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  1. No, they are sling back pump. My wedding was in a local church not on the beach!
  2. Kate I had planned on it but a friend offered to do Video and Photography for just the cost of a trip. It ended up being less expensive so i had to go with him. I was definitely going to go with Chris if my friend hadn't offered. I know that doesn't help...sorry.
  3. We leave on Friday! Congrats to all...I still can't believe it came so fast!
  4. Wow...here we all go! A week from today we will be in Jamaica, a week from tomorrow is our wedding day!!!!
  5. It was $125, my mom got it for me for a wedding gift! Lucky me!
  6. My necklace! From Cathy5591, she customized it for me!
  7. Good luck with your travels May 3's! Got my dress today and this weekend will be last ditch DIY frenzy!
  8. The dress! Yes! I bet it's awesome. We are doing our legal stuff in Jamaica. It was surprisingly easy, we sent copies of our passports and birth certificates to our WC and she did the rest. May 13 is only 19 days away! I'm sooooo excited for everyone!
  9. Tick tock tick tock.....LOL!
  10. Yes! I'm with you Samantha! Tomorrow (April 13) is one month from our wedding! Whoot Whoot!
  11. I have a pair of these! I agree...you could always add some bling too!
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