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Welcome to our newest Moderator - Glenda (Nrvsbride)!!

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Because this forum is growing so fast, and everyone is so busy - we've needed to add more moderators.


Please welcome GLENDA as our newest moderator!!



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There are a tons of newbies, most of whom I haven't welcomed yet. Everyone needs help with their DIY projects and I can barely assemble a PB&J sandwhich. Everyone talks about exercising, drinking lots of water, sticking with their weight watchers points, and I sit on my fat arse watching Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD, while stuffing my face with cheeseburgers and greasy fries. I have never posted one pic or linked anyone to a threadback b/c let's face it if the POWER button wasn't so large on my computer screen I wouldn't know how to turn the damn thing on. I have never set foot in a bridal store so I know nothing about tulle or organaza or charmeuse or whatever the hell the dress styles are called. Everyone has pretty tickers and monograms and let's just be honest I'm lucky I can spell my own name.


And yet knowing all this the moderators still nominated me. I am absolutely speechless b/c I think you have all made a big mistake. However, I will try my best to be a good moderator and help as much as I can. I may not know much but gosh darnit as long as there is google, I will find the answer!!!


Thank you to everyone for their congrats, I really appreciate it. And thank you to the moderators for having faith in me.


(I feel like that part in mean girls where Lindsay Lohan gives a speech when she wins homecoming queen and the principal is like "people don't normally give speeches during these things." Okay I've embarassed myself enough I will stop)


-Glenda ban.gif

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