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Need All Of Your Good Vibes Ladies!!!

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Hi Everyone,

I am sure that you are all getting sick of hearing about my 'dress woes'...


You may remember my multiple threads.. I fell like such a smile116.gif!!





Anyway, my MOH and I are going shopping on Friday (I am taking the day off and she is taking a half day) so we can get this done!!! She is getting sick of me sending her dresses online all day on the IM; then when we go try them on I don't love them or can't commit.


So... I need all of you to cross your fingers, toes and everything else for me that we find something good.


If not, we are all wearing bathing suits!!! I am done stressing over this.

I told Fh that I will buying a white bathing suit and sarong; having the BM's buy a certain color bathing suits and sarongs; the GM's wear matching swimming trunks and linen shirts; and he can wear tan trunks or something and a linen shirt -- and we will move the wedding to the daytime.

Mind you, Fh being a guy and all.. loves the idea of being surrounded by women in bathing suits. smile105.gif

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