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  1. Yes, that's correct. I have short hair and my MOH has long hair...it cost a little over $150 for both of us which included my 10% off Bride discount.
  2. Hell Missroxy Congrats & Welcome!!! The prices I was quoted last year when planning were $1750 for Catholic & Civil Ceremony & $1250 for a Symbolic Ceremony. Documents required for the Catholic & Civil Ceremony would be: ►Photocopy of birth certificates + translation in Spanish & legalization ►Photocopy of passports (couple & two witnesses *note: witnesses cannot be related or share last name of bride or groom) ►Single status declaration + translation in Spanish and legalization ►Original divorce decree + translation in Spanish and legalization if applicable Translation & legalization is done through the Dominican consulate in your area. I sent all my documents to the consulate in Toronto and had everything back in a very timely manner. Document required for the Symbolic Ceremony: ►Copy of your Marriage Certificate I'm not 100% sure if there is more to do with a Catholic Ceremony, but your wedding coordinator, I'm sure, would be happy to help you out with any other questions. The Majestic does have a little chapel on the Colonial side, but there is also the beach & gazebo locations to choose from.....so many options for your fiancé, that he won't be able to make you wait any longer....lol I hope this has helped.......happy planning MissRoxy Norma · · ·
  3. Haha...you are adorable my fellow wedding creeper!!! Well GREAT NEWS....our Certificate was sent express post and arrived yesterday from the DR. (you can uncross your fingers) Thank you for the info from the consulate. I'm going to get everything ready this weekend and mail it out Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! Norma
  4. Awww really??? You may have seen us??? That day was such a blur...lol Thank you for the well wishes. On your special day I was out on an all day excursion, but I did pretty much creep all weddings on the beach and at the gazebo when I was on the grounds, each time tearing up as the bride made her way to her groom...I'm such a sap!!! Okay, now I'm concerned. It was 2 weeks ago today Andreina replied saying she had not recieved our certificate. And that she would email me when it did come in and mail it out promptly. I think 3 months is a very long time to wait...too long. I did wonder about the spanish certifificate, and was going to inquire at the consulate if it did have to be translated in order to use it as proof of marriage here in Ontario. I'm thinking it would have to be...can you imagine the look you'd get at the Service Ontario centre handing over your original Spanish marriage certificate to assume your married name??? LOL Let me know what you end up doing about translating. I see more paperwork maybe in our future.
  5. Hello AquaCait!!! I see you were married a couple days after I was at the Elegance.....Congrats to you and the Mr !!!! I was just wondering if you've recieved your wedding certificate as of yet? I emailed Andreina a couple weeks ago inquiring and she still had not recieived our certificate, but would send it out as soon as she had.Can you believe it'll be 3 months next week that we've been married...already???? Signed.... Anxious to recieve the marriage certificate to change my surname Norma PS, The photos you've shared are beautiful!
  6. GREAT TIP!!! I think I just might create a smaller album to start (daughter had resort's photographer take photos of her around the grounds and by the ocean, I think she'd love to see those is a book format!!) I also viewed the picmonkey link you shared, great info in there as well. I can see this is not going to be a small project, I better get to work!!! Please keep us posted on your wedding album. You've helped so much...I have to thank you again!!!! Norma
  7. Great Post!! Thanks for all the info. I too have been doing alot of research on photobooks and think I'll be going with Photobook Canada. Many great reviews on this company and their product. I'm just struggling with choosing the perfect pre designed book template. Are you going with a pre designed or creating your own? Still pretty new to this photo book adventure, so trying to figure it all out...lol Norma Quote: Originally Posted by MJKH Ok all you Photobook Canada users...I found out something really important tonight that I wanted to share. After hours and hours...over weeks and weeks...spent working on our big wedding photobook (230 pages worth), I decided it was time to send it in for printing so I could move on with my life! ; ) I was curious if there were any reviews regarding the paper upgrades they offer...in my seach for more information, I discovered this girl's very interesting blog on photobooks: http://www.photobookgirl.com/blog/photobook-america-canada-photo-lustre-paper-review/ But, here was the highlight of my evening...after reading her calculations (see below), I figured out that I was indeed better off to use the company's 40% off discount rather than one of my groupons (because our book was so large). I priced our book out using a groupon, and then again with the 40% discount they are currently offering to "like" them on Facebook, and we saved over $50 by using the discount over the groupon. How to Get the Best Deal on a Photobook Groupon vs. Company Promo Savings Compared Generally, the best deal out there now is the 70% off Photobook America/Canada Groupon that pops up from time to time in various cities throughout Canada and the U.S. Groupon is a company that works with national and local businesses to advertise big discounts to folks who subscribe to its free e-mail newsletter. Many deals such as restaurants and salons are obviously local deals, but many companies like photo book companies are online and therefore their deals can be purchased no matter where you live, as long as the company ships to your location (in some cases even internationally). I havemore information on how Groupon works here. Groupon operates in more than 100 cities and we also track Living Social deals – a company very similar to Groupon. If you check out my Photo Book Groupon Tracker – you won’t have to sign up for emails from 100 cities – we track the deals daily on our Groupon Tracker page so be sure to bookmark it or fan my Facebook page so you don’t miss a deal! Since I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now, I’ve also noticed that Photobook Worldwide consistently has a 40% to 45% off promo code that’s updated every month. This book was not cheap, but it is a very large size, of high quality and and more than 150 pages with upgraded paper. But still I’m PhotoBookGirl and as my motto goes, “never pay full price for a photo book!†So which deal is better? Let’s compare the two savings for my book. Groupon $35 for $115 worth of value: Book total $304.00 less $115.00 = $189.00 + $35.00 spent on Groupon =$224.00 40% off company promo: $304.00 less $121.60 = $182.40 So for the book I ordered, using the company’s promo is better than using the Groupon.
