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  1. I hired HDC and did the TTD session, and I actually love those pics more than the other pics! My dress was fine after just rinsing it out in the shower and laying it outside in the sun, then I just shook the excess sand out! It was as good as new! If anyone would like to see my pics you can find me on Facebook under Heidy Martinez I have all the pics there under Ceremony, Reception and then TTD. You can see how HDC works!
  2. What is his primary language? Does anyone know if it can be done in English and in Spanish? Also, I was a little worried about the music throughout the ceremony. I don't want to use the expected Ave Maria or others, and was hoping to get away with using instrumental songs. What was anyone's experience with this? Also, were you able to play regular music while the guests sat down? I read over some of the requirements and it included no pop music, was wondering what everyone used while people found their seats..
  3. These aren't my actual ones just a pic to show what I was talking about. I'm going to post a pic of mine as soon as they're done though! I forgot to mention they also have sand dollars at the same price!
  4. Just wanted to let any brides who are planning on using starfish as place card holders that Christmas Tree Shop is now selling starfish 6 in a bag for $2.19. I just bought 14 bags today for a total of $35 to make my place card holders. I love the fact that these are fake starfish but look completely real, and I don't have to feel bad about using dead starfish They sell out pretty fast since I tried going last summer to buy them but was told they usually come in during early spring/February. !
  5. The day passes for the guests are $50 if they stay at another hotel that's not the Elegance or the Colonial. If they're staying at the Elegance or Colonial then no day pass is needed. The day pass is good for 1 hour before the ceremony until the end of the reception which is usually no later than 11 pm. That's the cut off times for receptions at the Majestic resorts. Hopes this helps!
  6. They should! We actually just started getting some in but they're not very summery looking. Right now we just got red and blue ones that say LOVE NY on them, they start coming in slowly, but usually all stores get the same type of shipment around the country.
  7. Hi AndyB! I work at an Old Navy and I would just tell you to wait for spring merchandise to come which should be coming as early as the end of this month. With spring merchandise, we start getting boxes and boxes of these bags. We usually place them at the front of the registers, so that customers can buy them to place their items in, instead of the plastic bags we give. You should be seeing them in store soon!
  8. Hi Castoiretejada! Lisa was my coordinator, and I now have Elaine Osorio as my coordinator. She's new to the Majestic Resorts, but she's been really responsive and helpful so far. All I did was email the same email I had been using with Lisa and asked who my new coordinator was, and about a day later someone responded with her name and that she'd contact me soon. About a day later, she contacted me and started answering all my other questions without missing a beat
  9. I decided on the Diamond Package and the crazy trash the dress plus. I want as many pictures as I can of my wedding day. I was actually thinking of extending the ttd session! I want to have pictures through our reception so I feel as though the Diamond Package is perfect. If you want to keep costs down and want the videography just remember that there will be a separate person shooting and so you'll also have to add the vendor fees on top of that. Even so, its one day in your life you want to remember and be happy with, so I would say go for it!
  10. Hi! There's plenty of pics and info on the Majestic Colonial Brides page on Facebook. Also, the Elegance which is where I'll be having my wedding is gorgeous too! They also have a pics and info on the same page, and their own page at Majestic Elegance Brides on Facebook. Hope this helps!
  11. He can wear a tie matching your colors, and not have the groomsmen wear one.
  12. I think the dresses look really pretty! And they look really comfortable for that heat. I had originally wanted to use the color coral with turquoise but I too was having trouble finding things that were the perfect coral, not too orangy and not to pinkish. I was having trouble even finding coral sashes online to take! I changed my color scheme to shades of purple after that. I think the dresses are great and if you got a good deal on them, then totally consider using them. Not everything should be the same color anyways, itll look too uniform. As long as its in the same color family, you should be able to pull it off
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