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Iberostar Rose Hall Brides - Post all info/questions here!

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#5271 erin2100

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    Posted 07 September 2012 - 03:41 PM

    Just sent it :) It was valid as of this past July. 

    If any of you ladies could send me the spa price list as well that would we awesome! Email is ewendt@hotmail.com thanks so much!

    #5272 LolasMom71

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      Posted 08 September 2012 - 08:20 PM

      Originally Posted by erin2100 

      If any of you ladies could send me the spa price list as well that would we awesome! Email is ewendt@hotmail.com thanks so much!


      I would appreciate receiving the spa price list as well please and thank you!!  sunsetbliss71@hotmail.com

      Thanks again!

      #5273 CourtandMatt

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        Posted 09 September 2012 - 06:31 AM

        PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES MAY CHANGE FOR US 2013 BRIDES!!   Also, I did my best to copy and paste, but some things may have gotten messed up!  



        Morning Rain Facial
        70 minutes……$150
        The Bliss Facial  
        50 minutes……$100
        Balancing Facial
        50 minutes……$120
        Regenerating & Revitalizing Facial
        70 minutes……$160
        Anti-Stress & Oxygenating Facial
        50 minutes……$120
        Delicate Rose Facial
        70 minutes……$140
        Back Facial
        50 minutes……$135
        A Treat For Him Facial  
        50 minutes……$135
        C the Difference......$25
        Jamaican Blue Mountain
        Coffee Sugar Scrub
        60 minutes……$130


        Morning Rain Shower Scrub
        Jamaican Cocoa Scrub
        30 minutes……$70
        Exotic Orient Exfoliation
        30 minutes……$90 

        Exotic Ceylon Massage
        70 minutes......$140
        Deep Tissue Massage
        50 minutes……$125
        80 minutes……$170  
        Sports Massage
        50 minutes……$125
        80 minutes……$170
        Back and Neck Massage
        30 minutes……$70  
        Tropical Hot Stone Massage
        50 minutes……$125
        80 minutes……$170
        Mysterious Turkish Massage
        70 minutes……$140
        Tropical Orange Shower Massage
        50 minutes……$130
        Shiatsu Massage
        50 minutes……$125
        Four Hands Massage
        50 minutes……$195
        Swedish Relaxation Massage
        50 minutes……$100
        80 minutes……$150  
        45 minutes……$85  
        Relief Legs
        45 minutes……$70
        Beach Side Swedish Massage
        50 minutes……$110
        80 minutes……$150
        Beachside Salt Glow Massage
        70 minutes……$140

        Milk Bath
        30 minutes……$70
        Crystal Marine Bath
        30 minutes……$45
        Wine Spa Bath
        30 minutes……$70
        Oriental Escape Bath
        30 minutes……$70
        Jamaican Ritual
        150 minutes……$295
        Aroma of The Sea
        120 minutes……$240
        The Anti-Stress Program
        120 minutes……$240

        Golf Expert
        130 minutes……$250
        The Ultimate Chocolate Experience
        120 minutes……$250
        Plantation Paradise For Two
        120 minutes……$185each
        A Taste of Paradise
        120 minutes……$240

            Couples Swedish Massage
        50 minutes……$200
        80 minutes……$300
        Massage Under The Stars
        50 minutes……$300
        Therapeutic Mud Massage
        70 minutes - for one..$140
                             for two..$280
        Golden Paradise
        50 minutes……$150
        Ocean Treasures
        50 minutes……$110


        Wine Wrap
        50 minutes……$150  
        Jamaican Cocoa Wrap
         50 minutes……$150  
        After Sun Treatment  
        25 minutes……$50

        Chin, lip or Brow….$20
        Gentleman’s back.…$65
        Half Leg….………….$45  
        Full Leg….…………..$80
        Full Leg and Bikini..$105  
        Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style
        …...$40 up  
        Special Occasion………….$60 up
        Ladies Hair Cut & Style……$65 up
        Deep Conditioning for Damaged
        Hair. Includes Style…………$70

