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  1. Hey girl!!! Getting married the day after you!!! Congrats!
  2. Hello beautiful brides!! I am reading all of your posts about the WC not responding to emails or not sending the final checklist thing yet, and i am in the same boat! Getting married May 18 and I have yet to hear from anyone! So frustrating!!!
  3. Hi ladies! I have been searching to see if this question was already asked/answered but i could not find it so im going to ask again!! With regards to an "open bar" at the reception- Does anyone know if it is necessary to pay the $10/pp/hour for an open bar? I find this crazy because it is an all inclusive resort! Is there a bar at Aunt Rubys that guests could just walk to and order drinks from? I am not trying to be a cheap bride, but an extra $10/pp/hour was def not in my budget!
  4. sorry for the late response!! if you go to his website or even google his name "Roan Photography" it will show you prices.. its by far the best prices we have found and he is SO quick getting back to emails and makes you feel like you are his most important client! I have already sent him out deposit, he allowed us to send him a check through the mail bc i wasnt comfortable sending money through westernunion/etc and he received it a few weeks later, sent us our invoice, and we are good to go! So far he has been excellent!!!
  5. I have chosen to work with Roan Robinson from Roan Photography. His prices are excellent and his pictures look beautiful. Hes new and isnt a well known photographer yet, so his prices are unbelievable. Good luck!
  6. beachbaby- i cant open that link, do you think you could email me the picture of the beach reception? kinsellak1@gmail.com thanks!!!!
  7. weddingmay- Did you end up working with Chris from Zuluspro? If not, please let me know how it went! He seems great from his website! -Kate
  8. This is so great girls! Thanks for beginning this post. We're getting married May 18, 2013 at the Suites. I don't really have many questions right now, but I will be sure to use this forum if I think of any! Are either of you girls using a videographer??? Happy planning!
  9. I dont know about the 19th, but i am the 18th at the Suites!!!
  10. Wedding Planning: Roland proposed in Punta Cana so at first we thought we would get married in the DR as well. I have always loved Jamaica, and my family and I had a great vacation to Ocho Rios about 10 years ago, so Roland and I decided to change our destination to the wonderful JA! The Resort: After numerous google searches, and talking with people that I know from Jamaica we decided on IRHS as our location!! Great prices, great reviews and it is so beautiful!!! The date: Saturday, May 18, 2013 Wedding photographer: We are leaning towards Chris Clare from Zuluspro, but are also in contact with Stacey Clarke and SunGold. Videography- Still looking for a local Jamaican videographer.. any input would be greatly appreciated!! DJ- We are thinking of working with DJ Kevan from Jamaica. Roland and his family are of Haitian descent so we want a DJ that is familiar with Haitian music so all of our guests will be entertained... And we want a DJ with a little island flavor himseldf!! Kevan already called me, and he seemed awesome!! Save The Dates: We ordered our postcard Save the Dates through Sproullie Designs on etsy. They should arrive the beginning of May Wedding Invites- We are using Spoullie Designs to make our passport wedding invites!! Expensive, but worth it! Travel Coordinator: Jean Foise from TravelVision in CT. She has been a saint in this planning process. For more info please check out our website www.weddingwire.com/rolandandkate One Love! -Kate
  11. have any brides on here worked with christopher clare from zuluspro for photography? and also, anyone have some good suggestions for a videographer?
  12. please let me know if anyone has worked with zuluspro and has any personal reviews!!!
  13. I have not done a planning thread yet! To be honest I hadn't even heard of it until you mentioned it.. Thats my project for the weekend now! haha. I will update soon!
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