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  1. Yes, Ultimate packet is the best packet you can have, we were only in 10 people but at the end, Ultimate was cheaper then Complimentary + extra items. Try to make a simulation with excel and you can see the difference.
  2. I had Juan Navarro collaborators and they was the alternative of Adventura photo that is the photographer that have the shop in the resort. Juan Navarro collaboratos have been fantastic, I have tried also Adventura photo for an hour session some days after the wedding and I liked them but I prefere the first! For Juan Navarro I didn't pay any entry fee, they were welcome in the SMB resort.
  3. I had the same situation, at the beginning I was going with the complimentary but at the end the Ultimate worked much more better. My suggestion to save money is exchange services included in the Ultimate package that you are not interested in, for other that you need and you would pay as an extra. For example, I have exchange the massages for make up and hairdress trial. I didn't want bridemaid bouquet and I exchanged it for canopy decorations. One more suggestion is to ask to move flowers decoration from the wedding site to the dinner site, in this case you haven't to pay 2 times flowers decorations. They have moved for me centerpieces and flowers aisle decorations from the canopy to the gazebo and with the same flowers I have decorated the two sites. Hope this can help you Hugs!
  4. I have taken sashes, fans and bubbles from home for the canopy decorations and Cecilia set them for me.
  5. Hi Melissa for my wedding we were only in 10 as your wedding. I choose the new beach canopy for the ceremony and the wedding gazebo for the dinner. It's fantastic have a big round table under the wedding gazebo for the reception, I asked to move flowers arrangments and chairs sashes from the canopy to the wedding gazebo so it was well decorated. As regard the hairdress, I suggest you to take with you some pictures that you like and take an appointment with the spa a couple of day before the wedding. I have done the hairdress and make up trial as soon as I arrived in the resort so I've seen immediatley that they result was very nice and I felt better. If new canopy is alrady booked, you can ask to change the wedding time or you can ask to have the old canopy that is smaller and isn't a stable structure. Happy planning!
  6. Don't worry Lorcas, I have booked my wedding 4 months before and I got married May 15, 2012 so you have time for the detail and the changes. Ask to Cecilia to hold the date, pay the deposit and take your time to decide package, optionals, details...everything can be modify in the next months. At the time of the deposit I booked the complimentary ceremony, at the end I have taken the Ultimate ;-)
  7. If you have sent contract signed and and credit card number, she hold the date for you, so don't worry. As regards Cecilia answers , you have to wait a lot of time .... expecially if the wedding date is far She answers quickly in the last month before the wedding. She has to arrange a lot of weddings and the prioriti is for the nearest
  8. The wedding coordinators can send you the file with all the location possibilities with some pictures and also tha map to find the location in the resort.
  9. Yes I had Ultimate package even though we were only 10 people. I exchanged the items in the package I didn't need fot others I wanted, such as some flowers or massages. As regards the bouquet I suggest you to ask pictures of samples included in the package or you can send to mayan floral some bouquets that you like asking if they can be included in the package. I have sent a pictuere of a bouquets that I liked and they have done it much more then my expectation without pay any extra. Sand ceremony is free if you take yourself vases and sand. I payed extra decoration only for the flowers in the aisle and the poles on the canopy but less then normal price because I didn't want 1 centerpiece, the 2 boutonnieres, the 2 corsages.
  10. In my experience, cocktail hour is a nice moment where yout guests can stay toghether when you are taking some pictures. We have been in the old mansion after the ceremony so my guests spent one hour chatting togheter before the receipt.
  11. Hi dear, how did you pass your first anniversary? Did you came back to SMB?
  12. I suggest you to fix as soon as possible place and time for ceremony and dinner. In the same day it could be more then one wedding so it's important book as soon as possibile the location and the time of the wedding. For all the others details you have a lot of time!! Happy planning!
  13. I have booked the room by otel.com web site where one year ago I have found best price but it depends if you will have a lot of guests. In this case travel agent would be the best option. Happy planning!
  14. K3Nelson, thank you so much for your review, you had the same fantastic experience that I had one year ago. I got married may 15, 2012. I had the same photographers and they worked very well. I prefere Juan collaborators then Adventura but it's only my opinion. Have you been in the old mansion to take pictures? Can you post some shots, I would like very much see your wedding canopy, the ceremony, dinner and of course your wedding dress!!
  15. PS: Tomorrow, May 15 2013 it's my first wedding anniversary!!!
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