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  1. There is a 2013 brochure, I would go off of that. But that sounds about right. We had 60 people and I think we were charged $100 extra dollars for the 10 extra people. Honestly, she works with you and your money definitely goes a lot further there then if you had it here. In the end, I am pretty sure we got a lot more than what we paid for.
  2. we had our ceremony and reception at the Jellyfish. Our reception probably started around 7pm and went til 1am and the dance floor and bar were on the beach. It was perfect! Very well lit and had tons of lounge seating and lanterns/lights hanging. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
  3. Hi Paney - I just had my wedding at the Jellyfish and Mayte is really good about recommending what the best thing to do is for open bar, cocktail hour, dinner and after dinner drinks. Just tell her you don't want to spend a ton and what you are thinking of for timing and she can help you out. I believe our drink bill was split up by: cocktail hour, dinner drinks - wine and beer, and then open bar for 3 hours. it ended up being really reasonable and was cheaper than just having open bar from after the ceremony til the end of the night. I believe we also ended up getting an hour for free, as we paid at our meeting for everything and we stayed til 1am and she never asked for more money or charged us. The Jellyfish is definitely more than having a wedding at the resort but it is the best decision we ever made. But your money goes a lot further. You get what you pay for and more and everything is personalized to what you want. After seeing weddings at ther resort, I am so glad we had our wedding here....and our guests were too!
  4. Hi Sdj327 - i will be having 60 guests are our wedding and we are doing open bar. I do not have the exact pricing, but Mayte broke out the "open bar" with Welcome Drinks, cocktail hour, dinner and then the dancing portion so that it was more reasonable. After my wedding in 3 weeks I can post a review with what we settled on and how it worked out for our group of 60!
  5. Congrats Lindsay! Thanks for the reassurance, have a beautiful wedding day!
  6. Hi Ladies! I am getting married Feb 7th and emailed Mayte back in December with some flowers and updated inspiration pictures and haven't heard anything. I was kinda getting nervous, but more just because this close I want to be reassured everything is ok! I just haven't confirmed the date/time of our meeting, so hoping to just have that confirmed soon so we can make arrangements when we get there! Hoping to hear from her in the next couple weeks at least to confirm that..
  7. Thank you!! From reading the forums for the last year, I decided to wait until I was closer to send one email with the flowers, inspiration pictures, etc. I sent that about a week ago, so I am just going to hold out until I hear from her and then hopefully anything else can wait until we meet with her! I will definitely PM you if I have any questions Thanks so much for being so helpful!
  8. Hi Mimi - how close to the wedding did Mayte start replying to your emails more? Just trying to ease my nerves. I'm 8 weeks out and we haven't talked in awhile! I emailed her last Friday and expect I will eventually hear from her, but I don't want to start stressing about that too. So I just figured I would ask to help ease my mind
  9. Thank you for the insight! I think I'll be keeping my rings on JUST IN CASE!
  10. Thanks Mimi! That's helpful to hear! I will probably just wear mine all the time too. Some older family members were more concerned so I just wanted to see if it was a legit concern or not. I have been to Punta Cana twice before and always felt save...but I didn't have jewelry like this with me then
  11. Hi Mimi/ladies - were any of you concerned (or are concerned) about carrying your rings with you? A family member brought up a good point that I probably shouldn't wear it around too often but it also makes me a little nervous to leave it in the safe. It's insured but wasn't sure you all had similar feelings and what you ended up doing or were planning on doing? Did you at any time feel unsafe with them? Staying at the ME as well! Thanks! Kaylin
  12. Hi! I am currently shopping for my OOT bag for our wedding in Feb! Where did you find your tumblers? And if you don't mind me asking, for how much. We are in the need of 60 but don't want to pay an arm and a leg! Thanks!
  13. I believe the DJ from Mayte is $600 which includes an MC - I have heard nothing but good things! From my understanding, Mayte works with you on the songs you want played for all the major parts of the wedding and makes sure they get played. There are actually a couple of comments about this on the Jellyfish Facebook page and one bride said her guests were dancing all night long. Can't beat that for the price. My quote for DJ Mania was 3x that.
  14. Hi Hanalulu, I'm staying at the Majestic Elegance and decided not to use any outside Makeup/Hair stylists because of the vendor day pass fees and travel fees to get them to the resort. I am paying the day pass for my photographer, cause that was more important to me. I plan on getting my hair done at the resort - I have read on here that if you bring pictures with you and even set up a trial when you get down there a couple days before your wedding, everything comes out great on your wedding day! I am more particular with my makeup, so I recently went to Sephora and got bridal makeup done. They did a look for me and wrote down everything I needed to buy and I'll be buying it all before we go. I plan on doing my makeup myself because I am confident in that and seeking some help from girlfriends if needed. Hope that helps!
  15. No problem! We are from Boston, so we are using one up here. Happy to recommend her, but just keep in mind that she is over here on the East Coast if you aren't Let me know if you want to go through her, I can DM you the info. I am not too 100% how they compare, or if they even do. It really depends on your flight. From my experience in the past when booking flights, and from the information I have gotten from our TA, the rates for the resort don't change, but rather the flights do, which is when the packages decrease or increase. I have some guests that paid are coming for 4 or 5 days, so splurged on direct flights there and back and some that are coming for the whole week and booked a cheaper flight. I just looked on Priceline for the dates of our wedding week and did the math based on a flight that is similar to what my guests have booked and the price of the "standard" room at ME, and it looks like it's about the same price for what they paid. Just make sure you don't choose an overnight flight! Those packages are really cheap, but it shouldn't take you an overnight flight (meaning you leave on day 1 and get there day 2 in the afternoon) to get there unless you are coming from REALLY far away! Also, I was just on Priceline and I think you have to select how many people and how many rooms on the main page when booking a vacation! It's all-inclusive so it's something you should pay before you get there. Also, keep in mind there are different rooms at the ME, some accommodate 2 some accommodate 3 and I think 1 that accommodates 4. So you def don't want to book a room for 2 people and then show up wanting to put more people in a room since that room may not be available. Hope that helps! I can understand the stress you are dealing with, I went through the same thing when we were choosing our resort. Again, this is just based off my opinion and experience, I can't speak for anyone else!! I know some girls had a harder time with TAs, but for us, it's been great.
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