        Treatment For Dry Hair & Style
        Hot Oil Treatment and Head
        Massage. Includes Style……..$80
        Gentleman’s Hair Cut & Finish
        Child’s Hair Cut (12 years & under)
        Single Braid………$3  
        Full Head………….$70 up
        ½ Head……………. $45                           
        French Braid……….$25

        NAIL CARE
        El Spa Signature  
             Manicure 60 minutes……$60
             Pedicure 90 minutes……$80
        The Classic  
             Manicure 35 minutes……$35
             Pedicure 50 minutes……$55
        Sea Crystal  
             Manicure 60 minutes……$60
             Pedicure 90 minutes……$80
        Tropical Hot Stone Therapy
             Manicure 60 minutes……$80
             Pedicure 80 minutes……$110
        The French Caribbean
        Manicure 40 minutes……$40
        Pedicure  50 minutes……$60
        60 minutes………$60


        Polish Change
        15 minutes…….$20
        French Polish Change
        25 minutes…….$25  
        Full Tips Acrylic
        Include Classic Manicure            
        90 minutes…….$80
        Acrylic Nails Refill                        
        50 minutes…….$70

         Bridal Trial Up-Do……$50  
        Bridal Hair Style/Up-Do……$80
        Make Up for Day or Night…...$60
        Bridal Make-Up………$70
        For the Bride……… ….$295
        For the Groom…….$200


        NOTE: Prices in US dollars,  
        10% GCT applies to all services.


        #5274 CourtandMatt

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          Posted 09 September 2012 - 06:34 AM

            Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Spa
          Discover the elegance of the Caribbean infused with the power of touch. Designed with luxury,
          relaxation and well being in mind and drawing on the natural richness of the Island’s indigenous
          ingredients, combined with the traditional offerings of the East and West, we have created therapies
          and treatments like no other. Let us transform you.  
          True luxury for the face with an unprecedented concentration on extraordinary results and satisfaction.
          Morning Rain Facial - Signature Treatment
          Soft raindrops of water, infused with replenishing creams, provide an innovative approach to
          moisturizing and protecting the cells against dehydration while increasing moisture. The skin will be
          completely hydrated and radiant after the application of a vitamin ampoule. A therapeutic massage for
          the upper body and shoulders is also provided to increase well-being. While the hydra-mask is taking
          effect, a massage and softening treatments of the hands and feet will be offered.
          70 minutes
          The Bliss - Deep Cleansing Facial
          This treatment gently buffs away impurities and dull surface cells, refining skin texture and improving
          skin tone. As the mask takes effect a blissful head massage is done to enhance relaxation. This service
          is completed with the application of a special moisturizer to maintain much needed hydration, leaving
          your skin refreshed, cleansed and radiant.
          50 minutes
          Balancing Facial
          Tailored for Oily and Combination Skin
          Based on traditional European deep cleansing techniques, this treatment begins with a stimulating
          massage to help remove toxins from your tissues. A modern combination of high quality ingredients
          such as zinc salts, vegetable extracts and vitamin B8, will synergistically work together.
          Body Scrubs
          Gentle or invigorating all-over exfoliations provides ultra hydration as well as nourishes and softens the
          skin. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and Sugar Scrub.
          Signature Treatment
          Indulge in the splendor of Jamaica’s world famous coffee and dark brown sugar. This naturally  
          exfoliating combination moistened and nourished with essential oils of lemongrass, grapefruit, sweet
          orange and lavender, also acts as an excellent softening agent. A 30 minute massage with replenishing
          lotions finishes this “Silk Skin” treatment.   
          60 minutes
          Morning Rain Shower Scrub
          A fine grade of exfoliating marine salts combined with Island essential oils is massaged into your skin
          to reveal a new smoother skin. Afterwards, rich hydrating replenishers are glided on to ensure an even
          more nourished and revitalized skin.
          30 minutes

