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  1. Hi Krista, we got married at the Beach resort in January and you have nothing at all to worry about! We picked the Beach because of the price being more reasonable to ask people to pay, and I am so glad we didn't pay the extra for the suites or grand. We had a group of over 50 people and everyone loved the place. We had a suite room overlooking the beach and the ceremony location on the beach, it was great, but then again we are usually on the beach or at the pool, not in the room on vacation. there was one day that I noticed was a bit busier then the others and then at the end of the day
  2. Does anyone happen to know what we should use to supply our own music for before the ceremony, walk up the aisle and back? Not sure if we should take CDs or iPod or both to be safe? Thanks!
  3. I actually asked about price changes yesterday, and the WC said there was no change. This was for the Beach Resort and a January wedding, not sure if that makes a difference
  4. hey Court, i believe at IRHB they prefer payment for the wedding package and extras by credit card, no sure exactly when, likely anytime after the wedding. i also read that payment for musicians is in cash to the WC before hand. i would imagine you pay the florist directly. not sure if any of this has changed since i got the info but thought i would pass it along! i am not sure of activities other that there is (unless this change too) a beach party on thursday nights. hope that helps a bit
  5. Thanks for the info everyone. Heather - we had a look at Clayton's work and we both really liked it so we are going to go with him as well one less thing to have to worry about that day, the last thing i would want is to be worried that we won't have any good pictures from the day!
  6. ew that sucks. but thanks for the feedback i have a few emails out to get some prices so I will continue with that. I actually received Clayton's info from Paula yesterday so that's great to hear you enjoy working with him and his work was good! I have asked her a few questions so will wait for her reply. Does anyone happen to know what the fee is to bring a photographer onto the resort? I know some cover it for you but just want to know in case I find someone that doesn't cover it. Not sure if its a day pass or vendor fee or if it all depends on the amount of time they are there?
  7. Hmm, interesting. We decided to go with DigiPix in January because they offered smaller packages and we don't need 200 pictures, and hadn't budgeted $1500 for pictures (which seems to be the average price with photographers for small packages). I checked DigiPix's website and some pictures look good and others are horrible... Has anyone else had any other experiences with them? I would hope out of all the pictures they will take, we could find at least 35 good ones!
  8. Thank you all for the comments on the resort salon, I have booked them for hair and make-up One less thing to worry about! Sjay - i checked out Merrick's site and he work looks great, much better than a lot of other photographers I have check out. I was wondering if you would mind also sending me his info when you get a chance (ewendt@hotmail.com). I am also looking for a smaller picture package, with coverage for 2 or 3 hours and a DVD with the pictures, nothing fancy Thanks so much!
  9. Question for IRHB brides - has anyone had their make-up done at the salon at the resort or does anyone plan of getting it done there? Just wondering how it turned out, the wedding party (which consists of me and the maid of honor) don't really wear much make-up and to pay for someone external to travel and come on the resort, the price adds up quickly.... THanks!
  10. After much debate and going back and forth, we've decided to stick with the white shirts for the guys even though my dress is ivory. I figure everything will all look different in natural light anyway, and with the guys beige pants, everything will tie in together nicely. Found this older thread on the same topic with pics and I think it looks great with ivory, white and beige. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/77275/bride-in-off-white-ivory-dress-me-in-white-linen-suit
  11. Hi there, A friend of mine is a photographer in Kitchener, not sure exactly of her prices, her site is lauraburrellphotography.com if you want to check it out!
  12. Question about the off white shirt topic... This was something I never thought of and go figure, my dress is ivory and the guys shirts are stark white. Has anyone considered dyeing the shirts? I am thinking that may be the way to go since they already bought their shirts and it was hard to please them to begin with... Thoughts?
  13. Hi Shauna, you will have to request the long format of your birth certificates. Just Google it and you can find a firm online to get them, I think they are $30 each.
  14. Hi there! Yes, I think we are going to have the cake on the beach. As of now we are going to have a 4:30 ceremony, followed by cake and champagne and then a cocktail hour from 5:30 to 6:30. We want to try and keep the group together until dinner so people don't feel like there a big gaps of time between everything. That was one piece of feedback I have heard from people who have been to destination weddings is that they felt like they didn't know what to do after the ceremony so people know just went their separate ways.
  15. If any of you ladies could send me the spa price list as well that would we awesome! Email is ewendt@hotmail.com thanks so much!
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