. As for photothrapher, we used Caribbean Emotions who were great! We got ready at JF so we didn't have the vendor fees. Vendor fees went up since we were there (December 2012) but but was going to be either $100 or $300. Overall we all LOVED the majestic for a resort and JF for the wedding!
  5. Mate got everything for me! She is amazing and will make anything work!
  6. I believe it is $300 for outside vendors besides photographers, which is $100 (this is what it was in early 2013 but may have changed).
  7. There is only one wedding per day there and u have the JF for the entire day so 5:00 should not be a problem. Also we had my cousin perform the ceremony, made it more personal and fun for us.
  8. We stayed at Majestic Elegance. But it all depends what is important to you and your guests.
  9. Jellyfish seems to be getting more popular and books fast so i would contact them ASAP if u are interested. It also helps to be flexible with the date.
  10. You can pay a certain amount on credit card (unless American Express), majority is usually paid in cash. Have fun!!
  11. I got married there December 2012...most amazing day ever! Jellyfish and Matte are fantastic! There is another jellyfish group/posts that seem.more active as well.
  12. We planned everything at jellyfish (ceremony and reception, even got ready there before the wedding). As for majestic, I we liked the size (not too small nor large), so much to do and entertainment, multiple choices of bars and restaurants, the grounds and beach were amazing, Elegance Club was important for us etc. We have no regrets about this place and haven't heard any negatives from other bride a on their FB page and the price was right for us. We looked into pretty much every resort there, second choice was Dreams Palm Beach but it was smaller than what we wanted for our group and we had also stayed at a Dreams in Mexico and wanted something different (although loved it). Third choice was Now Larimar.
  13. We loved majestic elegance :-) But there are many good resorts...and not so good. I think it depends on what you and your group are looking for. Dreams is another one we like a lot.
  14. You can put down as much as you want, they don't require a specific amount or %. We put $1000 BC its was less money to bring with us.
  15. The guys got ready at the hotel, there was only the one room. We didn't really want pictures of us getting ready though, although my photographer did take some pictures of us girls getting ready. They turned out fine, can't see if was an office at all. Mayte set it up great and I enjoyed the atmosphere, although if u want privacy and seclusion, not the best place. There was someone in there off and on using the computer, etc but they always knocked and it was entertaining :-) Mayte also made sure to kick everyone out when getting dressed and for some private moments with my parents and us girls.
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