          Jamaican Cocoa Scrub
          Treat yourself to the benefits of chocolate through this exquisite exfoliation.  Special chocolate particles
          and a unique scent, results in your skin feeling soft and renewed. Follow this luxurious scrub with a
          mixture of sea water and a rich hydrating lotion leaving your skin smoother, softer and hydrated.
          30 minutes
          Exotic Orient Exfoliation
          An incredible blend of the finest, most exquisite spices of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, myrrh,
          and sandalwood, together with oriental resins and woods penetrate the senses for an unbelievable
          Bamboo particles together with poppy seeds and thin pieces of spice peel are the ingredients used for
          a rich and unique exfoliation. End this exotic treat with an application of anti-oxidant oil with oriental
          ingredients such as rice, almond, sesame and cardamom.
          30 minutes
          The Ulttimate Massage Therapies  
          Why massage? – For its many therapeutic Benefits including reducing tension, relieving stress,
          enhancing relaxation, and returning the mind and body to a state of well-being.
          Exotic Ceylon. Signature Treatment
          Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a voyage to the Far East where only the best and most exotic
          spices were used to infuse and energize the senses. Spices such as Cinnamon are used, while an
          extraordinary massage with special Shells is carried out for an unforgettable experience.
          70 minutes
          Deep Tissue Body Massage
          Combines deep tissue and Swedish techniques to unwind painful knots and ease tired muscles.  
          Stronger pressure is used with this sophisticated massage sometimes along with elbows and forearms,
          to achieve a truly effective deep tissue massage. Ideal for guests experienced in massage.
          50 or 80 minutes
          Sports Massage
          If you participate in any sport, this strong and intense massage will suit you. The main purpose of this
          massage is to return oxygen to the muscles though compression to the center of the muscle and cross-
          fiber friction to joint and connective tissue areas. It is designed for athletes for preparation or recovery
          after athletic events.  
          50 or 80 minutes
          Back and Neck Massage
          The main areas of the body where we accumulate tension are the neck, shoulders and upper back. A
          relaxing, soothing massage will peel away those accumulated stresses and focus on the places that
          need help most.
          30 minutes
          Tropical Hot Stone Therapy
          A fusion of massage techniques combined with deep penetrating heat from volcanic stones, bathed in
          tropical essentials oils. This treatment, with its’ lingering effect, helps to release deep muscle tension,
          aids relaxation, stimulates circulation and is undeniably luxurious.
          50 or 80 minutes
          Mysterious Turkish
          Take a journey to the Far East, back to Marco Polo’s Route, where only the finest spices were used.
          From Turkey, Saffron is used for a complete massage while your body is stretched with a Silk Foulard;
          then an Ox Horn is used to massage your back and complete this voyage. Amongst the main
          ingredients used is Cereal Germ Oil with anti-oxidizing properties rich in Vitamin E.
          70 minutes


