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  1. Hi ladies! Here's the short video and slideshow of our wedding at Secrets Maroma this past May. The wedding and resort were both amazing, and EVERYONE had an incredible, unforgettable time! It was better than my husband and I could have ever dreamed of, and we wish we can do it all over again! Have fun planning your wedding at Secrets. Don't worry, the resort will make everything perfect. And it will all go by so fast, so remember to slow down and ENJOY every moment of it!! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXGDpnjruuc Photo Slideshow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfu8st9vYck Cheers, Jenny
  2. Have you tried CheapCaribbean.com? The pros are that the site offered significantly cheaper prices (resort + air package) than what we got with the travel agent, until a few days before the travel date, in which case it became around the same. The cons are that you don't get the "Book 5 rooms, get the 6th free" promotion if you book on the website. It's only with travel agents.
  3. We had our wedding ceremony at the gazebo - it was beautiful and we loved it! Like others have said, it is less private than the beach ceremony, but people are very respectful and stay a distance away. We didn't find it to be a problem at all. We were completely happy with the gazebo location and set-up! Some reasons why we chose to go with the gazebo instead of the beach were that we really loved the way that the gazebo looked (so beautiful and romantic), and also I wanted to wear heels with my wedding dress. And I knew I personally would have problems walking on the beach with heels, LOL! Have fun! Jenny
  4. Hi Sarah! Yup, those are the standard chairs without the seat covers. They're what you'll get if you don't make any special requests for other types of chairs. I love the look without the chair covers too. Our DJ was provided by the resort. His name was Joshua and he was super AWESOME!!! He played such great music, plus he was humorous and really got the crowd going! Also, everyone loved the lighted dance floor (instead of the regular wooden one). If it's in your budget, I would totally recommend getting it! We had the dinner reception at the Barracuda Terrace, which is on the other side of the gazebo, and next to the pool. It was perfect and I loved it. And we also had hanging lights over the reception. It makes the ambiance great and looks pretty in pictures, so I really recommend that too if it's in your budget. You get a choice of round lights or star lights. Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Happy planning!!!! Jenny
  5. Hi Bellajovie, Cole379, and all! Here's a short video of our wedding that our photographer posted. =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXGDpnjruuc Jenny
  6. Hi Maromabride, There's a technician who will play the music for you during the ceremony. The wedding coordinator Cecilia communicates with the technician using a walkie talkie so the timing of the music is perfect. There's nothing to worry about. We had a DJ for the dinner reception and he controlled all the music fantastically, including playing the few songs that we had given to him beforehand as "must plays". Jenny
  7. Hola everyone!! I just had my wedding at Secrets Maroma this week and it AMAZING!!!!! It was just perfect. Better than anything my husband and I (and the guests!) could have ever hoped for! Everyone was blown away by the resort and left so happy. A lot of guests even stayed up on the beach on the last night so they could watch the sunrise before they had to left this paradise. I will post pictures and video soon. Secrets is the perfect place to get married!! You will all love it! Hooray for all Secrets Maroma brides and bride-to-be's! Jenny
  8. Hi Linda, Thanks for sharing the information. I'll be there from May 1st - May 7th, wedding on May 3rd. I hope the corporate group won't affect Secrets too much! Jenny
  9. Hi Nemmerz, I'm leaving for Secrets soon too!!!! My wedding is on 5/3. When's yours?? =D Jenny
  10. Hi ladies! I'm having my wedding at Secrets in less than 2 months! Can't wait!! ^___^ Question... do you know if the beach gets seaweed accumulated on it? Secrets must clear the seaweed each day, but do you know when the seaweed is cleared, and when it accumulates again? I'd like to take pictures on the beach and it'd be wonderful to get shots of the beach when it's pristine and white! Thank you ladies!! ^__^ Jenny
  11. Do any of you know how much it would cost to extend our reception beyond the standard 3 hours? How does Secrets charge for this? Â I have the Secrets Ultimate Wedding Package, and our current reception time is 6:30 - 9:30 pm, but we think it ends too early. Â Thanks!!!
  12. ReeRee, you ask great questions! I'd love to know the answers too. =) Â Thanks!!
  13. Hi! Did any of you have your ceremony at the wedding gazebo? I'm considering having the ceremony there, but I haven't been able to find pictures of how the gazebo will actually look like decorated. (Besides the picture on the Secrets website... but I'm not sure how accurate that is.) Does anyone have pictures of the actual decorated wedding gazebo? Thank you!! =)
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