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  1. We used caribbean emotions and they were awesome!! One of the videos that they did for us is just above on this page... I can honestly say, you wouldn't be disappointed...
  2. Thanks for putting this up guys!! Made me smile to see it all over again!! But somehow I didn't remember all the lights...hmmm...
  3. We put " No gifts please, your presence is present enough" in our invitations..
  4. Lala32 - yes, you can take off your wristband, or I have seen people with it on their ankle... Smithk79 - its about 1.5-2lbs...
  5. Here's what we brought down to the Jellyfish: -placecard buckets (pic in profile) -tiny starfish (were on napkins, menu cards, and table numbers. All of which Mayte made) -all of our candy -the glass pebbles (we got them cheap at Pier 1) -Our cake topper -green lanterns (Mayte had the white and turquoise already) The placecards, table numbers, and menu cards are included and Mayte will do them especially for you. We did our placecards on the little white buckets filled with jellybeans, because that's what we liked. It was just easier to do it at home. The big white starfish, Mayte had already. My biggest suggestion is that you should ask Mayte if she has your colours available in lanterns, sashes, tablecloths, etc. and if not, then you can get exactly what you want and bring it down to her. We left the majority of our stuff with Mayte, except for the keepsakes like the cake topper. She really appreciates being able to add to her selection because it is so difficult for her to get stuff. Also, find pictures of what you like and send them down. She will do her best to match what you send. That's how she did our cake and centrepieces. As for ceremony decorations, I don't know. Our ceremony was at the Majestic Elegance. Good luck and happy planning!! Don't hestitate to PM me if you have more questions or want to see more pics. I'm happy to help!!
  6. Congratulations!!! Good choice with the jellyfish!!! If you go on to my profile page as well, I've got pictures of our day posted too.
  7. If you are If you're still searching for ties, check out the Dessy website. They do coordinating ties and pocket squares to all of the dress colours for bridesmaids...its worth checking out...
  8. We kept the dance floor inside and there was tons of space. It did get really warm though. Mayte had a second dance space and bar set up outside so that we could move out there if we chose to. So we did have the options available to us. We didn't do fuschia with the lime, but we did turquoise with lime. My pictures are in here somewhere or in my profile if you want to check them out for any ideas...
  9. Smithk79 - We had 33 people, including us. LindsayOO - They were no extra charge. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's a top that Mayte puts on the square tables...we even made our head table rectangular (put square tables together) so we could all see everyone...
  10. I have seen smaller tables in the JF, but we used round tables instead if square for our guests, so the snaller numbers (6 or 7/ table) wouldn't seem so obvious. The wicker chairs are the actual restaurant chairs, so those are included, but I believe the sashes would be in the decor price (we had the wicker chairs with turquoise and lime sashes, super comfy and gorgeous).
  11. Interesting. Try again closer to your day. I got the schedule for May in early March.
  12. We got the schedule for all of the activities from thr PR department. You can get the email from your coordinator.
  13. I'm not sure who you are refering to, but if its me, we used the resort sashes...sorry!!
  14. We were working with our coordinator at the Majestic Elegance (our ceremony was there), but I did pre-arrange our welcome dinner, hair and make-up appointments and trials, and even a golf day for some of the men in our group (that was through PR dept...) Give it a shot, the worst they can say to you is no...
  15. I wanted turquoise but this was the closest they had. It is actually Aqua. Called aqua1. The turquoise was really dark...