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  1. Thank you! I think it depends on the type of wedding you'll be having and your personality. If it's a lot of older people who don't want to walk on the beach and would appreciate the shade, I can see how the gazebo would be nice. Otherwise, I'd go with the beach. There was a private path and we still had onlookers and people cheering for us and congratulating us. I don't like a lot of attention either!! The gazebo is sooo close to the pool which can get very crowded and loud with pool volleyball and other activities going on. Plus it makes it harder for the photographers to get goo
  2. I bought this dress from another bride because I wanted to wear it for my TTD in Mexico, but we ended up choosing a pricier photographer and doing this shoot right after the wedding so I didn't have time to change and ended up trashing my Maggie dress instead :-D It has a tiny little spot at the bottom of the train but it's not noticeable when you're wearing it. I love this dress because it's so easy to get into and is great for an elopement or ttd. My mom wanted me to wear this one to the ceremony because it's so elegant and beautiful (and she didn't want to lace up my corset bac
  3. Still for sale I thought I was going to wear it, but I ended up choosing a different dress to wear. It still has the tags on it, but I cut out the layer of extra tulle so it would be easier to transport and move around in. The attached picture reflects this. It also has a small makeup stain on the INSIDE of the dress, which is not visible at all when you have it on. All reasonable offers accepted as I'm happily married and have no use for it anymore :-D I live in Northern VA so I can calculate shipping based on that or local buyers are certainly welcome too.
  4. Wow, those are so creative!! I'm sure they'll get a lot of smiles from your guests :-)
  5. We had our ceremony on the beach. It was sooo beautiful (had the white drapes and aisle runner with rose petals and starfish at no extra cost) and WAY more private than the gazebo option. The spa did a great job for my hair and makeup. Cecilia was very nice. The whole experience was amazing. SMB might possibly be the best place on earth. I can't wait to go back for our anniversary!
  6. We did the complimentary photo shoot with Adventure Photo offered on-site and it was sooo worth it. We got some great pics of us together, and they're pretty much the only ones we have that aren't goofy holding your arm out pictures or of us individually. Of course, there's no obligation if you don't like them and we liked that you can buy as few or as many as you want.
  7. I agree with things being overpriced. Definitely shop around! I'm having my wedding there this Sunday so I'll definitely report back!
  8. I leave for MX on the 22nd... so I only have 2 more weeks... the scale is going down way to slowly for my liking and I don't seem to be losing inches either. My dress technically "fits" but it has a pucker that I don't like between the zipper and corset, and I feel like the corset is using every last inch of lace. What can I do????
  9. I'm not having cold feet about my fiance at all, just about if we're making the right choice eloping since everyone we invited decided they couldn't/didn't want to go for some reason or other. I just hope we're not disappointed about not having anyone there to share our day with. No AHR for us either. The wedding industry where I live is out of control and that's part of why we are marrying in Mexico in the first place and nobody we know has a large enough home or yard to have a casual backyard BBQ.
  10. It's been a very stressful planning period for us too. DF really wanted his mother to be there, but she was just saying it wasn't a good time for her, etc. etc. even with offers to help pay for her trip. His extended family (aunts, uncle & cousins) already had another trip planned during that time and tried to push us into having it later in the summer (regardless of the fact that it had to work around our work and my school schedules) My family isn't coming either, so essentially we're eloping and just going show people photos and video when we come back. The DC area is expensive as a
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