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Originally Posted by bellajovie View Post

Ladies, I did receive an email from Secrets regarding the disruptive groups...





We'll just chalk it up as one bad group but that's not usually the case.  I'm still looking forward to my experience there and I'm hoping/praying that there are no corporate groups there the same week! LOL



Bella thanks for the update, yes, lets hope its an isolated incident...........yikes i leaving in 25 days.......OMG!!  Getting nervous..


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Hello SMB Brides!


I was wondering if there are any brides from Canada who have recently gotten married at the resort or have a wedding booked at SMB? I was hoping to ask you a few questions as we are still early in the booking process!





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wow ladies!  2 1/2 weeks!  ahhh!  lol


I've been super crazy around here trying to get things done and finished up so sorry it's been a while since I actually sat down in front of my computer long enough to log in. 


Just would like to add my 2 cents in about the corporate group.  I see some of the ladies on here discussing this will be getting married during our stay as well, so I DO KNOW that there will be a group of 200 staying here during the weekend of our wedding.  Which is April 30th, 2011.  I found this out through Cecilia when asking her about doing our reception in the ball room.  She let me know that there will be a group of 200 in there that night.  I do not know when they arrive and when they leave, but someone will be there then.  :(


I am trying not to let it bother me.  I know we will still have an amazing time, amazing wedding, honeymoon, etc.  We will have 15 of our nearest and dearest with us and at the end of the day I know its all that matters.


Well ladies, I will see you there... we are staying until May 6th.   If I am not back on before the wedding..... this Miss is signing out  :)  Will be back a Mrs.!  ((with lots of pictures and reviews for you all of course~))




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hey ladies!!! leaving for SMB may 9th and getting married may 16th!! we will be there until the 21st :)


question--i am debating doing my own make up for the wedding...but not too sure.


so for those of you who have had the girls at secrets do you make up--did you like it? i don't want anything super fake looking. just light-natural.


also--did you have to bring your own make up??

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CRAP a corporate group will be there on April 30th!!


Which is a saturday, hopefully they are leaving on Sunday the 1st huh Jenny????


200 corporate ppl YIKES!!


Well I guess the hotel has to be full of people whether they all know each other or not......LOL


Whatcha gonna do ya know!!


I am there May 1st - 8th.....Sunday thru Sunday. Married on Thursday at 3pm....


I will continue to stay on the forum until I am pretty much ready to leave....

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