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  1. Tempura Ice Cream at Himitsu..... mmmmm still craving it......
  2. I LOVE this show! I am married now for almost 3 months, and I still HAVE to watch it! Hubby thought it would subside after the wedding, but this is one addiction I just can't kick! lol
  3. Hi All! We were just married on August 20th! We stayed in Cabo from the 15th-29th. We did have an outdoors ceremony, and reception. Ceremony didn't start until 6pm. Sunset was around 7:50pm. I will say that every day there it was 37-40 degrees celcius, and very humid. We got used to it after a couple days. The wedding was fabulous, and as long as you don't mind your hair going flat after a couple hours, you will LOVE it! We did have fans out for the ceremony, and everyone used them! We were supposed to get married in May, but had to change dates after the swine flu thing. I googled the actual temp there for May when we were supposed to get married, and it was the same as it was in August. The weather will be what it is. I wouldn't stress about it! As for rain, we asked how often it rains in Cabo, and were told 2-3 days per year. Usually rains in late August... it rained the very last day we were there (29th). Good luck on your planning, and regardless of when you go, you will have the time of your life!
  4. YAY!! Can't wait to see your pictures!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got married there on August 20th!! I will do my review soon, we just got back late last night.....and I haven't seen any of my own pictures yet! I do want to say that Yesica was our co-ordinator also, and I LOVED working with her!!! I left her a basic list of what to do with things the night before, and also left some of the decorating in her hands. I trusted her to make the reception look beautiful, and it was PERFECT! Do not worry. But, you have to accept that there may be minor hiccups, as in every wedding, whether at home or away. She is super sweet, and works super hard to make it everything you dreamed of. Congrats again, and I am glad to hear your wedding was an A++++++ also!!!
  5. I put together a small booklet. I can post the template, but one small problem... we are in Cabo right now at Dreams! I will post it when I get back on Sunday. Congrats for your wedding, and You will love it here!!
  6. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!
  7. Yay! Yesica was super quick to respond, and she e-mailed me the picture! I am trying to attach it, but it keeps saying the file is too big... if I try to cut it down, then the picture is too small to read... I will look into how to fix this and attach it when I figure this out!
  8. Okay, sent e-mail, fingers crossed for quick reply... Thanks Jessica!
  9. Our colors are Burgundy, Ivory and Antique rose/pale pink
  10. Tiff, we will still be there! I'll see you around the resort! Congratulations, it's going to be an amazing wedding!
  11. Oh Hun, I am so sorry you have to deal with this! We have the same problem!! From my FSIL and FMIL and even my Dad! The best you can do is remember this is YOUR wedding, and if they don't like it they can just suck it up! I know it's hard to ignore, and it can be stressful, but you will have a beautiful wedding that is the one YOU wanted, and your family will be having so much fun that they won't be complaining when they get there! (That's what I'm hoping for me too... lets cross our fingers!) Good Luck with everything!!
  12. Congrats and good luck on your planning! You will find lots of useful info here!
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