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  1. Check www.mrrimaging.com. He's out of town but rates are good. He'll work with you. Can see more photos on Facebook.... M.R.R. Imaging
  2. This photographer is an out of towner but rates are good. www.mrrimaging.com and more pictures on Facebook M.R.R. Imaging.
  3. Do you have a photographer yet? I know one that will be there on that day doing a wedding.
  4. I got married in 2009 at ROR and we needed the long form.
  5. HI The resort does not have a lot of places to really take photos, not like Ocho Rios. You can see some images of wedding photos at M.R.R. Imaging on Facebook. If you need more information just contact him. Good Luck
  6. HI Check out this website...he's from out of town but has good rates. www.mrrimaging.com. More photos on Facebook M.R.R. Imaging .
  7. Like any standard out-of-town photographer you would have to pay for their flight and room. As for a package it all depends on what you want. If you just want pics and no prints then I can't see him charging a lot. My sister-in-law is suppose to post pics that he took on here, but shes been lazy. However, photos of her wedding are on his facebook...M.R.R. Imaging. Website is www.mrrimaging.com. Take a look and maybe he can do something for you. Every bride is on a budget and he knows that. Good Luck!!
  8. If your still looking check out this new comer www.mrrimaging.com based in Toronto.
  9. My sister-in law is flying in a photographer from her hometown Toronto to her wedding at RMB. He just opened his business and she liked his work and price. www.mrrimaging.com. Hope this helps, as I liked the pics he took.
  10. A lil inside info.....you can pick your own wait staff. So if during your stay there are staff that remember you and treat you good you can request them for your reception. Also they will run get your drinks for you.
  11. You could go for the semi private. We did had 80+ at our wedding so a private was the way to go for us. The area they give you is really big and for just 20 ppl its going to seem even bigger.
  12. HI ALL I just posted some photos from my sister-in-laws shoot. She would like some feedback on what you think of the photos and if she used this photographer for her wedding in RMB. He lives in Toronto. Please honest feedback. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/view/id/21355/user_id/6200 Maurice
  13. HI Stacy I found that most of the better excurstions are by Ocho Rios so the close your are to that the better so you don't spend alot of time in van going back and forth.
  14. I don't know what time they open, but i can tell you that the sports bar stays open the latest.
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