  8. Hi Alysia85 I just looked back at our wedding info and it states we will recieve a "Marriage Certificate in Spanish". Hmm, looks as though I'll be corresponding with the Dominican consulate in Toronto again....lol We had to have all our english documents translated into Spanish here in Canada for or Civil ceremony in Punta Cana before we left. Thanks for your help!! Norma
  9. Thanks for the link!! I printed the info for when my certificate arrives.
  10. Still waiting for our certificate, but wonder if it will have to be translated? I'm pretty sure ours will be in Spanish and wonder if this will cause any problems when doing the name change.
  11. I feel as though I haven't been here in ages!!! And as I look at the date...it has been a long time. Well...I've returned a MRS....Married 4 weeks today, I'm slowly getting back into a routine. I hope to get a planning thread going and post some photos. Hope everyone's planning is going well, and Congrats to all the Newlyweds in the past few weeks. Norma
  12. Happy Tuesday Brides!!!! Finally have a moment to get online and catch up with my favourite thread. Who said a destination wedding wasn't that much work??? WOW ...Thank you for all the sweet and encouraging comments about my gown. As an older bride,...about to turn *cough* 45 *cough* next week...I am truly overwhelmed. I have taken note of all of you who asked about the program (cleanse) I was on and will will definately respond as soon as I can...promise! Hope you are all having a great week so far...and happy planning Norma
  13. I love your VAVAVOOM!!! comment Michèle!!!! LOL What is so odd is that when I first came across this gown on the Maggie Sottero site I thought to myself...this is a gown you'd see on a goddess...it just has that Goddess look to it. So thank you for your support and wonderful Greek/Canadian Goddess comment. Norma Quote: Originally Posted by MichCraw Norma VAVAVOOOM!! You look like a Greek/Canadian Goddess!!! You picked a wonderful dress! ****Ladies I recieved my mariage certificate on friday ! YaY so excited after 3 months!!!!**** Anyone know what to do with it now that it's here? Do I need to get it translated inorder to have it recognized by the Quebec government? Any help on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks Michèle
  14. I thought the same when I read your post airica26...is there someone you feel comfortable in asking to try it on for you? Thank you so very much Katie!!!! It was a much happier day for me ...lol
  15. So excited and wanted to share!!! My dress arrived in December and I went to try it on on Dec 15th. Knew I wanted to lose some weight but was a little down when I slipped it on and the lining was a little too snug for my liking. The wonderful woman who owned the Briadal Boutique said you have over 4 months, don't stress... and if worse comes to worse...it can be taken out. Taken out?!?! Hell no!! There was no way I was having my gown taken out!!! So as the new year arrived, I swung into action. Started a cleanse program that my hair stylist had amazing results with and exercised like a mad woman!!! It paid off ladies. This week I went for my very first fitting, 18lbs lighter and 23.5 inches smaller. I was pretty confident the lining in my gown would no longer hug my hips. I slipped into the gown, looked into the mirror and almost teared up....I did it!!! I shared photos with you all back in Dec, and if you don't mind...would like to share with you all once again. The first two are my Before: Dec photos and third is my After: March photo. Forgot to snap a photo of the back of my dress this week, but the corset is now to the end and will be taken in so the ribbon can be shown. Signed....a Very Happy Bride-to-Be Norma
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