          Tropical Orange Shower Massage
          This treatment is perfect for those who enjoy new experiences. A velvety scrub with orange peel
          pieces, followed by a massage that provides the skin with all the hydration it needs. It also helps to
          maintain a healthy skin through exfoliation and massage.
          50 minutes
          Shiatsu Massage
          Based on a 5,000-year-old Japanese therapy for healing, this massage uses direct pressure along
          energy pathways of the body to restore balance and harmony. Comfortable and appropriate pressure is
          applied without oils through loose clothing.
          50 minutes
          Four Hands Massage
          Indulge yourself in this ultimate of massages which is performed with the expert hands of two therapists
          working in perfect synchronization, harmony and rhythm. Stress flows away while you float away into a
          state of island bliss.
          50 minutes
          Swedish Relaxation Massage
          Treat yourself to this traditional relaxing massage. This time-honored stress-relieving full body
          massage, using indigenous natural oils and applying soft to medium pressure that provides relaxation
          while restoring you to a state of well-being.
          50 or 80 minutes
          Pressure points on the feet and hands are massaged and stimulated to release blocked energy from
          corresponding areas in the body. This long established holistic treatment stimulates the body’s healing
          system while improving circulation and restoring balance. This treatment can also be done in a cabana
          by the beach.
          45 minutes
          Relief Legs
          Just the right combination of expert massage, organic extracts, and special enzymes that help flush
          toxins and excess fluids from leg tissues, improving circulation, and diminishing the sensation of
          heaviness caused by the day-by-day routine.
          45 minutes
          Beachside Massage
          Enjoy the sounds of the Caribbean Sea as it laps the shore and feel the cool tropical breeze while your
          Therapist gives you a relaxing massage on the beach.
          50 or 80 minutes
          Beachside Salt Glow
          Enjoy a wonderful sea salt exfoliation to the sounds of the tropical ocean. Then take a dip into the
          warm Caribbean Sea and feel the tingling sensation as the sea salt and the trace minerals in the ocean
          merge. Afterwards a 30 minute relaxing massage using hydrating lotions is given.  Your skin will be left
          soft and replenished, your body relaxed and your mind at peace.
          70 minutes
          Couples massages
          Almost all treatments can be for two.
          Couples Swedish Massage
          “Let’s get together and feel alright”
          A unique and memorable experience. Romantic for lovers, or just two friends sharing the rejuvenation
          of the mind, body and soul.
          50 or 80 minutes
          Massage Under The Stars
          The rhythm of the waves will be the music for this couples massage at night by the ocean. Romance is
          the main ingredient in this unique experience - lit by the stars and torches and enhanced by chocolate
          and champagne.
          50 minutes
          Therapeutic Mud Massage For One Or Two
          This unique treatment gives your skin the necessary protection demanded by modern life. By applying
          a marine mud extracted from the shores of Brittany, with decongestive, detoxifying, and anti-
          inflammatory effects the blood circulation is stimulated while providing lymphatic drainage.  This also
          purifies the body and helps to reduce tiredness and muscular pain.
          70 minutes
          Mineralizing and Detoxifying Body Treatments
          Caresses and embraces the skin while providing intense minerals and nutrients for the body.
          Golden Paradise - Signature Treatment
          The power of the sun, gold, and “golden algae” are united in an exquisite texture with a sublime
          fragrance that protects, stimulates and enriches the skin, reducing signs of aging. A majestic golden
          wrap, sparkling and luminous, that rejuvenates the skin and covers the body with a beautiful and
          energizing golden glow. Using a Gold Star nectar this treatment uncovers velvety soft and vibrant skin
          using Pindas of Energy Stones of volcanic origin, thus carrying out an exclusive holistic Thai Ritual.
          50 minutes
          Ocean Treasures
          A true ocean gift with a detoxifying, relaxing and cell regenerating effect, thanks to the marine algae
          cocktail applied with its high mineral content and vitamins. It is the perfect treatment for women with
          cellulite and wanting to reduce their excess fluid retention while fighting the anti-esthetic accumulations
          that ruin the silhouette.
          50 minutes
          Wine Wrap
          A luxurious red grape wrap that restores the skins most youthful appearance.  An innovative therapy
          based on the anti-oxidizing qualities of grape extract that activates the senses, alleviates stress and
          rejuvenates the skin.
          50 minutes
          Jamaican Cocoa Wrap
          A delicious chocolate fusion that cares for the silhouette and eliminates stress while providing a
          sensation of luxury. It is a smooth and warm wrap of pure pleasure that caresses the skin and awakens
          the senses.
          50 minutes

