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Post here if you are getting married in Jamaica

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Originally Posted by karlyeny View Post


User name : yenykarl

Name : Yeny

Wedding: April 5/2011 at 5pm ( confirmed )

Location : Trying to get the beach gazebo

Hotel : Riu Ocho Rios


I love this site !


We're coming from the same area of Ontario (only 2 hours west of Ottawa) for our wedding on April 7 at Riu Ocho Rios!  Looks like we'll be there at the same time!  How has the planning been for you so far?  I've just started planning with the resort and any details you could share are GREATLY appreciated! cheer2.gif


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Hello CsandCK :


So exciting! I will be able to meet some of you girls at the resort ,, isnt that awesome !

As per the planning goes :


All i have confirmed so far its the ceremony date : April 5/2011 at 5pm at the beach gazebo ( location ).

I have requested some info and brochures for the decoration and such. I am still unsure if i will have a private reception or not but theres loooottts of info in here with all of that ,, it has been great, so far what i do is search ror and i read all the threads that interest me. one night i stayed up until 1am just reading reviews and comments that could help me.

WE dont have a definite amount of guests so far, but i figure max 30.

I have done the reservation of the room with our TA and he has secured 30 seatson the plane for us,, so we shall see.. what about you ,, how are you doing on the planning side ?





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Hey Yeny,


This site is fantastic!  It's great that we get to communicate with other brides who are also in the midst of planning their DW at ROR...looking forward to meeting some of you brides when we are all in Jamaica!


I have just started my planning as well.  We've booked our travel arrangements with our TA and our ceremony (beach at 4pm) with the resort, but otherwise am just getting started.  I've gotten quotes from a few photographers and am now trying to figure out which one to choose...they all have pluses and minuses.  This site has been great for helping me narrow down the photographer decision based on other people's reviews....we just want to make sure we find someone who is reasonably priced, available, and will provide excellent pictures.


Happy Planning!


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I am so jealous of you all with your date and places confirmed! I am still waiting for mine to be comfirmed and its taking ages!!! I am starting to get worried that someone else will be requesting the same date and time and ill end up not getting it! :-(

So far in terms of planning we have not done a lot because we are waiting for the date confirmation. I have done a lot of research on here and got quotes from photographers. Most of our planning has so far been for our AHR. That is all booked, Dj booked, Hotel rooms booked, food sorted, decoration almost sorted. I'm hoping Jamaica will all just fall into place. After all, I decided on a DW so that it was stress free!

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