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  1. awww can't wait to work with you again!
  2. KLPhoto

    The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

    you are so sweet, thank you!!
  3. KLPhoto

    Definitely Recommend

    thank you so much!!
  4. I personally shot at ME and they did not pay a fee since I spent 3 nights
  5. KLPhoto

    Photo Booth~ Cancun

    I just did a wedding in PC where the couple made their own fabric backdrop and brought it. A friend had a camera on a tripod synced to a printer and they did it themselves! Had their own little props and printed right on site, and just took turns someone pressing the button
  6. Ah always wanted to go to Antigua and st Lucia. I booked a trip to Antigua but we had to cancel. Which if the two Is better?
  7. Since I am always a paying guest at the resort spending 3 nights I have never had a problem with couples paying fees. Ask your coordinator if your friend who is a guest a their resort can take your photos and opt out of sandals photographer. Once the resort photographer (at iberostar) still photographed the ceremony that I was shooting! A little annoying but I guess they still paid for it in their package , told them they didn't want their photog, but they did the ceremony anyway!
  8. In my experience, I always stay at the resort for 3 nights some am a guest and have never had a problem with couples paying fees
  9. I honeymooned at a sandals and observed their photographers, I guess as a photographer i can be overly critical, but I do know it was very basic and traditional, the same poses they are trained with used on everyone. So I guess if you're in a crunch for time and enjoy traditional portraits then it would be fine
  10. The lanterns look awesome! Especially with the ocean in the background
  11. Aw don't fret. I know it's tough, but honestly people will always find something to complain about IMO. My hubby and I wanted to do Jamaica but realized it would cost $2k for people to come and we thought that was too much for some people we wanted there. So we decided to do a DW in Vegas. Yet, those people we were originally concerned about STILL didn't come after we cut the costs in half. So it goes. In the end, you need to do what will make you both happy. We wouldn't have changed a thing for the world. We ended up not even having an AHR since it was going to be more costly and a headache for us with everything going on. So who goes, goes. Who doesn't, doesn't. You can't beat yourself up about it because you will never make EVERYONE happy, but gosh darnit, you CAN make YOURSELF happy! It's YOUR day!
  12. As a photographer couples have not needed to pay a fee for me since I am a guest at the resort
  13. Yes! In the album in my signature , my Facebook, and website
  14. KLPhoto

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    fire dancers sounds amazing and well worth it for memorable photos!