          After Sun Treatment
          Immerse yourself into a passage full of refreshers and hydraters, providing the skin with maximum
          comfort and smoothness after sun exposure.  
          This Therapy begins with an application of Sea Crystals and Sea Water, followed by an application of a
          hydrating gel to reinforce collagen fibers, finishing with a cool sensation that replenishes lipids on the
          25 minutes
          There is a science to soaks and baths that can promote a profound sense of well being.
          Milk Bath - Signature Treatment
          Sink into a delicious silky milk mousse bath enriched with dairy proteins and marine collagen. It is the
          passport to well-being for body, mind and spirit. It offers the skin hydrating and nourishing qualities lost
          by daily activities and/or sun exposure.
          30 minutes
          Crystal Marine Bath
          From the ocean, the best for your health. Natural sea salts with a high mineral content and algae are
          used to provide hydration for the skin, luxury for the body and pleasure for the mind.
          30 minutes
          Combined Packages
          The combined treatments are the sum of all benefits together and are especially selected to heighten
          the benefits of each one of their components.
          Jamaican Ritual - Signature Treatment
          This combination of ancestral therapies begins with a marine salts exfoliation prior to being cocooned
          in a warm wrap of the famous Jamaican Coffee with its therapeutic elements. While the wrap is working
          a hot oil head massage and a facial massage takes place to infuse a complete state of relaxation. This
          Ritual ends with a massage using ancient stones, bathed in Island Essential Oils that melts you into a
          deep state of Island bliss.
          150 minutes
          Aroma of the Sea
          A combination of treatments based on the benefits from the ocean and designed to improve health and
          emotional balance with a variety of exquisite essences and marine assets that help to decontaminate
          and provide a sense of balance. It starts with a warm Marine Sea Scrub followed by an envelope of
          Marine Seaweed, abundant in minerals and vitamins, and finishes with an aromatic back massage.
          120 minutes
          The Anti Stress Program
          This program is designed specially for those who wish to experience total relaxation with the perfect
          balance of exclusive therapies that take you to a state of true and total relaxation. Includes a Vanilla
          Bath of pleasure and well being, followed by a relaxing Holistic Massage and a hydrating facial.
          120 minutes
          Golf Expert
          A two part treatment designed for golf players before and after a round of golf. Enjoy a stimulating
          therapeutic 50 minute massage to activate all the muscles and be ready for a great game. After
          returning, reward yourself with a bath of Marine Salts followed by another 50 minute relaxing massage.
          130 minutes


          The Ultimate Chocolate Experience
          This combination is called the treatment of happiness because it stimulates the endorphins, starting
          with a chocolate exfoliation.  This luxurious treatment continues with a complete wrap of warm rich
          chocolate that caresses the skin, and finishes with a stimulating shower massage.
          120 minutes
          Plantation Paradise For Two
          Enjoy an Island Herbal Bath of tropical herbs, leaves and fruits steeped and added to your bath. While
          your body and mind relax and enjoy this wonderful soak, your companion is enjoying a Massage with
          an exclusive blend of indigenous essential oils. Then it will be your turn to be massaged and your
          partner’s turn to soak. To conclude this luxurious island ritual, enjoy a special massage of the legs with
          organic extracts, and special enzymes that help flush toxins and excess fluids from leg tissues –
          improving circulation and diminishing the sensation of heaviness caused by the day-by-day routine.
          120 minutes
          A Taste of Paradise
          The Paradise treatment is the perfect mixture that combines the offerings of the sea and the earth. It
          begins with an exfoliation mixture of marine salts and tropical essential oils that not only clears dead
          cells but also hydrates the skin, followed by a marine mud mask. A 30 minute massage and a refresher
          facial conclude this exotic treatment that inspires serenity and harmony.
          120 minutes
          Hair and nail care
          Nail Services
          El Spa Signature Manicure or Pedicure
          A classic manicure or pedicure and a gentle exfoliation using a natural combination of dark brown
          sugar and essential oils followed by a massage with replenishing lotions. To further hydrate and seal in
          moisture, warm paraffin infused with lemon grass and vitamin C is applied.
          Manicure 60 minutes
          Pedicure 90 minutes
          The Classic Manicure or Pedicure
          A traditional manicure or pedicure of cuticle and nail care, followed by the application of nail polish or
          buffed to a healthy shine
          Manicure 35 minutes
          Pedicure 50 minutes
          Sea Crystal Manicure or Pedicure
          A gentle exfoliation using the finest sea salts is applied after a classic manicure or pedicure is
          completed. This is followed by a warm moisturizing mask and a massage of the hands or feet using
          hydrating tropical lotions.
          Manicure 60 minutes
          Pedicure 90 minutes
          Tropical Hot Stone Therapy for the Hands and Feet
          The combination of a classic Manicure or Pedicure, gentle exfoliation, a hydrating mask and ending
          with a massage with hot stones using the finest replenishers, makes this treatment one of our most
          Manicure 60 minutes
          Pedicure 80 minutes


