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  1. Here is what i did for mine (our events didnt go as planned as oct 17 was a holiday in jamaica and most places were closed, but thats ok we just changed somethings around )
  2. I was sweating a bit but not overly, you dont really pay attention to it because you are pumped up and ready to party Whatever sweat i had the dress sucked it up lol
  3. Hey fleet mac we didnt get an upgrade persay, as all the rooms are the same other than if you want to be on the top floor etc we did get robes, slippers and ammenities as well as our beach towels in our room, we also had fruit delivered to our room and champagne (which we took home) I wouldnt spend the money on the upgraded room. I also bought wifi down there, its a bit on and off, cost me $55 for 5 days but i actually got to use it for 6 days. It didnt work while we were in the bldg because of the cement structure, but worked around the pool area and beach.
  4. for the curious brides out there heres a pic of our cake (so not a disaster as some brides thought theres was) and it was as i mentioned before soooo yummy another pic of me ha ha
  5. Hi All Just got back the same time as Ann , it was great seeing her down there and getting married very beautiful and touching to say the least. As for my review I will keep it very short and sweet When we arrived we were part of the 3 buses that came in unfortunately we didnt have golden club so we had to wait in the line up. We arrived around 1:30pm and our rooms werent ready (no biggy as check in in really 3pm) we rec'd our room after we were finished eating lunch along with the 60 people who we came with for our wedding. Some rooms were a disaster as it had rained really hard that day and some rooms were flooded due to this, again no biggy as they moved those people to another room as fast as they could (jamaica time remember) so after the first day everyone was safe and sound in their rooms phew !! I met with Chandlyn Sunday at 11am and it took all but 30 minutes to plan the wedding she had all my information in file and in order she was super sweet and knew exactly what she was doing (as she has done I dont know how many weddings) I also spoke with Donelee another day and she was super sweet too, she wasnt rude to any of us and was very helpful when i asked her for information or with questions. Tuesday October 18 was our wedding and all i can say about it is that it was PERFECT !! i wouldnt change a thing, if i had to pick because of our large group i would have got married at 2pm rather than 3pm but no biggy we hired the steel drum band to play at the ceremony and i had written vows for the minister to read and it was PERFECT We also did our cutting of the cake and had it with the champagne, along with our first dance and parents dances as well. After that we took tons of photos (done by Marcia and Chris Rose) I need to say something about Marcia and Chris !!! THEY WERE AMAZING !! Lovely people and they were sooo much fun i would highly recommend them in a heart beat. They took well over 1000 pics on the wedding day and probably well over 1000 pics at trash the dress (the next day) both of us felt like superstars the reception we had at the Dolce Vita, and it was PERFECT no one had complaints about the food and the food came out piping HOT. We had the minestrone soup, pasta rigatta, chicken and risotto and tiramisu YUMMMMMMY it was my best meal the whole trip (well apart from the jerk chicken hut) after the reception we all went dancing in the disco ! perfect ending oh ya and flowers were done by tai Flora, awesome job !!!! they were just what i wanted !! so for all the future GBPJ brides please i repeat please dont sweat as everything will be perfect just the way you imagined it ! just relax and have fun Here are some pics from the resort photog, cant wait to get Marcia's pics though
  6. yes for sure we can do that for you just remind me when we are there ha ha I have a bad memory !! BTW it is ALL worth it you will have those memories for a life time !!!!!
  7. Can't wait We finally got the groomsmen sorted out, what a load off my mind !!! not just down to the small details !!!
  8. woot woot !!!! 44 days then we take off !!!! I am actually going to khols on tuesday taking the day off work to do a US run to go shopping for the shirts and pants hopefully we will find something. Problem is with stores here most their fall stuff is out and summer stuff is no where to be seen We are going to a place in Kitchener on saturday called Trends, but I have a feeling I wont find anything and Im hoping Khols will pull through for us
  9. UGH - I still need your help, I am still having issues getting the groomsmen attire sorted out. We cannot seem to find shirts and pants for them. Its hard because one of the girls is a size 44 waist and a XXL shirt and the other guy is my FH nephew who is 14 but is a 26 waist and size XS or S (if we get it tailored) any suggestions ???? please
  10. From what i have heard that you dont need notarized copies if you are bringing the originals. I sent copies to Chandlyn and she said everything that i sent her is good enough.
  11. Hi Mekanabar, What size lanterns were used for the Gazebo ? I was thinking a range from size 8" to 12" but not too sure if they would be too small ?
  12. I totally understand I would feel the same way, but its hard to get upset at them and wouldnt want their son to get any worse while they are away and then totally regret going. Chin up and everything will be great either way you will have a fab time !!!!
  13. Congrats on your wedding mekanabr your review is amazing ! and the ceremony looks beautiful !!! Im sure you were one happy bride when you saw that it all came together !! where did you get your paper laterns from ? Thanks Vicky
  14. Thanks Espejo2be I will give anything a try Did you find the sizes to be real true sizes rather than slim fit etc that are out now ??
  15. UGH I totally need help ! I cant seem to find the groomsmen attire, anyone have suggestions where to go and what to wear ? My fiance is going to wear a calvin klien light grey suit. Problem is we have a 14 year old in the wedding party size 26 waist and a big guy size 44 waist. Been so hard to find anything that coordinates. Please HELP
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