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  1. never mind i found the info on majestic-resort website Spa - Should be ready two weeks from today, expected re-open date 08May12. Wet Bar – Should be ready two weeks from today, expected re-open date 08May12. Pool – The pool is in perfect condition, however we will continue to keep the area facing the beach restaurant closed (25%), as previously described until the completion of the work on the Spa and Wet bar are completed, on 08May12. Beach Restaurant – We expect to complete the repairs on this restaurant in 30days, however I do not have an exact re-opening date at this time. updates will be posted on there website.
  2. Hi Patty, Just curious, do you think most damages would be repaired before Oct. This is very worrying to me.
  3. Hi Jen, Congratulations! How exciting!! I'm getting married at the Majestic Colonial in October. We're doing a symbolic ceremony. I personally feel it's better for my FI and I. that way we don't have to worry about what day the judge is available.
  4. Does anyone have any comments on the Beach restaurants? (Rodeo & Tres Crabelas) did you enjoy this restaurant?
  5. WOW Oryx, Thank you so very much for writing all your wonderful thoughts and feeling about this resort. Congratulations on your wonderful wedding, your a beautiful couple. My FI and i just booked our flights for the Majestic Colonial, and having read this review has really put our budget into perspective. I very much appreciate all your helpful tips. Take Care and the best of luck to you and your new beginning.
  6. I PICKED MAJESTIC COLONIAL!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! Oct 26th is when we leave. All i need to to now is book my wedding day! Thank god!! We Finalized it today!!! he he! Also my FI and i will be there when you are! ha ha my guests are leaving Nov 2nd but we are staying for 10 days instead of 7
  7. CDNCouple09- AWW YAY!!!! 11 days to go!! congratulations have fun!!! Let me know all about it when you get back! Because.......My FI and i just booked for The Majestic Colonial TODAY!!! YAY!!! Enjoy my dear i'll talk to you when your a MRS
  8. DR Princesa Thank you for the reply! how much are your guests paying for Aug next year???
  9. Thank you for the Great advice! I'm currently working with a TA on prices. I love both resorts and there reviews. As much as i would like to pick the resort i can't. It's whatever is cheaper for our guests. I feel we're already dragging them across the country, we better not ask for too much more. Our budget is 1200, no more then 1300. When did you get married if you don't mind me asking? My FI and I are getting married in early Nov and leaving here in Late Oct. I'm hoping because we are leaving in Oct we'll get a better price.
  10. Thank you so very much for all the great information and your opinion!!! i'll take a look at the websites!
  11. Hi Ladies! Thanks for all TA info! Did you guys fill out everything, even the address? Is this safe lol When The Agent replies is it a local TA who i can physically go to or is it strictly online?
  12. Hello My DW Friends!!!! My FI and I are getting married in late OCT/ Early NOV 2012 in DR-PC! I have NOTHING booked NOTHING planned! We've gone to a couple travel agents and neither of them could give us a quote! :S Its a year away and we don't even know our wedding date or where we're going, I'm getting super nervous! Should i be nervous?? When did everyone else book? On another note, we have decided on one of the two resorts (Majestic Colonial Punta Cana and Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro) Any suggestions?? I've read AMAZING things about both of them! What makes one better then the other? lol. I'm so confused! Help me pleeeaasee! <3
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