          The French Caribbean Manicure or Pedicure
          This two-toned manicure or pedicure can take on many different shades of pastel colors.
          Manicure 40 minutes
          Pedicure 50 minutes
          This manicure is designed especially for men. It begins with an exfoliation to remove dead cells,
          followed by a classic manicure and finishes with a hot paraffin treatment infused with lemon grass and
          vitamin C.
          60 minutes.
          Other Nail Services
          Polish Change - 15 minutes
          French polish change - 25 minutes
          Full Tips Acrylic (Includes Classic Manicure) - 90 minutes
          Acrylic Nails Refill - 50 minutes  
          Waxing Services
          Gentleman’s Back
          Half leg
          Full leg
          Full leg and Bikini
          Hair Care Services
          Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style
          Special occasion
          Ladies hair cut & Style
          Treatment for dry hair & style
          Deep conditioning for damaged hair includes style
          Hot oil treatment and Head massage includes style
          Gentleman’s Hair cut & finish
          Child’s haircut (12years and under)
          Island Braids
          Single braids
          Head braids
          Full head Braids
          French braid
          Wedding Services
          Bridal Trial Style/ up-do
          Bridal Hair style/up-do
          Make up for day or night
          Bridal make up

          Wedding Packages
          For the Bride
          • Bliss Facial
          • The French Caribbean Manicure & Pedicure
          • Bridal Hair Style/up-do and Make-Up
          For the Groom
          • The MAN-icure
          • A Refresher Facial
          • A 50 minute Relaxing Massage
          For the Bride and Groom
          Ideal for the evening after the wedding celebrations.   
          • A “Beachside Salt Glow” at sunset and into the night for the
          “Massage Under the Stars”

          #5275 LolasMom71

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            Posted 09 September 2012 - 12:15 PM

            Thank you so much Court!  This is very helpful to us all I think!

            #5276 CourtandMatt

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              Posted 09 September 2012 - 01:38 PM

              Rashel Edwards is booked on my wedding date.  Does anyone have any hair & makeup recommendations?  

              #5277 Jake N Niki

              Jake N Niki
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                Posted 09 September 2012 - 04:22 PM

                Hi everyone, 


                We need to complete our "final wedding details". One of the things it asks is whether we want a "Golden Coast Legal Ceremony" or "Blessed by the Sea Renewal of Vows Ceremony". I'm not sure which one I should be picking. I think that we'll technically be legally married at our city hall before we leave for Jamaica (isn't this how it normally works?) Also, after we come back from Jamaica we'll be doing a very small church ceremony for our grandparents since they're not coming to Jamaica with us. So, do we still need the legal ceremony? I asked Nicole the wedding coordinator, and she said we just need the Renewal of Vows ceremony which confused me, because since we've never had any other ceremony we've never made original vows, so how do we renew vows we never made? I think I'm just confused. Does anyone know what I should be picking?

