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  1. Thank you for posting my wedding is scheduled for 2 pm and I was wondering how I would manage that. I wanted a cocktail reception, and an actual reception. Did they link the sound system to your Ipod? I was leaning towards a DJ
  2. just looked at shutterfly and the you tube i needed to see it. so you had the semi-private and then the reception? Did I read that you brought the Ipod docking station?
  3. oh not to mention it decreased our guest list LOL.....
  4. We chose JA because we wanted a destination that was affordable that appealed to all age groups for fun, and that all-inclusive was indeed important! We both love the beach, and to travel so a destination wedding was the best option for us!
  5. thanks for the review i ay have a few questions our day is 1/30/2010 and we are expecting 45-60 guests
  6. thank you for this! i am anticipating 45-60 guest and i would like for us to have a reception but it is hard to get information on prices to plan
  7. we are bringing our own photographer. i need to find a videographer though! any leads? also why does it seem top secret for price list related to ROR weddings?..... i like to plan ahead my expenses . our wedding is jan 30, 2010
  8. Actually it was like a battle of surprises. We had just returned from his surprise bday trip to Miami! He was supposed to be returning back to a final surprise bday dinner with our friends who did not make the trip. But surprise he orchestrated his own surprise bday dinner.... with his best friends who were supposed to be hosting it..... Only 5 people there actually knew the real reason why we were all there so the cameras were not unusual. We were supposed to be surprising him but the joke was on ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My fiance completely surprised me when he asked me to be his wife! I did not see it coming at all. I still get teary eyed our wedding is January 30, 2010 Eboni & Antonio Proposal
  10. Hi Amanda! I am new too! January 30,2010.
  11. Hello username Futuremrsmartez name: Eboni & Antonio Marrying at Riu Clubhotel Ocho Rios January 30,2010
  12. For some reason I am unable to view the attachments. I am able to post threads so maybe I do not have enough privileges.
  13. Hello, My name is Eboni and I am getting married to my sweetheart Antonio on January 30, 2010 at the Riu Clubhotel Ocho Rios! Has anyone booked there recently married there?
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