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  1. To get your wedding info posted in the top corner you click on your name at the top right side of your page ( next to your Message link) and you should be able to get to your personal profile settings there We also got a hastle about choosing to go down south. But we figured it was what we wanted and anyone who wanted to join us could but if not we are having an at home reception to cvelebrate back home aswell.. Ive learned the hard way You cant please everyone so you might as well do things the way you want them as its your day and no one elses! People will understand eventually No matter where you have your wedding someone will always have something to say
  2. my WC Stephanie confirmed it for me. We origonally were going to do civil, but didnt want to wait for the judges confirmation of availability and realized how much cheaper it is to get married before leaving and not having the stress/worry and cost of a legal wedding there and all the attached paperwork.. To feel secure about it email your WC and she will confirm. You only need the record of solomisation (sp?) the paper that you sign to make the marriage legal
  3. You dont have to get married 3 months before ur destination wedding, they only need the record of solomisation ( the paper you sign when u get married) I dont know where you are but Im in Canada and having a symbolic wedding - We are going to justice of the peice 2 days before leaving for our trip only telling the MOH and BM as they will be signing as witnesses
  4. call the studio, he is very busy this time of year. His wife takes care of booking.. Studio 1800# is listed on his website
  5. Hi Ladies! Not sure if this has been done ( or if this is even where it should be posted ) But wanted to make a place that Past Brides can post their Real Touch Bouquets/ Hair flowers that they are looking to sell after their wedding. I personally would LOVE Real Touch Bouquets But can afford New.. Any Past Brides Have Real Touch Their Looking To Sell? Post Pictures, Location, Quantity, Price Etc..
  6. I still haven't got a camera so I will post the pictures from my Iphone.. They aren't great quality pictures but will give the idea The engraving looks "deeper" in person..9 The only thing I wish I could change if I could redo them I would add ( 's ) to the end of each persons name. It says bubba under the names so it would read for example: Kelly's Bubba lol Either way... Regardless... I LOVE THEM ... If I can take better pictures on my moms camera when I get it, I will post more at that time
  7. I've been trying to find out the same thing... Ive read Photophil say that the resort has purchased new DJ equipment and my wedding coordinator has assured me alot of people are choosing the resort DJ this year that we should be hearing some reviews soon. I am surprised that the resort has not tryed to promote their DJs more or even made a website to get more information and put them out there with so many brides choosing outside vender DJ's over the resorts.. I personally do not want to pay the added money for the "outside vender fee" in addition to the DJ's cost ( I would have LOVED to have DJ MANNIA but unfortunately he is not in our budget ) BUT also am leary of booking a resort DJ with no reviews or information to go on LOL .. Hopefully we will get some reviews soon!
  8. I made "boarding pass invitations" I didnt think I could do it in a million years! BUT they turned out awesome, I for numerous complements on them and saved alot of money There are forums on here that have a link to a template to make them, you should check it out, you may surprise yourself If I can make them, anyone can! LOL
  9. The Elegance and the Colonial are sister resorts.. ( owned my brothers I believe ) The main difference between them is that the Elegance is a few years newer. The colonial is more of a family resort being more child friendly and family oriented where the Elegance has an adults only club section.. The rates for the Colonial tend to be a bit cheaper then Elegance.. Though the Elegance is the newer resort I have read many people say that they preferred the Colonial. I vacationed at the Colonial back in 2008 and LOVED it. My brother was married at the Elegance in 2009 and while they say the resort was beautiful they also perferred the Colonial as they said there was more to do and a "happier" atmosphere.
  10. Im writing for the girls who are waiting to see my engraved Bubba keg mugs.. I've got them back but am having a REALLY hard time getting my phone camera to get a decient shot of the engraving.. Since the engraving is on the metal the flash of light goes right to the name on the metal and blures part of the name out in the pictures lol I assume its cause its just a camera on my Iphone... I AM going to borrow my moms real camera, disable the flash and try to get a good picture but wanted to let everyone who was waiting to find out how they turned out.................... THEY LOOK AWESOME!! I ADORE THEM & Definately worth it!! I will hopefully have a picture to post soon!
  11. Hello I'm getting married at the Colonial January 23, 2013.. Welcome to the forum! If you are looking for Ideas there is a group on facebook that is VERY informative I would suggest booking your venue asap if you are having a reception.. ( wetbar/parrot bar/beach, ect ) They book up really fast! And photographer if you havent already.. Ive been planning for almost the last 6 months lol so if you have any spacific questions I may be able to help Happy Planning!!
  12. I got a call tonight that they are ready to pick up! If I can make some time to go grab them over the weekend, I will ... Pictures to follow
  13. I love all the DIY projects on this site!! you are right, the creativity and possibilities are endless.. Id be lost without BDW! I got the idea for my boarding pass invites here ( which were a huge hit ) and saved LOTS making them myself and the template and ideas for my wedding week survival kits which im sure the guests will adore. I origionally wanted some kind of waterproof sticker for my mugs but gave up on finding them and went the engraving route in hopes most of the group will want them for future use.. We never put bridesmaid/groomsmen or anything like that just their names so they were more opt to use them in the future... ( Also found from another bride on this wonderful site ) I'm attaching a cardstock tag to the handle of each mug with raffia that will be removable with the saying "To Have And To Hold & To Keep Your Drink Cold!" just cause I think its cute and does incorperate the wedding into the present lol but can be taken off before use Thats a great site you mentioned! I just found a few cute palmtree items! http://www.buycostumes.com/5-Inflatable-Tiki-Bar-Cooler/30180/ProductDetail.aspx http://www.buycostumes.com/5-Inflatable-Tiki-Bar-Cooler/30180/ProductDetail.aspx I want this for water bottles at my stag!! LOL
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