                #5278 CourtandMatt

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                  Posted 10 September 2012 - 03:18 AM

                   Hi, Ladies


                  First of all, ignore my last message.  Rashel is going to send her assistant to me.  :)   In the meantime, I would love to give everyone the information I received from all three airbrush makeup artists I could find in Jamaica (if you know of another, let us know).  Also, BOOK EARLY!  Don't make the mistake I did and miss out on your top pick! 


                  Rashel Edwards' Assistant



                  Ok one of my usual stylist will be available as the wedding I'm booked for it
                  will be just makeup so the stylist is free. For the suites I will see if I can
                  tell nicole they are from my company because I'm usually free. The price is 70
                  for hair and 65 for makeup. There is a 170 base rate (bride's makeup and lashes
                  plus travel) its 5 percent off when I send the assistant and brides also get 10
                  percent off when they pay in full(70 percent refundable).  Or you can choose to
                  just pay a 30 percent deposit and pay full price with the five percent off. I
                  have a special 1000 dollars for 8 people hair and airbrushing but that is if you
                  have so many people.



                  Debra Barrett/Queen Bee



                  we are avAilable on May 4th, 2013. I have a package, the" Queen's
                  Party", that includes hair, makeup (airbrush/regular), with lashes for
                  750usd, I'll include all 6 persons. ( Normally it's for 4 persons. We specialize
                  In bridal parties, so yes we can manage the numbers. Check with the hotel to be
                  sure, but most of the all-inclusives. will charge a vendors fee.(Paid by you)
                  Ibero Star. Was not so bad (use to) thEy will usually say for the vendor to go
                  in, do the work and come out, but check with them, and contact me back. Thank
                  you, and take care, Debra Barrett.



                  P.G. Rose/Pretty Faces

                  Tel: 876-844-8906
                  email: pretty.faces@ymail.com, pgrose@makeupartistjamaica.com
                  Blog: www.prettyfaces23.blogspot.com ;


                    Firstly, Thanks for the contact also I am available for May 4th 2012. Secondly are you working with a budget for hair and makeup? if yes what price range are you thinking about.
                  Normally my price for both makeup and hair styling is USD$970 break down as follows:

                  Bride Airbrush Makeup Travelling and Lashes $170
                  Bride Hair $100

                  Airbrush Makeup additional persons $70 X 5 = $350
                  Additional Persons Hair $70 X 5 = $350

                  I normally cover the vendor fee if any.

                  #5279 CourtandMatt

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                    Posted 10 September 2012 - 03:19 AM

                    Originally Posted by Jake N Niki 

                    Hi everyone, 


                    We need to complete our "final wedding details". One of the things it asks is whether we want a "Golden Coast Legal Ceremony" or "Blessed by the Sea Renewal of Vows Ceremony". I'm not sure which one I should be picking. I think that we'll technically be legally married at our city hall before we leave for Jamaica (isn't this how it normally works?) Also, after we come back from Jamaica we'll be doing a very small church ceremony for our grandparents since they're not coming to Jamaica with us. So, do we still need the legal ceremony? I asked Nicole the wedding coordinator, and she said we just need the Renewal of Vows ceremony which confused me, because since we've never had any other ceremony we've never made original vows, so how do we renew vows we never made? I think I'm just confused. Does anyone know what I should be picking?

                    I would think that if you get legally married before you go to Jamaica, you would just be doing the vow renewal ceremony.  I am getting legally married in Jamaica so I am doing the "legal ceremony." 

                    #5280 kinsellak1

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                      Posted 10 September 2012 - 06:47 AM

                      Originally Posted by mthackeray 

                      Thanks so much, looking into him right now. What was your price?

                      sorry for the late response!! if you go to his website or even google his name "Roan Photography" it will show you prices.. its by far the best prices we have found and he is SO quick getting back to emails and makes you feel like you are his most important client! I have already sent him out deposit, he allowed us to send him a check through the mail bc i wasnt  comfortable sending money through westernunion/etc and he received it a few weeks later, sent us our invoice, and we are good to go! So far he has been excellent!!!

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